Open Thread, Monday 24 June 2013 – Feast of St. John the Baptist

On this day in 1994, a spectacular crash of a B-52 bomber aircraft out of Fairchild AFB occurred, killing all 4 crewmen.  It was attributed to pilot error.  Prior to this incident, some said that the B-52 was “too big to crash.”  Nevertheless, the event proved that if you put a big enough idiot at the controls of any enormous enterprise, and he habitually breaks all the rules while showing off like a fool and disregarding the laws of physics, people get hurt.  Am I trying to present this as an allegory for some other real-world situation?  Yes.  Yes, I am.


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29 Responses to Open Thread, Monday 24 June 2013 – Feast of St. John the Baptist

  1. barnslayer says:

    Just in front of the vertical stabilizer… is that a crewman in his ejection seat?

  2. texan59 says:

    Sounds like that guy learned to fly from McCain.

      • MRM says:

        Love the Rhino!! but the RINO can take a hike.

        • texan59 says:

          Hey M! how ya doing? Long time, no see. 🙂

          • MRM says:

            Hey Tex! I know, I’ve been absent … a lot! My life is not my own at the moment and I don’t even get to check in every day – all good, just busy. I love that you’re all still here tho when I’m able to take the time to peruse … Love you guys!!

            • texan59 says:

              Glad you’re busy. Sorry it’s too much. Hopefully it’s good stuff. Did you check out what I got for Mrs. T? It’s on the OT for yesterday. Are you ready to pull up stakes and head for TX yet? It’s just starting to get a little warm. 😆

              • MRM says:

                Re TX, always! re Mrs. T. … will have to go see what’s up on the OT… 🙂

              • texan59 says:


              • MRM says:

                hmmmm …. I hope Mrs. T is happy with her gift…. you’re in trouble if she’s not. If she is, and wants a yard to practice on, send her up! You’se a lucky man, Tex!

              • texan59 says:

                She said she wanted some good quality lawn tools. I like to keep her happy. We’ve got nearly 2 acres of a weed patch/lawn so, while I certainly appreciate the offer for more practice, I’m gonna guess she’s prolly gonna take a pass. 😆

      • Coyote says:

        Someone stopped with the duct tape too soon. Where’s the rest of the roll around that mouth of hers? Nasty backstabbing wench.

  3. Why doesn’t this surprise me? CA schools train kids to propagandize Obamacare to their parents.

    • barnslayer says:

      I’m not sure if it’s modesty or laziness. So many people walking around here and even in NYC looking like they just crawled out of bed. This designer’s stuff looks like pajamas/underwear.

  4. ARs becoming less expensive again, but ammo still in short supply.
    Anybody know what the deal is with .22LR ammo? Why has it become impossible to find? The gubmint doesn’t use it.

    • solaratov says:

      A lot of people are using more 22lr for their practice, because it’s less expensive. They use more = they buy more…fast.

      A lot of people are getting into guns for the first time, and start off with a 22lr (or their friends teach them with one) – so they buy a pile of it.

      People are stocking up because they can’t count on its availability when they want to get a ‘couple of boxes’ two days before squirrel season.

      Preppers – and people getting into prepping – are stockpiling more and more for subsistence hunting and as barter/trade goods.


      • I guess you’re right. It also seems that the affordability of that caliber allowed people to quickly buy up everything available, thousands of rounds in a single box at a time. I was still surprised, because I’d read that .22LR was the most accessible ammunition world-wide, and it was just hard to believe it could so suddenly become absolutely scarce. You’d think people would be importing it to satisfy demand or something. Surely you can still get it elsewhere. Maybe not in quantity, though.

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