Zimm Goes Clean

Zimmerman-trial-jury-breaks-for-weekend-no-verdictBreaking News:  Jurors in trial of George Zimmerman have delivered their verdicts and they are:

Not guilty on the charge of Second Degree Murder.

Not guilty on the charge of Manslaughter.

From Don West’s statements:  “[to be] blunt, I think the prosecution of GZ was disgraceful.”

From the Associated Press via Breitbart:

(AP) Jurors: Zimmerman not guilty of 2nd-degree murder
Jurors have found George Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

The six-member, all-woman jury deliberated for more than 15 hours over two days before reaching their decision Saturday night.

They had been given the chance to convict Zimmerman of manslaughter but did not do so, despite asking for a clarification of the charge earlier in the evening.

After hearing the verdict, Judge Debra Nelson told Zimmerman he was free to go.

Read more at Breitbart.


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69 Responses to Zimm Goes Clean

  1. barnslayer says:

    Everybody in metropolitan areas… stay on your toes. I’m glad I don’t have work in NYC tomorrow.

  2. solaratov says:


    That’s really great! I was pretty sure that he’d be found Not Guilty…but I sure didn’t expect to have a verdict before Monday afternoon at the earliest.

    Now, however, he has to initiate really good security measures to keep the crazies from killing him.
    We need to pray for this man’s safety.

  3. barnslayer says:

    I think we should all give thanks to the man that made it all happen for GZ.

    • stella says:

      You are just a jealous, petty, little man. We all know just how much you contributed, right? You know nothing. I know you won’t publish this, but please let Barn know just what a jerk he is.

      • barnslayer says:

        SD… a legend in his own mind… and yours as well I see.
        Why do you care what is posted here? It shouldn’t matter yet here you are.
        Doing your shift for SD Attack Watch? Report back to your false Messiah.
        You found your way in, you can let yourself out.

        • stella says:

          Just as I said, a petty little man who knows nothing. A jealous, petty little man. Actually, I haven’t checked in here for weeks. Somebody else told me. And anyway, isn’t this a public blog?

          Your every word proves that you are just about ready to burst with jealousy. We never say a bad word publicly about you or anyone else here, but you continue to do so. Sounds to me like you are the one with the problem.

          • June 24, 2012 at 9:56 am stellap says:

            I have nothing further to say on the subject. It is dead to me.

            Promises, promises…

            It’s quite a stretch to claim that “We never say a bad word publicly about you or anyone else here”. There are examples both past and present.

          • Stella, you say below:

            Kind of like when you all insisted that I deleted Red Pill’s post, which I didn’t, saying so on your blog, in emails to the Tree etc. Just so you know, one more time, I did.not.delete.Red.Pill’s.post.

            I always thought it was Red Pill himself, actually.

            Here’s one for you – anybody who trusts Red Pill and AliRose has no business giving advice.

            So, in spite of your claim above that “We never say a bad word publicly about you or anyone else here”, you’re implying that I’m a liar and you’re questioning the wisdom/integrity of anyone who trusts me.

            Stella, take a good, long look at the screen shot sent to us by none other than Sundance himself:

            (Click to enlarge)

            Show me where in that revision log my name shows up after my initial authoring and publishing of that post.

            You can’t.

            You won’t find my name revising that post any time after I wrote it and published it.

            But you know whose name DOES show up during the window of time that the post was taken down (the morning of May 9th, 2012)?


            Yet you have the audacity to come here and make the claim that you did not take the post down and always thought that I had taken it down myself. The WordPress evidence indicates the exact opposite.

            Thanks to the help of ZMalfoy, who was a Treehouse admin who actually cared about the truth (and was subsequently banned from the treehouse for helping me get evidence of the truth), I was able to get an archive of the post, available here:
            The last comment to that post was by Shalini on May 9, 2012 at 5:40 am.
            Later that same morning, I found the post gone (actually unpublished, moved back to draft status) and my administrator privileges at TCT removed. The two actions were performed in the same window of time, and the revision history of the post has YOUR fingerprints on it on May 9, 2012 at 9:26am. No one else revised that post on May 9th when it disappeared from public view and my administrator authorizations were revoked without explanation. The rest of the founders at 4GFC were all banned from TCT for seeking and speaking the TRUTH.

            TRUTH has no agenda

      • Don’t you have your hands full moderating your own site? And are you talking to me? I most certainly will not. Barn is a hell of a guy and a great friend who has a sense of humor and a good heart, and he can recognize a fraud a little faster than some people, who take a little longer – like forever. Why are you here, anyway, mouthing off in our “living room,” to use your words? As you just pointed out in a certain post, you’re “getting 100,000 page views a day.” You’re too important to bother with us here. We’re beneath you, obviously, as Yatz has been making very clear by linking to us, or I would have never had the occasion to wander over there and get any more abuse.

