Who’ll stop the rain?

The community organizer in chief held an outdoor press conference yesterday with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. For some inexplicable reason, either no one bothered to check the weather forecast, or they knew rain was likely and decided to go ahead and hold their presser outdoors anyway. When rain started to fall on the two of them, Obama summoned two U.S. Marines armed with umbrellas to come and protect them. That’s right: the jackass who couldn’t be bothered to send any of our guys to rescue the Americans who were under attack in Benghazi last September asks the Marines to come hold umbrellas over his head and that of the Turkish prime minister so they wouldn’t have to deal with a few pesky raindrops. The Marines, of course, got soaked, but those military guys are tough. Still, I can’t help wondering why Barry didn’t just ask them if he could borrow their umbrellas, since he obviously lacked the foresight to bring his own. Is the most powerful man in the world so helpless that he can’t even be expected to hold his own umbrella? Apparently so.


UPDATE: A White House insider who wishes to remain anonymous has informed us that due to the sequester, the staffer in charge of checking weather forecasts was furloughed.

UPDATE #2: A friend reminds me that Barack Obama’s problematic relationship with umbrellas goes back a long way; apparently he never learned how to operate one properly. Here’s just one example of what happens when he doesn’t have the Marines around to rescue him:


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2 Responses to Who’ll stop the rain?

  1. Coyote says:


    SPOT ON!!!!!


    What a complete, 100% imbecile!

  2. Here is an interesting explanation about Marines how it is against the Marine Corps regulations for a Marine to carry an umbrella.


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