Open Thread, Tuesday 18 June 2013

Photo by Tom Lowe.


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23 Responses to Open Thread, Tuesday 18 June 2013

  1. The photo, BTW, is of an ancient bristlecone pine tree in the White Mountains of eastern California. Here’s a photo of an old gruntmobile at high altitude (about 13,000 ft) in the White Mountains back in the 1990s.

    • Knight4GFC says:

      Wow! That is old! πŸ˜‰ Early 1990’s? During ’90 and ’91, we were experiencing an eruption that was taking out lower Puna on the Big Island.

      • Hey, you’re such a young pup, I’m surprised you even remember the early 90s. πŸ˜€ Sounds like we were all getting pounded by earth-shaking back then! About that time we were in the southern SFBA during the Loma Prieta quake. I was actually sitting in the Porsche 924 in the photo above, on my way home from work, when the quake hit. It sure moved around a lot. All the palm trees were swaying, but it wasn’t from the wind.

        • Knight4GFC says:

          We are actually overdue for good shaker. As for being a “young pup”, yes, I do remember the early 90’s quite well. The lava flow that took out Kapoho and beautiful Kalapana beach was a once in a lifetime experience. I even got the chance to walk up to a slow moving lava flow going across the highway. You ever see septic tanks and cesspools blow up? That was like… wow! When a lava flow came over one, the gasses would build up and then explode like bombs. Trees would light up like match sticks and entire houses would be razed to the ground. Yeah, the experience was seared into my memory. We still see from a distance, the lava flowing into the ocean. And we are quite frequented with tremors every week.

  2. Obama being a dick, as usual.
    As Sondrakistan remarked:
    “Perhaps he’ll advocate the elimination of Muslim schools from a podium in a Muslim country.”
    Hat tip: iotw.

  3. Shalini says:

    That’s so beautiful!

    • texan59 says:

      Oh, to be the fly on the wall.

      • barnslayer says:

        Oblamer – I’m bored. And I’m mad I not playing golf. I like golf. I’m a great golfer. I should go pro.
        Putin – If I don’t look at him he will keep day-dreaming. Maybe I look at my vatch. No. I save that for a few minutes. At least I did not have to kiss his wife. She always step on shoes and use too much tongue.

        • O’Butthead: “You know, Vlad, you really made me look bad when you had the guts to openly divorce your wife and keep seeing that gymnast. You wouldn’t believe the crap that Reggie’s giving me right now.”

          Putin: “Is not my fault you let that slave-driving hussy ValJar talk you into sham “beard” marriage with that gold-digging fake lawyer babushka. In Russia, if we need sham marriage, we find a girl ourselves, either at roadhouse or Russian mail-order – just like everyone else. You shood haff more backbone.”

          O’Butthead: “Tell me about it. Mooch’s out burning through some endless taxpayer coin right now, just like always. ‘Least she leaves me alone when she’s rackin’ up bills. But Val, she’s always on my ass. It’s like she never sleeps. She’s like an evil rose garden gnome without the pointy hat.”

          Putin: “I KNOW! The KGB guys… – I mean vatever they call dem now – dey actually photoshop a pointy hat onto ValJar’s head in da memos. Ve laff our asses off ober dat! Dat woman, though, she scares me, and I’m never scared of nuthing.”

          O’Butthead: “Tell me about it.”

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