Karma’s a bitch

A Pakistani man died after inhaling fumes from burning U.S. flags during a protest against the unspeakably awful film Innocence of Muslims, according to The Daily Mail.

Abdullah Ismail died at a hospital in Lahore after the smoke from the incinerated flags made him ill.

Kinda makes you want to lower your own flag to half staff to mourn his passing, doesn’t it?

Nah, me neither.

The plot thickens: A Letter from a Scared Actress

Andrew Klavan hits one out of the park: Shame

Victor Davis Hanson dissects Obama’s Middle East Delusions

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14 Responses to Karma’s a bitch

  1. Thanks for this, Bob. Good stuff! I especially like the Glenn McCoy cartoon of OBozo polishing his trophy, and Andrew Klavan’s Shame piece. Wonderful.

  2. From Klavan’s essay at PJ Media:

    Over the course of time, I have seen many people ruin and waste their lives. Good people, smart people, talented people who sacrificed the gift of existence to drugs, alcohol, bitterness, self-abuse, fear, and anger. In every case, always, I felt the root cause was unacknowledged shame.

    At some point, these people had come to confront — as we all must — their cowardice, their weakness, their dishonesty, or their foolishness. Unable to accept the pain of an honest assessment of their brokenness, they turned their eyes away and practiced denial instead. In an attempt to avoid the agony of their shame indefinitely, they created whole new philosophies of life. If, for instance, they had backed down when they should have stood up, they declared nothing was worth fighting for. If they lied when they should’ve spoken true, they declared truth was an illusion. If they succumbed to desire when they should have resisted, they decided continence was a game for puritans and fools.

    In order to feel justified within this new philosophy, they not only had to continue in the bad behavior that shamed them in the first place, they had to condemn any good behavior that held the mirror up to their secret self-disgust. This always involved them in blatant self-contradiction. The person who believed there was no truth would accuse others of lying. The person who said all sexual behavior should be accepted would declare chastity unacceptable. The person who believed tolerance was the highest value would find those who disagreed intolerable.

    I just can’t get over how perceptive this guy is. Some psychologists claim that ALL mental illness is traceable to the conscious decision to begin denying the real world and start forming an alternative reality, just as Klavan is saying.

    I also had an epiphany about this one day when I was gently arguing with a woman from work about abortion. She was a hard-core activist, so I kept the conversation casual, and that may be why her guard was down when she eventually admitted that she knew all about abortion being totally wrong. She just didn’t want it to be true, so she made up an alternative reality.

    • Coyote says:

      Awesome…I was wondering where this passage went. I bookmarked it in my verbal ammo notes and lost it. Thank you. It’s a .50cal worth shooting more.

      Everything you have in italics from Klavan there is the absolute center line of their failure.
      The spot where the metal hits the meat. The center-of-mass.

      Perfect. Glad I slowed down and took a breather. It helped me recognize and find it.

      Thanks Grunt.

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