Open Thread, Friday 15 March 2013

It’s Friday. Time to go fishing.  Ipanema Beach, Rio, Brazil.


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35 Responses to Open Thread, Friday 15 March 2013

  1. barnslayer says:

    Got visit by neighborhood liberal canvas petitioner. My first clue was his surprise to my comment that I wasn’t a fan of our governor. This one also made the mistake of giving me a paper with the organization’s website.
    The site has a link to their supporters. SEIU and a few oblamer groups were on the list but no conservative groups.
    They claim to want to fair elections by limiting donation sources and amounts. This always favors the incumbents (democrats). In addition oblamer had no qualms about accepting huge donations, private, corporate and PAC. They won. How much MORE fair do they want? My guess is a one party system. Gotta love these guys.

    • Shalini says:

      Thank you, Tex. That and this one here are making me feel more hopeful as the days go by.

      This is the disaster that Pope Francis’s limited commentary on economic matters has sought to address since he became Argentina’s leading churchman in 1998. And Francis has made it abundantly clear that liberation theology is not the solution. One of the reasons he’s not so popular with some of his fellow Jesuits is that he stopped the Jesuits in Argentina from going down that path in the 1970s and 80s. Liberation theology’s Marxist components, he knew, were plainly incompatible with Catholicism. Father Bergoglio also foresaw that it would turn much of the Church into nothing more than just another utopian-revolutionary movement, as occurred in other parts of Latin America.

      Grunt, There’s a quote there from archbishop Chaput, as well. Do you think maybe Ann misunderstood his words and considers him Marxist, too??

      I really shouldn’t be online now. These discussions are addictive, though!

      • But we appreciate your presence! 🙂

        About Chaput, most of Ann’s criticism didn’t have anything to do with his public words. She complained that they had been in personal correspondence and that she was not impressed with him or the way he handled dissent and criticism. I asked her many questions about her experience with him and his staff, but she was evasive, possibly because she was just too busy to answer my stupid questions. She insisted that he was a bad bishop and “trust me, I could tell you scary things.” But she never would. My suspicion was that he responded to her criticism by calling her “uncharitable,” and one thing you learn about Ann is that she hates being called uncharitable. She thinks she knows what that word means, but the most obvious thing about Ann is that she has NO idea what it means. At least, that’s my take. I could be wrong, but there’s no way to tell until or unless she explains herself in a way that shows even the slightest bit of genuine charity.

      • Aussie says:

        when the human rights activists get going watch out for their mention of matters under the junta in Argentina because two former Jesuits were kidnapped by the Junta and were tortured and they blame Francis for what happened…. because they were kicked out of the order over Liberation Theology and Pope Francis refused to back their position to the Junta.

        Pope Francis is not a Marxist. He follows closely the rule of St. Francis of Assissi who lived a very humble life. There is nothing Marxist about what he was doing in Buenos Aries. He lived in his own apartment, cooked for himself, went among the poor, even travelled by bus with them. He also celebrated Mass with the prostitutes and the down and out on the streets… nothing Marxist about any of that!!

    • Hey Sol, you’ve been providing some really good shooting resources lately, and I was going to try to put a list of them up as a permanent right-hand margin feature. Barn had suggested this months ago, as well. Probably call it something like Solaratov’s Shooting Resources. Is that ok, and do you have a different name you want to use?

      • solaratov says:

        That’s fine by me. I’m glad that you guys find the stuff I post useful.

        I haven’t reviewed this one, but it looks like it could be helpful to a AK noob…….

    • barnslayer says:

      Good stuff Sol. One bit not mentioned there is recoil. Women or any other newbies should take note. The heavy pistol will be more stable than its lightweight counterpart in the same caliber. Don’t give up too much control for the sake of extreme carry comfort.

      • solaratov says:

        Good point, Barn.
        Carrying a gun comes down – a lot of times – to making compromises. What to carry. Steel vs alloy. Power vs size. Comfort vs concealability. What you want to wear. What the weather demands you wear.

      • zmalfoy says:

        This is part of why I love my .45 (the one Sol suggested– a great suggestion)– all metal, solid weight, doesn’t get light near the end of the magazine. I’ve used a friend’s Glock, and I noticed how much lighter (and, coincidentally, how much worse my aim got) as I worked through the magazine. Mine gets a little lighter, but not nearly as much. Also, due to weight, I aim better with higher calibers.

  2. Knight4GFC says:

    Wow! Sorry I haven’t been here for several days. A lot going on right now with me. But I was in tune with the events of the week, especially with the selection the new Pope. Pope Francis. I pray that God gives him the grace, strength, courage, and guidance of the Holy Spirit to accomplish God’s will. There is a lot of darkness out there, and Pope Francis, hopefully, with God’s Light, will lead God’s people to Him. I wish to say more, even now that I have seen some of the comments about this matter from all of you, but I am still concerned with personal matters. I thank you Brother Grunt, Lady Z, Barn, Freedom, Sol, Tex, Sister Shalini, and all of yous for your input on this matter as this is indeed a very important matter to us Catholics and even to all Christians in this world.

    Shalini!!! It’s good to see yas and read your thoughts here at 4GFC! I hope that you are well and am continuing to pray to God for your wellbeing. I hope God’s Love is with you Sister!

  3. Aussie says:

    I came here to comment on the election of the Argentinian Pope Francis. To me it was a surprise and initially I had doubts until I began reading some things about his history. Never believe the human rights activists because they always have their own agenda.

    Now I can confirm that there were priests in Argentina who went up against the junta because I have the pleasure of knowing one of the priests who was there at the time. They used to regularly go and ask about those who had disappeared.

