Obama Still Deciding Whether to Accept Pope’s Resignation

pope-benedict-wave_2476869bGFC News Service – When the news reached the White House early Monday morning that Pope Benedict XVI had submitted his retirement application, Supreme One-World Emperor Barackus was sleeping soundly.  Upon being awakened, his first official act was to inquire if any Muslims were offended, and then he rolled over and went back to sleep.  That was hours ago, and even though His Holiness (Barackus’ official golf title, as in 9th ‘hole’ – not a reference to Benedict) had attended 4 fundraisers and completed a round of golf by Noon, he has not, at this writing, made a decision on whether to accept the Pontiff’s resignation.

obama-golf_1214027cWhite House spokesman Jay Carney responded to media questions about the status of the decision at a brief press conference early this afternoon.  “As a billion Catholics worldwide hold their breaths, Emperor-Chairman Obama is well aware that this decision must be made quickly.  However, Barackus is a very busy semi-deity, and there are many weighty issues that need to be settled before he can discharge his responsibility on this.  The Affordable Care Act issues alone are a nightmare.  For one thing, Pope Benedict is many years shy of the official vesting age (125yrs) for medical care associated with a normal retirement under the ACA.  The guy is just too young to be dodging out of his job without an approved reason.  Also, the White House staff has not had sufficient time to locate a qualified leftist academic to be appointed “Pope Czar” in Benedict’s place.  That process could take some time.”

Some other more serious articles about the Pope’s Abdication:

Fox News: Benedict XVI to resign at end of February.

John Moody: He never had a chance.

John Nolte: Reuters shows unbelievable bias in reporting on Benedict’s tenure.


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4 Responses to Obama Still Deciding Whether to Accept Pope’s Resignation

  1. What A Hoot says:


  2. With a hat tip to chrissythehyphenated’s post

    “He is our leader & we are his people.”

    Apparently, Obama is her god.

    The contrast between those who follow the LORD versus those who follow Obama is very stark.

    The LORD is our God,
    and we are his people,
    the sheep he takes care of
    in his own pasture.

    Listen to God’s voice today!

    Psalm 95:7
    Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  3. [posted in wrong thread: deleted.]

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