We are losing our great American heroes of yesterday. I have been a friend to a customer of mine, a Vietnam veteran who is dying of cancer. His cancer has mastastasized. Just two weeks ago, I learned that the cancer has gone into his lymphatic system. He is a walking dead man. His treatments of heavy doses of chemo has left him feeling like a nothing. He lives day by day. He lives for his wife. He still has his boots on. I have come by other vets too who have been forgotten. Another customer of mine was a Korean and Vietnam veteran. When I thanked him for his service to this country and for serving for me, he broke down and cried. At first I thought I somehow upset him. He tells me that I was only the third person in his life to thank him! He gave me a hearty handshake and thanked me! Wow. Only the third person… Another vet tells me he does’nt turn on the news because its so upsetting. What he has gone through, putting his life on the line for us, does not deserve what this administration is doing – fundamentally changing America from the ideals, morals, and principles that this Nation was founded on. I reblog this story in honor of all combat veterans who put their lives on the line for us, for a belief, for God, Family, and Country!

Last week I had the privilege to come by chance upon a Vietnam vet. He was a pilot. That’s all I know about him. He was a potential customer for me. Somewhere along the line He told me a story of a person he knew. This person he knew was Lt. Clyde E. Lassen. A Vietnam veteran who is unfortunately, not with us. So I share this story as told by Don Moore (not my customer) on his War Tales post.

War Tales

Lt.j.g. Clyde Lassen’s Medal of Honor commendation

On 19 June 1968 Lt. j.g. Clyde Everett Lassen, a member of Helicopter Support Squadron 7, Detachment 104, Republic of Vietnam was serving aboard USS Preble (DLG-15).

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  1. Thank you for this, Knight.

    Among other things, it’s made me realize, to my shame, that I can’t remember whether I’ve ever directly thanked our buddy, Solaratov, for his service in Vietnam and in other conflicts around the world fighting Communists. If I haven’t, let me say it now. Thanks, Sol, for your sacrifices, for us and all good people threatened by leftists, but I think I repeat myself there. All good people seem forever threatened by leftists.

    Thanks also to the rest of you reading who have served. FullKelly, that means you, too.

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