Open Thread, Wednesday 10 July 2013

San Francisco International. SFO sure looks purty at night, and I’m sure the restrooms all have state-of-the-art LBGTBLT compatibility features, but they don’t have their landing systems working for months at a time, and their backup glide-slope indicator system is intermittent on certain runways, and water approaches make it notoriously hard to gauge approach, but they figure all their Pacific Rim pilot visitors have read the memos on that before they try to land here, and if they don’t, they figure they can blame it on pilot error. So that works.


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9 Responses to Open Thread, Wednesday 10 July 2013

  1. Administration going all out to hunt down leakers. Via IOTW.
    What could go wrong here? Telling people to casually report co-workers to the authorities if they are suspicious? Not like it could get people killed or their lives ruined or anything. Like the poor drunk guy in California sitting on a friend’s front porch who the cops ventilated when an idiot neighbor called 911 because it “looked like he had a gun.” I’m sure all federal authorities will handle your case just as discretely and with the same restraint.

  2. “After eight years of listening to liberals hyperventilating about the illegalities of President George W. Bush, it is really annoying for conservatives to watch the utter disregard for the law coming from the Obama administration.”

  3. ZurichMike says:

    Hello, all! I know I haven’t been around — was working on a project in Moscow, and lately glued to the online videocast of the Zimmerman trial. It’s like watching a slow-moving train wreck. Saying a lot of prayers to Archangel Michael to clear the courtroom of demons and evil around George Zimmerman and his family, and prayers to the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, to advocate for truth and make dumb the mouths of those who utter lies and bear false witness.

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