Taxing times

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3 Responses to Taxing times

  1. Love it! 😀

    Since you had to shut down your checkbook, will you also be canceling public tours of Casa de BoB? You’re still taking golf vacations and having celebrity concerts in your backyard, right?

  2. barnslayer says:

    And all I got left is this lousy t-shirt.

  3. Aussie says:

    I see that the TEA movement is at it again in Boston/ sarc

    It is all over the news that there were at least 2 bomb explosions at the end of the Boston marathon race. At least 2 are dead and many more are injured. Also, at least 2 devices have been found.

    If you want proof that a member of the TEA movement is responsible/ sarc… then there is footage available of a man who was seen with multiple backpacks in the area where the bombs exploded.

    Or maybe it was the Catholics upset with Pope Francis1? / sarc

    Of course I know that it was a jihadi terrorist attack but Wolf Blitzer thinks that it was a member of the TEA movement. Never mind that thousands of those who took to the streets in the name of the TEA movement happened to be Democrats!!

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