Why we need better gun control

Keep guns out of the hands of dangerous sociopaths like this…

… or this will be the result:

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18 Responses to Why we need better gun control

  1. barnslayer says:

    Good thing they didn’t shoot any lawn jockeys!

    • That would be bad. 😯

      We have a old-timey general store in town that has taken to selling large welded steel chickens as yard ornaments. I want to get one badly to put in my sister’s front yard, since she just moved in, and we have a long, sordid history of drive-by gnomings and planting of other tasteless cow sculpture in each other’s houses. But they’re $50 for the medium size, and I’m sure that it will attract sniper fire if I actually put it in her yard, so I’m holding off for now. Don’t want anybody hit by chicken shrapnel!

    • texan59 says:

      Probably one of the last ones standing in the United States.

    • No, but it’s a damn good thing and a long time coming. These counties really do have a point. This last legislative session really was the worst ever. Denver doesn’t give a damn about anybody else in the state. Buncha tyrannical liberals who don’t even blush when they force their stupid ideas down the throats of rural counties. I say, cut the capital loose. I only wish I lived far enough north to participate. Our county is conservative, but it’s south of Denver.

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