Open Thread, Friday 5 April 2013

Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia


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12 Responses to Open Thread, Friday 5 April 2013

  1. The Employment-Population ratio January 1995 – March 2013:

    Employment-Population Ratio and Averages, January 1995 - March 2013

    March was another below average month, even by the Obama administration’s standards.

    • barnslayer says:

      Considering the source, I’d guess the actual numbers are far worse. Wait for oblamercare and an increased minimum wage to push those numbers even lower.

  2. Aussie, I was mistaken when I mentioned the Gold Coast the other day. I didn’t intend to just admire the beach area south of Brisbane. I was really talking about the whole northern Queensland coast. Places like Townsville, Port Douglas, Cairns, Fraser Island, Hamilton Island (which is pictured in the sunset photo above). Not only are the beaches spectacular and the towns interesting, but the waters are more blue and clear than anything I’ve ever seen, judging from the diving footage I’ve seen. Can’t wait to dive there some day.

  3. Krauthammer says that Obama’s lost on gun control.

    On this note, I think I need to apologize to any of you I may have got overly worked up about my dire predictions in January about immediate gun confiscation, collapse of the dollar and all that. I still think we need to worry about this administration, but some of you were certainly “more correct” about the pace of things. It now looks like there’s a lot more resistance to the administration’s gun control initiatives, and their resolve is not as bomb-proof as it looked like before. Also, there have been signs that other catastrophes, such as hyperinflation, are not as imminent as they appeared 2 months ago. I was pretty pessimistic then, but now I think there’s reason to be more optimistic about (at the very least) the amount of time we have to deal with such things. So, sorry about the panic. We’ll continue to keep a watchful eye on things, but I will try to keep a little more faith in our fellow Americans who are trying to resist the idiots running things right now. 😉

    Any thoughts or predictions from you folks?

    • The one thing I always try to remember is that we are used to our freedom. We might have given parts of it away, but like our founding fathers we have a point where we refuse to give it away. For years I have argued that why communism was possible in other countries is because the people never had freedom. They went from a tyranny, dictatorship, or some type of royalty rule to communism. For them there was no difference in their life when communism became the form of government. I believe that we have freedom in our souls to such a degree that there is no way for them to ever get their desired results.

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