Jesus was here

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8 Responses to Jesus was here

  1. Speaking of Jesus, it might take a miracle for us to get out of this Obamacare nightmare. Looks like the wannabe king has spoken, and all Christians will be forced to pay for abortion drugs and who knows what else. No way out, except penalties and jail, I guess.

    • Knight4GFC says:

      Yeah?… What about the Catholic Church? Are they gonna stand up and not cower before the wannabe gods? This is a persecution against the Christian faith! Who will have the guts to stand against this? Will the CC, it’s spiritual leaders, or ANY of the Christian leadership here in America, stand up for their followers?

      • I don’t know how, since this is supposed to be the “final word” from the Ozombie Administration. I sincerely hope that all churches will stand up in outrage against it and call upon people to resist. I, for one, am willing to go without coverage and pay the penalty, but I could use some guidance on whether we need to go farther. I suspect people will act, although Congress has been far too slow in doing their part. I hope we hear some action words from the RCC and other denominations soon. If not, we only have a short time to decide on our individual actions.

  2. yourothermotherhere says:

    That’s hilarious!

  3. Knight4GFC says:

    Although at the Marriage feast in Cana, I do not think Menage a Trois would have been served….lol.

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