Open Thread, Thursday 2 May 2013



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  1. barnslayer says:

    Beautiful picture! That’s what the island of Manhattan looked like before bloomberg became king.

  2. barnslayer says:

    From NY Firearms forum:

    31 Crimes That Are Considered *Better* Than Having More Than 7 Rounds
    By Mike Centola | Published: February 28, 2013

    As with the current NY SAFE Act, having more than 7 rounds of ammo in your magazine is defined as criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, a Class D Violent Felony. A felony is defined as a crime punishable by death or imprisonment in excess of one year. We consider these crimes below to be WORSE than having more than 7 rounds, however, New York State disagrees. These crimes below are lesser crimes than possessing more than 7 rounds of ammunition.

    120.70 – Luring a child | E Felony
    121.11 – Criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation | A Misdemeanor
    125.10 – Criminally negligent homicide | E Felony
    130.20 – Sexual misconduct | A Misdemeanor
    130.25 – Rape 3rd degree | E Felony
    130.40 – Criminal sexual act 3rd degree | E Felony
    130.52 – Forcible touching | A Misdemeanor
    130.53 – Persistent sexual abuse | E Felony (repeat child molester, must be caught and convicted in two separate cases before the charges even reach this level)
    130.65A – Aggravated sexual abuse 4th degree | E Felony
    130.85 – Female genital mutilation | E Felony
    135.05 – Unlawful imprisonment 2nd degree | A Misdemeanor
    135.10 – Unlawful imprisonment 1st degree | E Felony
    135.45 – Custodial interference 2nd degree | A Misdemeanor
    135.50 – Custodial interference 1st degree | E Felony
    135.55 – Substitution of children | E Felony (switched at birth type of thing)
    135.60 – Coercion 2nd degree | A Misdemeanor
    150.01 – 5th degree Arson | A Misdemeanor
    150.05 – 4th degree Arson | E Felony
    178.10 – 4th degree Criminal diversion of prescription medications and prescriptions | A Misdemeanor
    178.15 – 3rd degree Criminal diversion of prescription medications and prescriptions | E Felony
    220.28 – Use of a child to commit a controlled substance offense | E Felony
    240.05 – Riot 2nd degree | A Misdemeanor
    240.06 – Riot 1st degree | E Felony
    240.08 – Inciting to riot | A Misdemeanor 240.10 – Unlawful assembly | B Misdemeanor
    240.15 – Criminal anarchy | E Felony
    240.20 – Disorderly conduct | Violation
    240.61 – Placing a false bomb or hazardous substance 2nd degree | E Felony
    250.45 – Unlawful surveillance 2nd degree | E felony (Hidden cams for sexual gratification)
    255.25 – Incest 3rd degree | E Felony
    263.11 – Possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child | E Felony
    263.16 – Possessing a sexual performance by a child | E Felony

    • Holy crap! You’re better off being a repeat child molester or killing somebody negligently than carrying 8 rounds of ammo??? I guess this is how they make all guns illegal – by making it impossible to use them. And let me get this straight. The cops needed 200 rounds to stop one bomber in Boston, but we only need 7 to protect ourselves from crooks? Sounds legit. 😦

    • texan59 says:

      Newyorkistan. Sheesh! 🙄

  3. Finally got a spy photo from Shalini’s wedding. I think this is the reception, and from the looks of it, they got the wrong kind of elephant. Normally they use Asian/Indian elephants for weddings because they’re less high-strung. Looks like they got an African elephant by mistake. Those are nothing but trouble when you get ’em around the hors d’oeuvres.

  4. “What underachievers read…” Do they read? I thought they just watched stuff on the tube and tweeted?

  5. Hey Barack! About that…

  6. Day of Prayer: Obama Declares War on Christ. (Parody from BHN)
    WASHINGTON (BHN) – President Obama recognized the National Day of Prayer today by issuing a proclamation calling for “prayers and invocations” in the wake of national tragedies, including the dozens of people killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Boston Marathon, and West Texas refinery, as well as the over 300,000 unborn children slaughtered by Planned Parenthood.

    While the President did mention God in passing once in the lengthy ode to man’s greatness, Jesus Christ was notably absent as the self-professed “born again Christian” continues his administration’s steady progress in eliminating Christianity from all phases of American life.

    In related news, the Pentagon has released a statement confirming that military personnel could be court-martialed for sharing their Christian faith. Obama Pentagon officials have been meeting with anti-Christian extremist Mikey Weinstein to develop the court-martial procedures.

    “Jesus Christ has no place in the US military,” said one Pentagon general, “unless, of course, he’s gay.”

  7. China Invades India? This can’t be good.

    The platoon of Chinese soldiers slipped across the boundary into India in the middle of the night, according to Indian officials. They were ferried across the bitterly cold moonscape in Chinese army vehicles, then got out to traverse a dry creek bed with a helicopter hovering overhead for protection.

    They finally reached their destination and pitched a tent in the barren Depsang Valley in the Ladakh region, a symbolic claim of sovereignty deep inside Indian-held territory. So stealthy was the operation that India did not discover the incursion until a day later, Indian officials said.

    China denies any incursion, but Indian officials say that for two weeks, the soldiers have refused to move back over the so-called Line of Actual Control that divides Indian-ruled territory from Chinese-run land, leaving the government on the verge of a crisis with its powerful northeastern neighbor.

  8. How about BOTH parties start leading instead of doing nothing.

    • One of the best plays I have ever seen was when Deion was on 3rd base and caused the pitcher to balk so that he would score the game winning run. Once again Deion has a great play by showing all that he is a conservative and a Christian for truth!

  9. If you need a laugh…

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