Point-CounterPoint: Vivian Norris versus Chuck Norris

vndm3Vivian Norris, PhD.:  “Texas women: Stop having sex with men who vote against your best interests.”

In an actual Huffington Post article yesterday, Dr. Vivian Norris, apparently deeply discouraged that Texas will allow a non-manipulated vote to restrict the killing of late-term children in the womb, encouraged women in Texas to hold a “sex strike” to force their men to support abortion rights.  She pointed out that a similar strike in Kenya was somewhat successful in calming genocide violence there some years ago.  It was not clear whether Dr. Norris was aware of the extreme irony of comparing a sex strike called to prevent genocide in Kenya to one that would further the bloodiest genocide ever to occur in world history, happening right here in America.  “Women of Texas, it’s going to be a long hot summer — make sure the men who do not deeply respect and support women feel it.”

Chuck-Norris2Chuck Norris:  “Texas men: If you were stupid enough to marry a woman who wants you to vote to kill 20+ week-old babies and probably go to hell, then you deserve to never have sex again, anyway.”

Mr. Norris, who is no relation to Vivian, and was actually born in Oklahoma and lives in California, is nevertheless associated with Texas and has the same last name as the shameless Huffpo hussy, so we thought it would be interesting to get his opinion about the proposed sex strike.  Not really; this is a parody, but let’s pretend.  Mr. Norris responded at first with shock that any man in Texas would find himself in a position of being forced, by extortion, to vote for abortion, but he was quick to point out the advantages.  “First of all, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, even from HuffPo.  Everybody knows that men will lie through their teeth for sex.  It’s a no-brainer.  And voting is secret, so 100% of these poor, idiot men are going to say ‘Of course, honey, I’ll vote to respect women.’  But aside from that, this is really a win-win situation for Texas men.  Any guy who is stupid enough to marry a pro-abortion feminist has realized his mistake and probably has a thousand other reasons why he wants to dump the biotch.  Having his so-called wife go on strike while demanding that you send your soul straight to hell by voting to keep killing babies is the perfect excuse to follow through and trade her in for a good Christian model.  No one would blame him, especially not in Texas.  And how is it not a good thing that homicidal women and their ultra-low intelligence men never breed?  This is a bonanza, really.”


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16 Responses to Point-CounterPoint: Vivian Norris versus Chuck Norris

  1. K. Jean King says:

    Well that is new and interesting…

  2. barnslayer says:

    Since only liberal women are likely to follow the advice of Vivisection Norris, will taxpayers get a rebate on their now unneeded free contraception?

    • In theory, yes. But not in practice. Everybody knows that a liberal woman can never really discontinue birth control. Even if she’s on strike with her regular guy and the occasional lesbian flings aren’t a pregnancy issue, she never knows when she’ll be sitting in some restaurant in Santa Monica next to a prominent Democrat politician she’ll want to sleep with. Or maybe she’ll be at Pier 39 in San Francisco and some idiot will think a harbor seal sleeping in the sun needs to be “rescued” and she’ll be overcome with environmental ardor and rip her clothes off for him right there. But what if he turns out to be a surfer from Corpus Christi who voted for Bush? Obviously she has to be protected. 😉

  3. What A Hoot says:

    Confused with Chuck’s quote, “20+ months”? Think he meant ‘weeks’.

  4. texan59 says:

    There is no more puffery in your piece than that of nearly any so-called journalists out there. Does the name Jayson Blair mean anything to anyone? Please note that I am not in any way insinuating plagiarism in your post. 🙂


  5. Bob says:

    A feminist advocating abstinence?

  6. Bob says:

    A friend posted the HuffPo article on Facebook. Here is one of the comments it provoked:

    “Dear women who are having a ‘sex strike’ until men agree to support abortion rights:

    “So…you are making yourself nothing more than a sperm receptacle for him? Sure, he’ll say he’ll support your right. After all, it keeps him from having any responsibility of the consequences of sex. You don’t want anybody who wants you for you… just someone who wants you for your vagina. You’re becoming the very thing you wanted to stand against! Make him wait not because he’ll support your so-called rights… make him wait because YOU are worth the wait. Otherwise, you’ve just encouraged him to bounce around from one abortion-supporting woman to another, depositing ejaculate in whichever vagina welcomes him. Way to go, honey. Anyone can use your vagina except for the baby it was designed to deliver. Aren’t you proud of keeping men out of your rights… but not out of your body?”

    Another comment (slightly bowdlerized):

    “I think what they’re actually saying– don’t [sleep with] someone who thinks you shouldn’t kill their baby if you believe you should kill their baby– is pretty good advice. The companion advice: Don’t [sleep with] someone who’s gonna kill your baby if you’re not cool with your baby being killed.”

    • Good comments. I think any mocking of these clowns is a good thing. If sex is gonna be withheld, it should be for a legitimate purpose, like forcing him to get a job, vacations in Aruba, getting low-life relatives deported or just the usual spider-killing duties, etc. 🙂

  7. sharryl says:

    I like all chuck norris’ movies.He is so cool

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