Open Thread, Tuesday 2 July 2013

Ernest Hemingway, died on this date in Ketchum, Idaho in 1961.


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25 Responses to Open Thread, Tuesday 2 July 2013

  1. Knight4GFC says:

    Anti-Morsi Egyptian protesters burn US ambassador’s photo, Muslim Brotherhood HQ

    • This just happened today. I like the idiot who commented on YouTube when someone pointed out that Obama had forced us to rely on the Russians to get our astronauts into space. He said: “Russian technical failures have nothing to do with Obama, Mr Bait and Switch.”

      What a maroon. Russian tech failures have everything to do with Obama since he made us totally dependent on them – something no American President has ever dared to do in the past. This is only one of the reasons why. Sleep tight, NASA Astronauts! 😦

  2. freedom1781 says:

    University Tells Student to Remove Cross Necklace

    “… “Our faith was attacked. It’s unnerving. I know what’s going on in this country. I know Christianity is being attacked. Now, I know it first-hand and it sickens me and saddens me.”

    Jarvis said it’s time for people of faith to take a stand.

    “We need to band together as Christians and fight back,” she said.”

    • texan59 says:

      Ol’ T. Boone was for ’em before he was against ’em. I guess his government checks stopped coming in. He’s back on the NatGas bandwagon again. Which he was for and then against, as long as he could get Dubya or baraka to pay him.

  3. Jimmy Carter: Christianity Just Like Islam in Mistreating Women.
    TWILIGHT ZONE (BHN) – During an international conference on women and religion, former president Jimmy Carter drew comparisons between Christianity and Islam in their respective treatment of women.

    “Whereas some Christian churches don’t allow women in the clergy, Islam embraces the mutilation of female genitals, degrades woman as property, and requires they be kept in line by beatings,” said Carter. “The two religions are essentially the same.”

    Carter’s event, called Mobilizing Faith for Women, was attended by representatives from 15 countries, many of whom no doubt wish they would have stayed home.

    • Interesting that he is very active in his Southern Baptist church in Plains Ga. Last I heard he is still actively teaching Sunday school.

      • Yeah just what we need. The blind leading the blind. Anybody that can mention Islams treatment in ccomparison of Christianity’s treatment of woman is carrying out the work of SATAN!!! Yeah I said that right, SATAN!
        When Christ came into the world He elevated the status of woman, gave her respect and dignity which Satan has been trying to destroy from the beginning of time. Ever wonder why? Here’s something to meditate on….God gave woman a power that Satan hates and loathes. Something that he wants soooo bad and will never have. The gift of giving LIFE to another or create which ever way you want to look at it. SALVATION WAS BROUGHT INTO THIS WORLD THROUGH A WOMAN! Eat your stinking soul out Lucifer and all your minions. You can try all you want to create life, ain’t never happening. Yeah I know what you are. This is also one sign you can tell how a Christian is. How they show respect for woman and children. They are’nt some possession for you to own or mistreat. Stinking Islamic bastards.

  4. Man films raid from across street. Police arrest him for filming them and shoot his dog for trying to protect him.
    This will piss you off. It sure did me.

  5. Knight4GFC says:

    Rescue after deadly earthquake in Indonesia’s Aceh

    • Neil says it’s all good because it will make people safe. I’ve heard that before. 😉

      • Out here in the “good ole boy club” are you kidding me? This just means another donation in the right pocket! Man this is one totally “closed society” out here. Believe me WHEN I tell you I’ve been doing business here since 1976 and it is a waste land of liberal stupid “oooohhhhhmmmmmm” brotherhood of fools lapping each others non-beliefs. Please, all my republican friends MOVE here immediately for God’s sake and mine.

      • Neil should have left Neil ON THE MOON on the backside of course.

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