Smearing the Right: CtH Documents the Very Consistent, but Overwhelmingly Dishonest, MSM Commitment to the Myth of Right-Wing Terror

The following is an excerpt from a work published today by Chrissythehyphenated at Polination.

The so-called “mainstream” media (aka, lamestream media, leftstream media, laughing stock media) includes organizations like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post. What they do is not journalism; it’s propaganda.

  • Journalists educate the public about current events and let individuals decide what it may or may not mean to them.
  • Propagandists spin the news in order to promote a political agenda and/or smear their opposition.

Propagandists see absolutely everything through a politically partisan lens. Will it help Us? Will it hurt Us? How can we spin this to make Us look good and Them look bad?

To propagandists, catastrophe is not a time for Americans to come together and mourn until all the facts are known. It’s just another opportunity to smear the enemy which, in the case of our nation’s major media, means “right-wing extremists” … aka, people like you and me.the-oath-of-the-right-wing-extremist

Here are some recent examples.

February 18, 2010 – Andrew Joseph Stack III flew his Piper Dakota into the IRS office building in Austin, Texas, killing himself and the IRS manager. Thirteen others were injured, two seriously.

Just prior to the crash, Stack posted a suicide note on his website that referred to the “greed” of the IRS, praised Communism, complained about the Catholic Church, and expressed displeasure with American politicians and the government, particularly the Bush administration.

In its reporting on the incident, the Washington Post intentionally omitted Stack’s pro-Communist, anti-Republican screed in order to paint him as a Tea Party protester.

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11 Responses to Smearing the Right: CtH Documents the Very Consistent, but Overwhelmingly Dishonest, MSM Commitment to the Myth of Right-Wing Terror

  1. Coyote says:

    My grandpa used set on the porch and pack his pipe out and grouch with utter agitation, “Those damned communists!”

    Us kids used to roll our eyes and just ignore him.

    Now, I drink my beer and pack my Copenhagen can and utter, “Those damned filthy communists.”

    Sorry Grandpa. I understand now.

  2. barnslayer says:

    I’ve read spotty bits here and there on McVeigh but a solid source is needed for all of this “right wing” terror. I haven’t waded through all of the Polination list but I didn’t find the wikipedia entry for McVeigh to be of much help. A cliff notes version listing all these crazies who were labeled as right wing… but were not, would be very useful.

    • Aussie says:

      I think what you need to do is begin by defining what is historically meant by Right and Left because both are on the Left of centre…. Hitler was a Leftist who was on the Right of the Communists. See how it is confusing?

      Conservatives are neither right nor left, and if you look at the ideology of Hitler and Stalin for example there is almost no difference, except that Hitler established state fun car manufacturing (Volkswagon). The ideology of both is almost identical.

      Today you can see the same thing because the ideology of the Neo-Nazi is almost identical with that of the Communists, especially the watermelons.

      I cannot state for certain that McVeigh does in fact fit the ideology of a Neo-Nazi and certainly belonging to a militia is not proof of being extreme right wing or Nazi.

      The whole construct is wrong.

      McVeigh’s case is interesting because he followed the politics of an extreme libertarian group ( at this moment I cannot remember the correct identity for them). He witnessed either/both Ruby Ridge and Waco. He was profoundly disturbed by what he had seen. This made him vulnerable to suggestion. I still think McVeigh was the stooge, the fall guy and of course he never divulged the identity of the third bomber, even though his identity is certainly not completely unknown. That man is linked to Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

  3. Why isn’t this so obvious to everyone? Or is it now? They are so afraid of the truth! Is it because they are so afraid themselves? Afraid of being wrong? Because if they are wrong then they might just have to change something. The TRUTH is they don’t want to know the TRUTH. Because the TRUTH brights LIGHT and the LIGHT exposes the darkness of their lives and the DARKNESS never wants to be exposed or expelled!!! they don’t want to change. they are so desperate to try and be right that they will continue to heap lies upon lies all the meanwhile trying to destroy that which brings the LIGHT into this world!

    • Aussie says:

      Che and Hitler were on the same side.

      Hitler might have been an enemy of Stalin but they were in fact on the same side with regard to ideology.

      • I agree, except that Che may have been the only one of those guys really driven by ideology. He was focused on changing things and killing people and was content to let Castro take all the power. Stalin and Hitler, like Castro, seemed to just want power. What was it that one of Castro’s relatives said about him? “Fidel isn’t on anybody’s side except Fidel’s.” I think that’s another reason why it doesn’t make any sense to talk ideology sometimes. With some of these clowns, it just doesn’t apply.

    • barnslayer says:

      Nazis were “national socialists”. Not much different than “union of soviet socialist republics”. To me “extreme right wing” means full out capitalism with minimal government red tape or power. Sounds pretty good to me.
      BTW, traditional tax day is April 15. hitler’s birthday is April 20. The bombing took place on April 16th.
      Perhaps the moslem terrorists were acknowledging the birthday of song-man Bobby Vinton.

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