Open Thread, Monday 13 May 2013

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia


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10 Responses to Open Thread, Monday 13 May 2013

  1. Harvey says:

    Our senior military officers are such a disappointment. And I say this as a retired military officer. This is just another in the long line of groveling to political correctness:

  2. Just smoke; that’s all.
    WASHINGTON (BHN) – President Obama’s attempt to speak under pressure without a teleprompter today at a White House press conference resulted in his apparently channeling Bill Clinton.

    During his own now-infamous news conference, Clinton lapsed into convoluted gibberish while attempting to spin his involvement with Monica Lewinsky.

    “There’s no there there” Obama said as he struggled to form a cohesive sentence without his teleprompter. The President was presumably attempting to address criticism of his administration’s handling of the Benghazi terror attack.

    The press conference ended abruptly when a telltale whiff of smoke indicated the President’s brain was possibly overheating. Jay Carney later reported that the President was fine, saying, “There was no actual fire, things just got a little warm, that’s all.”

  3. This is how the Obamatax admin celebrated Mother’s Day. I believe they will be renaming it next year to Parent 1 Day.

    I would put a sarc tag but I think they would if they could.

  4. Since today is the Feast Of Fatima I am sharing a link for anyone who would like to inform themselves as to what Fatima is all about. Facts shed Light on the TRUTH. It is a GIFT from GOD that should never be ignored! My Article is about Fatima and Truth.

  5. Also it is nice to know that that evil man Gosnell has been convicted on multiple counts of first degree murder charges on the FEAST OF FATIMA!

  6. Bwah hah hahhh! Hillary is so full of sh*t! Remember this?

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