When will “Conflict of Interest” Ever Apply to Democrats?

We didn’t make enough stink when George Stephanopoulos went straight from the White house to MSM.  Now, they don’t even blush.  From Facebook/ArmedMommy via Pistol Pete and Chrissythehyphenated.



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8 Responses to When will “Conflict of Interest” Ever Apply to Democrats?

  1. Ben Rhodes: An evil, evil little man with a huge axe to grind.
    Rhodes has risen from being an obscure and failed fiction writer to formulating foreign and national security policy for Obama precisely because he is willing to his superiors’ bidding regardless of facts. He has a history of using whatever talents he has with the pen to do so.
    A few years ago he had drafted the Iraq Study Group report on the causes and mishaps of the Iraq War to focus on Israel — despite the fact that Israel was not part of the scope of the mission the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group was given. Witnesses and experts called by the Committee were appalled. Why did Rhodes distort the record? He seemingly was doing the bidding of his masters who have a history of animus towards Israel.

  2. Pres. Obama: “We don’t have time to be playing these kind of political games in Washington,” Obama insisted.
    Then, he looked at his watch and dashed out the door to catch Marine One for a golf date with Reggie.

  3. ZurichMike says:

    I weep for our country. The sleaze and stench of the Obama administration is overwhelming.

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