At some point, you’ve spent enough money

Well, we can’t say we weren’t warned. If Obama told us once, he told us a thousand times that life was going to get unspeakably nasty if those obstinate Republicans in Congress didn’t capitulate and agree to his tax increases — that being the only way that the dreaded sequester could be averted. Democrat pronouncements to the contrary notwithstanding, the sequester did not cut spending at all, but only reduced the size of the spending increases that were scheduled to take place. Now that the sequester is in effect, Democrats are worried sick that most people won’t even notice. So the administration has resorted to sending out emails admonishing federal employees to be certain their spending decisions inflict the maximum pain possible on the American people.

I have to admit to feeling a little sympathy for the Democrats on this one. No one enjoys being made to look like a fool, and because they felt certain that the Republicans would go along with their proposed tax increases (a fairly reasonable assumption, based on the GOP’s past performance) and the sequester would never happen, they felt free to exaggerate to the point of outright lies the damage that a sequester would cause. Their plan was that once the tax increases were safely in place and the Sequester Apocalypse averted, they could then brag to their constituents that they had rescued them from indescribable suffering and degradation — with special emphasis on what a massive debt of gratitude the peasants owe to their brave, gallant, selfless heroes in Congress.

Outside the beltway, reports are trickling in about some of the effects the spending cuts are having. The following were gleaned from that always-reliable news source, Twitter:

Evicted from garbage can, Oscar nestles inside eviscerated corpse of Big Bird for warmth

Raging mobs tearing white tags off mattresses, feds powerless to prosecute

TSA gropes only half of body

Planned Parenthood forced to allow millions of babies to survive pregnancy

John Kerry seen using generic ketchup

Bob Menendez and Secret Service forced to share foreign hookers

Reports coming in that Guam has capsized

Florida so bad off the ground opens up and starts eating citizens right out of their bedrooms

Power glitch causes POTUS teleprompter to say there are 57 states

For further enlightenment:

Budget Politics, by Thomas Sowell

Government by Temper Tantrum, by Stephen Green

Day One, by The Bard of Murdock

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  1. Govt by Temper Tantrum. Love it! 🙂

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