Jay Carney Then: “It’s too early to talk about Benghazi.” Jay Carney Now: “It’s too late to talk about Benghazi.”

When I was a kid, I thought I’d NEVER hear the end of Watergate.  And Watergate didn’t have a body count.

Selected tweets from Twitchy summary:  Cockroach Jay Carney: Benghazi happened a looooong time ago.

Stephen Kruiser: “Per @PressSec, there’s a quick expiration date on outrage over Americans who are killed but can’t help admin advance a political agenda.”

NumbersMuncher: Carney: “Benghazi happened like a long time before Obama called to congratulate Jason Collins.”

S.M: “Odd…George W Bush’s Presidency was a long time ago also and yet Carney & Obama can’t stop talking about that.”

RBPundit: “Shorter Obama Admin: When Benghazi happened, it was too soon to talk about it. Now, eight months later, it’s too late to talk about.”

John Hayward: “Carney says Benghazi “happened a long time ago.” Those bumps in the road look very small in the post-election rear-view mirror.”

lynnD: “@WHPressCorps REALLY? You let Carney get away with saying happened a long time ago..WHAT? tell that to their familes.”


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3 Responses to Jay Carney Then: “It’s too early to talk about Benghazi.” Jay Carney Now: “It’s too late to talk about Benghazi.”

  1. Well, it was a long time ago, it was in the previous president’s term. I hear your point that it was the president’s previous term. Well, the order of the words doesn’t matter because it was last year. So, while the players have changed the puppet masters who pull my strings are the same and they tell me to say it was a long time ago. Do you really think I got this position because I can think for myself?


    • I think your parsing and waffling is a lot more skillful than Carney’s. He didn’t get that job because he was smart or talented, either. He got it because he has no soul. He used to have one, but he sold it to his boss. This guy:

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