Stella Paul Attempts to Come Up with an Obama Body Count

obama_calls_democratic_leaders_to_white_house-460x307_0…but it’s a big job, and the count may number in the thousands if you include those killed needlessly in Afghanistan by the Administration’s murderous (suicidal?) rules of engagement imposed on our troops.  The following is a brief summary of some of the names Ms. Paul tallies in her American Thinker article and in her book.  Keep in mind that the dozens of “mysterious deaths” surrounding Barack Obama, such as the Chicago Trinity Church murders mentioned in the WTPOTUS blog, are not included in this list.

Obama stands center stage in this tragic opera of America’s downfall, cheapening, endangering, and destroying the lives of the best among us.  The pile of corpses grows ever higher, and the lies more noxious.  Let’s pay tribute to some of his many victims, and vow to honor their memory by holding him to account.

BENGHAZI: Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods.

BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING: Martin Richard (age 8), Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi, and Sean Collier.

OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS: Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata, and hundreds of unnamed Mexicans.

FORT HOOD: Juanita Warman, Libardo Caraveo, John P. Gaffaney, Russell Seager, Justin Decrow, Amy Krueger, Jason Hunt, Frederick Greene, Aaron Nemelka, Michael Pearson, Kham Xiong, Francheska Velez (and unborn child), and Michael G. Cahill.

NAVY SEAL TEAM VI HELICOPTER CRASH IN AFGHANISTAN, AUGUST 2011: Jonas B. Kelsall, Louis J. Langlais, Thomas A. Ratzlaff, Kraig M. Vickers, Brian R. Bill, John W. Faas, Kevin A. Houston, Matthew D. Mason, Stephen M. Mills, Nicholas H. Null, Robert J. Reeves, Heath M. Robinson, Darrik C. Benson, Christopher G. Campbell, Jared W. Day, John Douangdara, Michael J. Strange, Jon T. Tumilson, Aaron C. Vaughn, Jason R. Workman, Jesse D. Pittman, Nicholas P. Spehar, David R. Carter, Bryan J. Nichols, Patrick D. Hamburger, Alexander J. Bennett, Spencer C. Duncan, John W. Brown, Andrew W. Harvell, and Daniel L. Zerbe.

EXCESS U.S. SOLDIER DEATHS IN AFGHANISTAN THROUGH 2012:  Conservatively subtracting the 630 deaths that occurred over 8 years under George Bush from the 1954 deaths in ONLY THREE AND A HALF YEARS UNDER OBAMA, yields at least 1324 NEEDLESS DEATHS.  There’s not enough room here to name them.

AMERICANS KILLED BY ILLEGAL RESIDENT CRIMINALS IN THE U.S. AS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE ADMINISTRATION’S REFUSAL TO ENFORCE BORDER SECURITY, INCLUDING THE 5000 RELEASED INTO THE PUBLIC FROM JAIL AND BLAMED ON SEQUESTRATION:  The number is impossible to determine because of inadequate statistics, but over 14,000 people were murdered in the U.S. in 2012 alone.  Grunt adds that in the U.S. West and Southwest, incidences of fatal accidents and hit-and-runs attributed to illegals with fake drivers licenses are infamous and numerous.  Some of this is unavoidable, but after 5 years of the Administration’s nightmare relationship with the border states, some of these deaths can be blamed on the man in the Oval Office.

Read the rest of her article here: The Bloody Hands of Barack Obama.

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7 Responses to Stella Paul Attempts to Come Up with an Obama Body Count

  1. ZurichMike says:

    Truly staggering.

    And look what happened to Nixon. No one died because of Watergate.

  2. Grunt, I made a very minor edit to change “WPOTUS” to “WTPOTUS”.

  3. barnslayer says:

    Follow up to yesterday’s Indian bike article. Check out this radial engine job.

    • 10 cylinders! Germans really do take their engineering seriously. They seemed proud of the propeller not being dangerous, but what about that big ol’ thigh-ripping belt drive that practically rubs the leather right off your butt? And I’m not sure about all that exhaust right in your face. The real question, though, is will the chicks dig it? 🙂

  4. I remember seeing websites that listed the names of the victims of illegal immigrants. I tried to find a specific one and while there are many still out there I noticed that the dates associated with the websites are old. From one website it seems that it got too hard to keep track of all the victims.

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