        • stella says:

          Yes, and you still aren’t over your little hurt feelings. Barn still has to publish nasty things about one of us on your blog. Get over yourself. I don’t regret one word I have said, by the way. Apparently you read us since you know what is said. And we got 153,000 page views yesterday, since you are interested. We don’t talk about you publicly, and really I don’t think about you until something like this happens. Really small. Admit it – that was a crappy thing to do. Exactly who are you calling a fraud, by the way? You have no idea what you are talking about, and really, it makes you look like a fool.

          • You’re right. I am a fool for letting you come over here and spew all of this nonsense freely when none of us have the same opportunity to speak our minds on your site. Why is that, Barn? Can you comment over there? No? I can’t either. That’s because we’re banned. What on EARTH makes you think you have the right, STELLA, you hypocrite, to come over here and speak your mind after you have denied all of us that right and more? And yet we let you. We ARE the fools. Do you even READ your own blog? What was it Yatz just said yesterday? “I will not ‘get over myself’ on my own blog.” Except that I would NOT say that, because it’s not “my own Blog.” This is a blog run by a bunch of people who are a real community, even if we only get a few hundred views a day. We are not run by dictators like Yatz and SD, although I’m not sure which is the real dictator. Both of them claim it’s “my blog,” it seems. If I were you, I’d feel a little unappreciated, Stella dear.

            • stella says:

              It’s my blog too, dear Grunt, and I have no problem saying that to a commenter, as Ytz did. I remember Ytz’s comment, and she is correct. You probably also noticed that I defended her, right? Back to the topic at hand: When have I said anything about any of you on our blog, in public? Never, right? Yet you feel free to criticize a friend of mine – yes, a friend. You are moderated on our blog, and for good reasons, since you abused your privileges. I am moderated on your blog, and if you allow my comments, that is your decision. Don’t call me a hypocrite, dear Grunt, as you and your cohorts have had no problem moderating my comments, and criticizing me publicly as well as Ytz and Sundance. You also seem to have a problem with logic. Take the log out of your eye, Grunt. You are just upset that we never took you in as an Admin. You hinted about it broadly enough. I am so glad you are happy with your little community, yet you seem curiously unhappy. Not enough attention for you? Too bad.

              • Goodness! I usually have to pay a lot for a therapy session like that one! Thanks for the freebie! You are wrong about so much, Stella. I never asked or hinted about any such thing, although I did enjoy the community over at the Tree Stump, and I admit that I was too pushy and almost acted like I was a quasi-admin some times. That was stupid and presumptuous of me. That’s one of the things Yatz was right about, you know. I DID highjack the front page too much, and I’m sorry about that. Not an issue now, though, is it?

              • stella says:

                Nope, no longer an issue. Thankfully. That taught us a lesson, by the way, so I should say thank you for that. And about the hinting to be an admin – that’s from my own recollection. Perhaps you have forgotten.

              • WTF are you talking about? How can I forget making a comment that I know I have never even wanted? You gotta lotta damn balls coming over here and making stuff like this up. If I ever hinted to such, I was out of my mind.

                And if I taught you the wrong lesson, then I’m truly sorry. The Tree has become even more insular and paranoid than before, and that is a shame. I never intended to make anything worse.

              • stella says:

                I don’t have balls, dear Grunt. Okay, you say you didn’t say it, I think you hinted at it, which is what I said. No harm, no foul. Kind of like when you all insisted that I deleted Red Pill’s post, which I didn’t, saying so on your blog, in emails to the Tree etc. Just so you know, one more time, I did.not.delete.Red.Pill’s.post. If I wanted to, I would have, and I would happily say so.

              • I did.not.delete.Red.Pill’s.post.

                He didn’t admit the truth about his actions until his DNA was discovered on the blue dress.

                Now that it has been revealed that the only fingerprints in the revision history of that post on the morning it was taken down are YOURS, will you admit the truth about your actions?

              • I believe you [Or, at least, I would believe you if the WP evidence didn’t prove you wrong.]. I personally always thought the hunchback of the Notre Tree did it. The lurker in the shadows of “polyglottery.” She as much admitted it anyway. Too bad nobody cared enough to confront her. I know for a fact she didn’t care whether she lied about it or not. That’s also too bad. Do you care?

              • stella says:

                I don’t know what you are talking about, and I frankly don’t care. I always thought it was Red Pill himself, actually.

              • And that’s why we disagree. We face our “deimoses” here. You should try it some time. Your Deimos will eventually get you in a lot of trouble, and I think you know it, but I know you will not have much to say about that, either.

