Open Thread, Friday 18 January 2013 – Harbin, China



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49 Responses to Open Thread, Friday 18 January 2013 – Harbin, China

  1. What A Hoot says:

    Gotta post something just so I can be first. Saw this over on comments at moonbattery
    “Thereโ€™s a very serious question be discussed in many circles these days. That is, would our military stand with the people or the govt. in the event of a large-scale, national uprising to take the country back?

    The answer may be much less clear than you think. You see, itโ€™s not only our young children who are being indoctrinated in their schools.”

  2. freedom1781 says:

    The Mark on the Beast – Presidential Limo Vandalized


  3. freedom1781 says:

    NJ town proposes flag ban

    “The Hudson County town of West New York is considering a widespread sign regulation that could include banning American flags from being flown….”

  4. freedom1781 says:

    Virginia lawmaker’s AK-47 sparks gun debate on House floor

    “…A recent Quinnipiac University poll showed nearly two-thirds of Virginians support banning military-style assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. More than 90 percent favor universal background checks….”

    Bull$h!t. The poll was only conducted in liberal NoVa.

    Last night, we went to Walmart and stopped by at the gun counter; we wanted to see all the empty shelves. Anyway, the lady behind the counter was clearly anti-gun. She started talking about Sandy Hook and how all guns are good for is just hunting and killing. Blah, blah, blah. I had a rough day and was in no mood to hear the bullshit coming out of her mouth, so I quietly and calmly (even though I was raging inside) said, “Chicago had 500 people murdered with guns last year. Chicago is a gun-free zone with strict gun control laws…” She just stopped her little rant and thought for a minute and said, “Wow. I did not know that.” Then I asked her to imagine how many lives could have been saved if the victims had guns and were able to defend themselves. Silence, then “I’ve never thought about it that way.” I tried so hard not to roll my eyes at her comment. Then I quoted the recently released FBI report regarding the gun death statistics and how more people were killed with hammers, clubs and fists than were killed with guns. Another “I didn’t know that” comment from her. Hubby got in on the fact-dropping and common sense dispensing, too. I really think he got her thinking about how emotion is tainting the national debate.

  5. freedom1781 says:

    MILLER: Tax dollars for gun control
    Sneaky executive order bankrolls anti-Second Amendment propaganda

  6. zmalfoy says:

    A little lighter (and totally geeky) fare:
    Legal analysis of Bilbo Baggins’ contract in The Hobbit


  7. freedom1781 says:

    Loyal Dog Continues to Attend Mass Every Day at Church Where His Ownerโ€™s Funeral Was Held

  8. barnslayer says:

    Not just for Harry Potter fans: (disclamer… I fell asleep during the first film. Never saw the others).

  9. barnslayer says:

    The chart reminds me of those maps of the mideast criticizing Israel of expansionism.

  10. Obama’s approval down from 58% to 49% according to Gallup. WTF??? He had a 58% approval rating at New Years??? Who are these people???

  11. Harvey says:

    More government distortion of science.

    But, “trust us”

    • Coyote says:

      This is easy to see why…

      Agenda 21

      If you control the water, you control the farms. If you control the farms, you control the food. If you control the food, you control the people. This is happening all over farming communities all over the United States, but the farmers are having a hard time wrapping their heads around it because some of them just don’t understand or get it. Most of them like those Agricultural subsidies, so they do get financial pressure to shut up.

    • Excellent video. Anybody who pays attention knows that this kind of manipulation has been the rule for just about as long as scientific data has been used to justify political policy, but there are still idiots around who believe that all scientific findings are objective, as if “Science”-with-a-capital-S is a religion-like activity that is magically immune from corruption. It’s a nice world they live in, but dangerous for us.

  12. Coyote says:

    Can anyone post an interactive map of all the United States DHS/Border Patrol checkpoints on our nation’s highways and roads? I can’t find one yet…looking…

    I have a feeling that this will be important soon…

  13. Coyote says:

    ok, for all you budget preppers out there….

    ~2 year study, 4 subjects and 2 controls.

    I purchased several regular bags of regular white rice.

    One control left in OEM bag in a humid spot developed a homestead of maggots in less than a year. Disposed of. Obvious fail.

    One control bag was left in an arid and 80*F zone in it’s OEM bag.
    No maggots, no change. Cooked good. Flavor normal.

    Four bags of rice were microwaved for 8 minutes. Very hot then let cool.

    Two of those microwaved bags of rice were put into storage in the humid spot.
    Two years later, no maggots. One bag of rice cooked. Flavor normal. Pass.

    Two bags of microwaved rice were kept in the arid 80*F zone.
    Two years later, no change. One bag of rice cooked. Flavor normal. Pass.

    Lesson: Microwave your dry rice and store dry the best way you can.

    This concludes my public service announcement.

  14. What A Hoot says:

    Well, someone finally told their senators and congressmen that duck hunting rifles are more lethal than the so-called assault rifles; and showed a video of the proof.

    • Coyote says:

      These people need to shut up. The marxists will use this against the 2nd A.
      The producers of this video think they are being helpful and smart.
      They aren’t. They are actually helping the marxists.

      Shut the hell up. Do not give these marxists anything they can use!

      • What A Hoot says:

        There you go again, thinking ten steps ahead of the rest of us know-it-alls. You make a very good point. Now it IS going to be be the duck guns, too. Man, I missed this clarity; gotta quit reading/viewing when tired. Please remove vid???????? It should not spread…..and to think I helped edumacate the azzhats and it will come back and bite. OK. Leave the uniformed Marxists always out of our information loop.

  15. Coyote says:

    THIS will make you think. Pay attention from 18:00 mark. This should make the hair on your neck stand, and it’ll make you think about obumma. Think he could do it? nah….we’ll be ok…

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