Chrissy’s Picks from #YouJustPulledAnObama

The following are excerpts from Chrissythehyphenated’s post about this very successful Twitter hashtag:

  • If this might be your real student ID, then #YouJustPulledAnObama


  • If you say “God Bless You” to a group of people who rejoice in partially born babies being torn apart
  • If you campaign promised “I will NOT take your guns away” and then support gun control everywhere
  • If you think the Tea Party is a greater threat to national security than Islamic extremists
  • If you went to bed while 4 Americans were murdered, then hid those that survived
  • If you think the Tea Party is a terrorist organization, but Bill Ayers was just some misunderstood protester
  • If you blame ATMs and the weather for unemployment
  • If you think you did me a favor by making my healthcare unaffordable
  • If you never attend any meetings of your Jobs Council while America experiences highest unemployment in history
  • If you want to reward illegal immigrants and punish legal immigrants
  • If your fans can’t list anything but your skin color as an achievement
  • If you and everybody who worships at your altar claims you are a genius but you won’t let anybody see your transcripts
  • If you blame congress when your party had full control of congress your first 2 years
  • If you were stupid enough to blame the Benghazi jihadi terror attack on a you tube video
  • If you hired someone to forge a birth certificate just to shut Donald Trump up
  • If you want gun control but go nowhere without armed guards protecting you
  • If it took you years to present a budget and then no one voted for it, not even Democrats
  • If you never take responsibility for anything bad
  • If you say it’s irresponsible to pay for our debt using future generations $, and then spend at 3x’s the rate of Bush
  • If you called the woman who raised you a racist while idolizing the dead beat who abandoned you as an infant
  • If you let matters of national importance sit on your desk for weeks++ because you can’t make a decision
  • If you had to check with Valerie and Michelle before sending SEALs to get bin Laden
  • If you ever gave the Queen of England an IPod of your speeches
  • If you give Mexican Drug Cartels free weapons but want gun control for US citizens
  • If you love abortion while claiming to care about “the children”
  • If you send half a billion dollars to Palestinian terrorists while air traffic controllers get furloughed
  • If you claim a human fetus isn’t human, while declaring conservatives are ‘science deniers’
  • If you claim to be a big Chicago White Sox then say they play at “Cominskey Park”
  • If you want to model America’s gun laws on those that made Chicago the most violent city in America
  • If your horrible policies are responsible for the rise of the Tea Party
  • If you have a fake SSN
  • If you can consistently lie to people for over 5 years and still have supporters
  • If you’ve ever claimed transparency while hiding every single fact about your past
  • If you campaigned on your “foreign policy experience” but missed 60+% of your intelligence briefings
  • If you win a Nobel Peace Prize then blow the hell out of hundreds of men, women, & children with drone strikes
  • If your Attorney General refuses to pursue criminals because they’re black
  • If your people voted for a healthcare plan for the public that exempted them
  • If you think pregnancy is an STD and babies are a punishment
  • If you arm Mexican Cartels with US guns better than you arm your border patrol
  • If you murdered innocent women and children in a country we’re not even at war with
  • If you claimed to care about the poor, then made them all poorer
  • If you do nothing when your ambassador is killed, but put the man who stole your teleprompter in jail for 7 years
  • If you like foreign dictators more than American patriots
  • If you wrote a racist, quasi-fictional novel called “Dreams Of My Father” and then campaigned on equality
  • If you’ve convinced your followers that all opposition to your policies is due solely to your skin color
  • If you pay celebrities to come to your house but lock the doors to the citizens paying your salary
  • If you think there are 57 States
  • If you think the Constitution doesn’t apply to you, and you can just ignore laws that you don’t like
  • If you think what Gosnell did to living babies is a “reproductive choice”
  • If you spend $ trillion more per yr than Bush while still blaming his spending for the economy
  • If you think a woman getting raped is an excuse to kill a living fetus
  • If your presidency is so horrible that it is easy to keep this hashtag going

Read the whole list here.

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