              • stella says:

                Let’s just say that you have no idea what you are talking about. Let me also say that there is a huge difference running a blog such as the Treehouse was in the past, and what it is now. Even so, we don’t have rules, nobody gives orders, anybody can post what they want or say what they want. We are very much equals. Of course, some have talents in one direction, and others in other directions. We have never been a more cohesive team than we are now.

              • That’s great. And, fine. I don’t know what I’m talking about. And you have done your job coming over to tell us, again, for the 100th time, that we are a bunch of know-nothing idiots. Thank you for your support. Please go back, satisfied, until you feel like coming back to do it again. But sooner or later, Stella, you are going to have to deal with the fact that we just disagree with you, and we are free, here, in our own blog, to do so. Even to make a snarky comment about you and your friends every once in a while if we feel like it. Get used to it. Do you go over to Diwataman’s blog, or TXMedia’s site and answer the complaints of all the people your admins have told to shove off? There’s kinda a lot of them. Maybe you should let go of us, yourself? Is it because we’re right, and that bothers you? If that’s true, then you don’t need to talk to us. Maybe you should start by apologizing to AliRose. That could clear up a lot. I’ve heard apology works, sometimes.

              • stella says:

                Actually, I do comment at Diwataman’s blog every now and then, and there’s no problem with that. We are on friendly terms, of course. TXAntiMedia is out of business, isn’t he? He stopped posting a while ago, I think. You run a public blog that anyone can read, and if you say anything about me or a friend of mine, I reserve the right to comment. You can trash it, of course. Here’s one for you – anybody who trusts Red Pill and AliRose has no business giving advice. You’ve told us to shove off, by the way, and a few others, I believe. That’s what blog owners do, sometimes. I really don’t lose much sleep doing it, these days. It’s always for a good reason. As for apologies, they work both ways.

              • So, what’s your point? Do I owe you an apology? You say that you reserve the right to protect your friend. Good. But have you seen the emails that your friend sent to us from the Treemail during our purge? When he described how me and RP must be butt-buddies because I stuck up for him and how SD described homosexual acts in disturbing detail long after I told him to leave me the hell alone? Is this what your friends do, Stella? Yet you feel the need to protect him and persecute us. But we’re the ones with bad judgment. What else you got besides just telling us we’re stupid and we “don’t know?”

              • stella says:

                I saw his and I saw yours. Drop it Grunt. You don’t have a leg to stand on. Good night and following seas.

              • Not so fast, Stella. Is this how it goes with you? I bring up the skeletons and you bolt? If you read those emails then you OWE me an explanation as to why you’ve ever DARED to stoop to defend that man. You know what he is, and you act as his put bull. And don’t you DARE imply that I said anything in those exchanges that was anything but gentlemanly. How can you do it, Stella? You’re the one with nothing to stand on here. You owe a hell of a lot of apologies for enabling all that. If you can’t bring yourself to do it, then get the hell out.

              • stella says:

                Grunt, you are being silly and melodramatic. I’m sorry I started talking to you, because I should have known where this would go. We aren’t in grade school. No apologies, Grunt, and I’m happy to leave, as I said in my last comment. I owe you nothing.

              • Indeed. Next time you come by, be prepared to REALLY defend your boss, not just slink away after calling us names. This was embarrassing for you.

              • stella says:

                You really are silly. I don’t need to defend anybody to you. Why would I? As for name calling, you’ve done your share. Embarrassed? Not a bit. Like I said before, grow up.

              • Why would you? Do you want me to start quoting? I think you’d be better off slinking away now.

          • barnslayer says:

            Now ya done it Stella. You broke it!

  4. Aussie says:

    I thank God for a just verdict. Prayers offered up today in Mass were answered.

    • solaratov says:

      They might be a tad late on that one. The FBI investigation into that said that it wasn’t a race-based “crime” and had no civil rights violations.

      Petard…meet hoist.

  5. Aloha all! Wow! Did I miss out on something?
    I want any of the few public people that pass through our humble site here to know that we are Governed, we do have rules and we do follow our Leader. These rules and regulations that we follow (and yes we do occasionally get on each other when we need to) are not penned on paper but written in our heart and souls as fellow Christians. This is why we can have order and respect for each other. Yes we all are human and make mistakes but we help each other back up and carry on. United States use to have the same thing however without God written in our souls and hearts we have no God, Family or Country because we have lost our foundation. This knowledge is what unites us here at 4GFC, not the GZ cases, not the hot topic of the day, not the gossip but HOPE that through our fellowship we can start anew what has been lost. Christ is our REFUGE and we find Him inside each other and that is what binds us. Christ is the TRUTH. The Truth that has no agenda but Itself. All else will eventually lead us astray.

