Open Thread, Friday 21 June 2013 – Summer!



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Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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16 Responses to Open Thread, Friday 21 June 2013 – Summer!

  1. Knight4GFC says:

    Catholic Priests to Pelosi: Abortion Is Sacreligious, NOT Sacred, Ground!

  2. The devil went to G8, and nobody slammed the door in his face. Hat tip: Diogenes.

  3. barnslayer says:

    If that’s a Barret .50…. any closer and you’re gonna get powder burns too.

    • Whoa. Great video, Knight! I guess not everyone wants to fawn over the Obamas overseas.

    • ZurichMike says:

      Obama is being openly mocked — or worse (for an attention whore — he is being ignored) by Europeans — something they didn’t dare to do a few years ago.

      I adore Irish-accented English, but I still don’t understand why they can’t pronounce “th” — the word “thirty”, for example, is “tirty” but sounds more like “dirty” when an Irishman says it.

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