    The actions of Pope Francis reminds me a lot about the actions of the German Catholic Church during the Nazi terror in Europe. They worked behind closed doors, putting on a public face and doing things privately to help people escape a bad regime. They worked to provide papers to Jews to help them escape Europe. Well Pope Francis did something similar and some of his priests provided fake papers to help people escape across the border.

    You will hear accusations from people claiming that Francis knew about this or that particular person, but the chances of that being true are pretty much almost nil, and very likely that one of the priests actually went and challenged the junta about the person’s disappearance. The junta were nasty people.

    Pope Francis is against the current regime in Argentina and he has given the leadership a serve over their humanist policies including issues relating to abortion on demand and gay marriage. All of these things are against Church policy and Francis spoke up against doing such things. Cristina Fernandez or Kirchener refuses to attend the yearly Te Deum address because she knows that she will be criticized for what she has done.

    Kirchener is the Marxist, and Pope Francis is definitely not a Marxist and definitely does not believe in Liberation Theology.

  4. Aussie says:

    One more thing, you might not be aware that Climategate 3.0 has gone live. The person FOIA has sent the password to certain people with a message. This happened a few days ago. I assume the person had access to the CRU unit because of the nature of the first time the emails were dropped. The person said he/she has acted alone. The person indicated the need to act before Copenhagen, and the motive seems to be disgust over the waste of money spent on this crap. Whoever the person is, I think he or she should be honoured for service to humanity.

    • MRM says:

      Aussie – do you have a link? I’d love to see more about this. thanks!

      • Aussie says:

        Try What’s Up with That or Bishop Hill or Jo Nova or Tallbloke’s Talkshop

        Plus James Delingpole has an article on the subject.

        • MRM says:

          Thanks Aussie!

          • Aussie says:

            you are welcome. I only learned about it today and the MSM is totally mute on the subject… as usual… meantime in Australia they are still trying to convince us that we had some kind of catastrophic summer that was totally unexpected…… NOT…. we have experienced it all in the past and will do so in the future!!

            • MRM says:

              Yeah…. kind of like here. Someone’s always screaming about the hottest year evah!! Good grief… I love to drive the libs crazy by saying as enthusiastically as I can that I LOVE the idea of Global Warming! I ask them if they think I should donate all my winter clothes and start buying more warm weather gear…

              • Aussie says:

                Well,…… the day I passed through Seattle… in 2009,…. it was the hottest on record. On top of that the rail line did buckle 😦 and the airconditioning broke down in the train too (different train though – it was the one we got from Seattle to L.A. and it was stinking hot during the trip)

                Over this last summer they were singing the hottest evah song here in Oz because we had a few hot days over 40 degrees C. However, back in 1959 it was just as hot in Victoria over a number of days and it was repeated in 1939… it was also like that in 1983 when I was pregnant with my youngest which was eclipsed by the fatal bushfires in Victoria and South Australia. (again!!)

                When I was growing up in the 1960s nearly every summer there was a fatal bushfire somewhere. NSW got off easy again this year but you can be sure that next year or the year after it will be the turn of NSW to have another bad one.

                They have tried that bull about the rising of the seas. It has not happened.

                You know the fatal floods in Brisbane? It could have been avoided if no one had listened to Tim Tam Flannery…. because by listening to that idiot, the managers of Wivenhoe dam failed to ensure that water levels were kept at a lower level just in case of such conditions. Flannery lied when he claimed that we would never see floods again.

                Oh yes, and his claims about Sydney and its water? Well just recently the Warragamba dam overflowed again… meaning that there was flooding in the Richmond-Windsor district… just not as bad as I have seen it.

                Where I am living we have had several floods over the summer period. We are fine, but we see the waters rushing down the street and into the channel provided for the flood waters. However, we had to watch the swimming pool very carefully.

              • MRM says:

                @Aussie Don’t confuse them with statistics and real life temperature records! They’ve got an agenda to pursue and have no time to listen to facts…! /sarc

      • texan59 says:

        Clarice has a link on FB. I’ll zip it to ya! How ya been? Is it still snowing up north or are you too wound up with that basketball thing to notice? 😆

        • MRM says:

          Thanks Tex – got it! No snow today – actually kind of pretty! Or, it could be the afterglow from that oh so satisfying victory today! They don’t call it March Madness and Hoosier Hysteria for nuthin’…

          • texan59 says:

            I’ve been out of pocket – on the gold course. 😆 Glad to hear they won. It’s been a long time since they’ve had much to cheer about. I did get to watch a few games this year. Brought back a lot of good memories. 😀

            • MRM says:

              no kidding! It’s been a long time coming, that’s for sure! This has been a fun season to watch! (albeit frustrating at times for those of us who remember what it was like back in the day) Here’s a little highlight from today’s game:

              • texan59 says:

                That should read golf course. 🙄

                All I had heard about before this season was Cody Zeller. That Oladipo kid is a flat-out b-ball stud. That was impressive. 😯

              • MRM says:

                I knew what you meant 🙂
                Yeah, Cody Zeller is pretty awesome too, but Victor Oladipo has become a superstar this year! graduating after 3 years and an all around great guy, too. (we’re all hoping he sticks around for his 4th year of eligibility of course!) This team has been a fun one to watch! (for the most part!)

  5. texan59 says:

    Just saw this about a big casino heist in OZ land. Aussie, what have y’all heard about this one? 😯

  6. It was a good day on the blog today! It’s late, but I have to add a song to go with the photo. This is the Stan Getz version of Girl from Ipanema he did with the sexy Astrud Gilberto and her husband. I think the writer of the song, Antonio Carlos Jobim, also played piano on the song.

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