Open Thread, Wednesday 20 March 2013


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44 Responses to Open Thread, Wednesday 20 March 2013

  1. freedom1781 says:

    Conservatives Must Build a ‘Bite Me’ Coalition

    Hellz yeah! Though, I prefer “Kiss my @_$!”

  2. freedom1781 says:

    Good Grief… Obama’s Limo Breaks Down in Israel


  3. freedom1781 says:

    This is for RedPill:

    Breitbart Sports Interview: Christian Laettner on This Year’s Tourney, His Bad Boy Image, ‘The Shot’

    Meh. I still don’t like Christian Laettner. (Go ‘Heels!)

  4. solaratov says:

    This link shows a graphic reminder that…machines don’t forgive. (and guns are a lot less forgiving than that) Warning! Graphic wound photos…………………..


  5. texan59 says:

    Hickenlooper signs gun bill in CO. We welcome the Magpul employees to TX as soon as you can get here.

  6. freedom1781 says:

    “Real tough guys don’t need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude.”

    These are so freakin’ hilarious!

    • texan59 says:

      I have a male cousin who is 39 y.o. and this is how he thinks. I just wanna slap the snot out of him. His latest endeavor is to become the next Tony Robbins. Somehow he talked his wife into getting a higher paying job and he “writes” and speaks to college boys about not being a misogynist with college-age girls. He takes his two kids to daycare three days a week and his momma watches them the other two so he can write. He wasn’t raised this way. 👿

  7. freedom1781 says:

    The week in bannings: Hugs, homemade treats, awards ceremonies, and Axe

    Thank God I live in a conservative county where this insanity has yet to hit the school system; you’d better believe that I will raise hell if it tries to seep in.

  8. In preparation for US president’s Mideast visit, protestors say he is not welcome in their city, throw shoes at US diplomatic vehicle.

    • texan59 says:

      “Congress is trying to pass the end-of-year funding before it leaves town for a two-week vacation.”

      Goodness, they just got back from Spring Break didn’t they?

  9. Aussie says:

    another day, another morning and the red slug (thank you Farmville for that image) remains in power. In the meantime our freedom of speech remains under threat…. I was hoping that there might have been a midnight stab in the back just like she did to KRUDD but so far that has not happened.

    We want our election now before they continue to destroy the joint, trash Australia completely as they continue to allow a group of illegal ferals to remain in our country after they arrived on leaky boats and paid thousands of dollars for the priviliege.

  10. I think Ann B is really losing it. She wants this new pope to be the anti-Christ so bad that she totally misrepresented what happens in this video of his inaugural mass:

    She claims that he fails to “reverence” the Blessed Sacrament properly. “On the same day the Vicar of Jesus Christ declined to reverence the Consecrated Host in any way at his inaugural Mass. No bow, no genuflection. Nothing. Nah. No big deal. Nothing to worry about here. I mean, it is just objective reality. 2:00:35 is the timestamp you’ll want to watch.”

    Problem is, it’s not true. At the moment after the consecration when he would bow or genuflect, the camera angle changes to a rear shot which clearly shows him bowing, which is acceptable as a “reverence,” especially for an old man. Did she not see it? Even worse, she fails to mention that at the 2:01:40 mark, after the 2nd consecration, the camera clearly shows him in a deep genuflection: hands on the altar, knee all the way to the ground. Due to the camera angle change after the first one, we can’t even tell whether he did the same thing then or not. He might have. But Ann slanders him anyway. This is what being uncharitable looks like, Ann. You not only failed to give the man any benefit of the doubt, you distorted what you clearly saw. Shame on you.

    • texan59 says:

      I have moderated my visits to her site. I still ask the question – why did she join the church if she has such a problem with their position on such things? She can change a few minds here in the secular world, but her schtick ain’t gonna fly too well in the halls of the Vatican.

      • Well, I think she agrees with the church teachings, and that’s different than having a beef with the leadership. There’s nothing wrong with criticizing the clergy for their behavior, like she does. I do the same thing myself. The problem I see is that she seems to be throwing her lot in with a group of traditionalists within the Church that are hostile to changes to practices made since the 60s. The group she identifies with is legit, but lately she’s sounded a lot more like an extreme-but-related splinter group that actually split with the Church years ago. That’s my concern, because I don’t agree with those guys.

      • zmalfoy says:

        I’ve been considering this. I suspect a combination of factors.

