Open Thread, Saturday 20 April 2013

Somewhere in Austria.

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34 Responses to Open Thread, Saturday 20 April 2013

  1. barnslayer says:

    My paternal homeland. Great Granddad was a woodcutter (lumberjack) somewhere in the mountains near Vienna. Never been there.

  2. Knight4GFC says:

    “Thursday, 18 April 2013 16:19
    On This Day in 1775: The ‘Midnight Ride of Paul Revere'”


      “Although separated by 238 years from the “midnight ride of Paul Revere,” 21st-century Americans have much in common with our patriot forefathers. We live at a time when those in our own government are attempting to deny us the enjoyment of our most sacred rights. The “long train of abuses” is hurtling us on the tracks of tyranny toward a level of absolutism only dreamed about by despots such as King George III.

      And, as was the case with the British soldiers marching toward Concord, agents of our own government may soon be instructed to seize and assume control over privately and legally owned guns and ammunition. 

      May we remember Paul Revere’s ride and the reason for it as we face our own fight with the forces of tyranny.”

    • Thanks a lot Barn ;). I was having a perfectly nice morning enjoying the scene above and you had to go and post his pic.. I now feel like hurling my coffee. 😦

    • ZurichMike says:

      Of course, he never said anything so nuanced about George Zimmerman.

      • barnslayer says:

        Yet oblamer & friends got real quiet once GZ’s racial mix came out.

        • He should tell his buddy, Gabby Giffords, not to jump to conclusions about the entire Senate being in the pockets of the gun lobby, just because most of them decided not to abandon their oaths for the sake of her pet legislation. Talk about a tantrum!

        • ZurichMike says:

          And he never said anything about Kermit Gosnell, who murdered more babies than Adam Lanza. You see, Muslims and blacks get a free pass. Everyone else is a racist, knuckle-dragging, Bible-and-gun-clinging neanderthal. It’s time for Zippy to implode. Hope it happens soon.

  3. Police tried to cover up rape of 5-year-old girl in New Delhi.
    “The police did nothing. They did not register a complaint, the first step before they can begin investigations,” said Ranjana Kumari, a women’s rights activist and social scientist. “This heinous crime could have been prevented if police had begun investigations promptly.”
    Protesters reportedly demanded the arrest of the police officers who allegedly tried to cover up the case by offering the victim’s parents money, The Times of India reported.

  4. Mr. Farage on EU Criminals

  5. “Tsarnaev was a “normal pot head” who supported President Obama for re-election last November, according to friends and his Twitter account.”

    • barnslayer says:

      “normal”… I wonder if any of them was running in the marathon. I bet he wouldn’t have warned them. Friends.

      • They could use better “friends” for sure.

        So, since we aren’t allowed to generalize based on these guys and their religion, can we generalize on the fact that they were Obama supporters? Maybe all of them should be outlawed?

    • barnslayer says:

      The feds will blame the “gunshow loophole”. That is if this ever hits the LSM.

      Physically moving that stuff would have taken a while.

      Other possibility… gov’t claims them stolen rather than let on who the actually gave them to.

  6. Harvey says:

    Did you all read about this?

    From American Thinker:
    Earlier this week, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed into law the “Second Amendment Protection Act,” a bill that reasserts the state’s role in protecting the right to keep and bear arms of those living there. The bill reads, in part:

    Any act, law, treaty, order, rule or regulation of the government of the United States which
    violates the second amendment to the constitution of the United States is null, void and
    unenforceable in the state of Kansas.

    In conjunction with the above clause, the bill defines what is meant by “the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States” and contends that it isn’t based off a decision by the Supreme Court.

    The second amendment to the constitution of the United States reserves to the people,
    individually, the right to keep and bear arms as that right was understood at the time that Kansas
    was admitted to statehood in 1861, and the guaranty of that right is a matter of contract between
    the state and people of Kansas and the United States as of the time that the compact with the
    United States was agreed upon and adopted by Kansas in 1859 and the United States in 1861.

  7. Some people take truth in advertising a little too far. Still… good to know.

    • MRM says:

      Seriously… good to know. I guess, depending on the part of the country, that could lower OR raise the price of the house..

      • Here in Colorado, there are a few hotels, like Stephen King’s favorite, the Stanley in Estes Park, that have both ‘haunted’ and ‘non-haunted’ rooms. I’m not sure which cost more.

        • MRM says:

          I once stayed in a room supposedly haunted by Lillie Langtry … nothing weird happened to me, but there are some bizarre stories from others who stayed there…

          • Lillie might not be too bad. I saw an interview once with a couple who paid good money to sleep in the room in Lizzie Borden’s house (in Louisiana?) – in the same bed – where Lizzie’s mom got tenderized. That would be too much for me. Some ghosts are harder to sleep next to than others! 😯

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