        1) Her catechesis seems to have been very limited. While she’s great on some aspects of history and tradition, on terms and certain parts of canon law, she seems to have had no exposure to the writings of, among others, such notable luminaries as St. Frances de Sales or St. Therese of Liseaux (The latter being a doctor of the Church. Maybe Francis too, mind is fuzzy). Therese was the model that Mother Theresa based herself off of. While Jesus did go and upend tables in the Temple, he also made it quite clear that we were to approach him as “Little Children”. Maybe she prefers the “Temper Tantrum” approach . . . I myself favor the “Spoilt, whiney but still somehow charming” approach.

        2) Anger became her “Schtick”. She got a lot of attention and notice from her earlier videos, where she appropriately displayed righteous indignation and vehement defense of Christ. Maybe she fell into the delusion that by wielding such anger, she was doing God’s will when so many other people were not. The problem is that Righteous Anger slides very quickly into Wrath– the smallest amount of Pride is all it takes. I know this from personal experience. Wrath is addictive, the feeling of power and righteousness. . . It’s better than any wine or chocolate I’ve ever had. It becomes your Go-To emotion, until you cannot react to anything any other way. You seek to find reasons for it– even if you must lie to yourself about what you are seeing.

        Fortunately, I had the moderating influence of a Salesian Spirituality in my background, and it was not long before the lessons of the Visitation and the plea for gentleness cut through the intoxication. Then I read St. Theresa’s book, and that had a profound effect. Without such a moderating influence. But . . . if my catechesis had been solely from the Rad-Sad-Trad crowd (as it seems her’s was). . . nothing would have caught me.

        3) These two things together have blinded her to her own Pride. Again, this is in light of personal experience. That she has no archive for her blog, that comments are not public, when such abilities are not that hard to gain . . . there’s a deep insecurity here that is being patched by pride. This is a very dangerous situation, and it looks like she’s starting to suffer the results.

        Again, I say these things only because I’ve been there myself. Not quite so badly, but close enough. I’m not intending to throw stones, as I am the last person to be able to do so. But I know how impossible it is for someone in this state to see or hear anything as anything other than an attack. She’s gonna have to get over herself before she can find her way back to reason.

        • texan59 says:

          Pride cometh before……………

        • solaratov says:

          I believe that all you say is, sadly enough, true. I really like Anne, and I have a lot of admiration for the stand she took when she closed her brokerage. But I’m not at all sure that I care for her constant anger and her attitude of “I’m right – and you’d better do it/see it my way.”
          There are some things that she just seems to go ‘overboard’ on – and without good reason.
          Perhaps she’ll see that her constant anger is not always “righteous wrath”; and will be able to deal with it.
          At least, I hope so – for her sake.

        • Coyote says:

          I AGREE. I think she’s broken. She needs to disconnect and go for a three month walk in the forest and regather what’s left of herself. I found some peace by going to an actual sweat lodge in northwestern New Mexico. (I did not use peyote or any other substance…dehydration was the catalyst.) I also took a trip to a hot spring in NE NM at one point awhile back prior to that.
          If she doesn’t, she will progress down this detrimental path…alone. Also, I think she is very lonely. Scholastically smart, but very very lonely. It sucks being out there in the cold all by yourself. It hurts.

          I think she’s gone so far to have actually turned into the precocious child who has upturned the board because the game isn’t going her way. She has supposedly led a life of very strictly self-imposed set of rules on her own life (which is ok…she has that choice), but she is attempting to impose those same set of rules on everyone else (which one may not do). She also reminds me of a parent who intentionally spoils the milk when it wasn’t necessary to prove a point.

          She’s angry and very very upset. She isn’t healthy in mind, body or soul anymore.

          She needs to find peace and a new endeavor.

        • Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.

          1 Corinthians 13:1

          • Coyote says:

            hmph. I never really understood that one until now.

            Spooky Squirrel, you wig me out sometimes. Thanks.

            • I agree with what zmalfoy said above:

              The problem is that Righteous Anger slides very quickly into Wrath– the smallest amount of Pride is all it takes. I know this from personal experience. Wrath is addictive, the feeling of power and righteousness. . . It’s better than any wine or chocolate I’ve ever had. It becomes your Go-To emotion, until you cannot react to anything any other way.

              Righteous Anger toward Satan is OK, but towards people we must show, and be motivated by, LOVE. Without love, we become a noisy, clanging cymbal.

              Spooky Squirrel

              How did I get that nickname?

  11. texan59 says:

    Micahel Berry played this clip today. It’s from an actual newscast in Houston after our morning hailstorm today.

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