    • Exceptionably well said, GFC! The Truth is important, even in little things, like being concerned about whether your brother or sister is being truthful when they condemn someone. If they’re right, then stand with them. Have at it. Nobody here ever questioned the right of the Executive Treehouse to exclude people who piss them off on their own blog. There was never anything wrong with that. You guys have your fun. Excuse us for stepping on your toes. But what we couldn’t stand for, the thing that Christ compels us to speak out about, is when y’all got together AGAIN, back in your back room, and decided RedPill had pissed you off and he had to go, and you made it clear that you didn’t care whether you had to make up some lie about him in order to ditch him. But the worst thing is that when his friends demanded proof, as any friend should, you lied about that, too, and smeared them all and then bragged about how you didn’t care if any of it was true or not, all the while setting yourselves up as the blogging world’s lighthouse of truth and champion of the underdog, like Zimmerman.

      I’m glad you care about truth when it comes to the Zimm trial. Good for you. But that also happens to be your ticket to fame, in case you didn’t notice. Why do you care about it in that case but not in AliRose’s case or in RedPill’s? Could it be that you don’t care about truth at all – only in being successful and having an audience? Fine. Just stop acting so surprised when other people don’t follow your command to shun who you want to be shunned. We’ve got another boss, and he DOES care whether you’re right or not. Like GFC said.

  6. Ask Sundance – Your Opportunity To Ask Any Questions

    All Questions are OK – Nothing off the table.

    Why did you ban you ban me for seeking and speaking the truth?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 15, 2013 at 11:23 am EDT

    My comment at the treehouse was deleted.

    Those who can’t handle the truth,
    try to silence those who speak it.

  7. I browsed TCT today and was amused by this “Bumper Sticker of the Day”

    I submitted this comment, which of course went to moderation and was promptly deleted…

    Those who can’t handle the truth,
    try to silence those who speak it.

    The TRUTH has no agenda.

    Do I want to be an admin at TCT again? No.

    What I do want is for the truth to be told.

    Others have accused me of taking down my own post and then lying about it.

    The evidence shows that it is Stella who edited the post during the window of time when the post was unpublished and my admin privileges were revoked.

    And the evidence shows that Sundance ignored the evidence he saw with his own two eyes, and he aggressively defended the rogue admin while banning anyone who sought the truth about the issue.

    I applaud those who speak the truth. I applaud the work that Sundance and others have done at TCT to speak the truth about the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case. But that does not give anyone license to lie, distort, or cover up the truth about what happened to my post and admin privileges, and why the founders of this blog were banned from TCT for seeking and speaking the truth.

    • barnslayer says:

      Is this their new, more transparent motto?

      • Don’t be ridiculous, Barn; that would be too transparent. Their motto is currently: “Stick around after the Zimm Trial. We’re not just a one-issue blog. Wait… yes we are.”

        • barnslayer says:

          Careful Grunt…

          • I really don’t think Stella will be back after I posted the smoking gun evidence above, which proves that:

            1) Stella is the only person that edited my post on the morning that the post was unpublished and my admin privileges were revoked (the morning of May 9, 2012).

            2) Sundance is fully aware of that truth, as he saw it with his own eyes and sent us the screenshot (back before he removed the “cracker” from his user name).

            So, despite Stella’s repeated claims that I unpublished the post and she did not, the smoking gun evidence fingers her, not me.

            It would be nice if Sundance publicly admitted that truth, rather than covering it up, and lying to us and about us (password: 4Treepers) . Sundance only sent us the screenshot above after we challenged him to do so and he knew we already had the same info ourselves. I shared it above for the benefit of anyone who doubts that Sundance himself learned the truth about who had, and had not, edited that post. Sundance himself had clicked the “like” button on my post. But when Stella went rogue and unpublished my post (which she probably viewed as competition to her “Treehouse hits X Million Views!” posts), Sundance chose to ignore the truth, stand behind Stella and her false claims that I had taken down the post myself, and ban anyone who sought or spoke the truth about the issue.

            So, what set me off recently?

            Stella’s coming here and repeating her falsehoods and character assassination against my friends and me. We stand on the truth, and I will not stay silent in the midst of lies.

            So, Sundance and Conservative Treehouse admins, will you admit the truth of what your own WordPress revision history shows you? Will you admit the truth of who edited my post the morning that it was taken down from public view and my administrator privileges were removed? (Or, has that post now been completely deleted, in a further cover-up?)

            Again, I applaud you when you speak the truth. And I call out the lies that were recently posted here by Stella. Will you stand for the truth on this issue, or sweep it under the rug?

            Will you chuckle at Yatz’s use of http://tinyurl.com/CTHBannedCamp, or will you tell the truth about why the founders at 4GFC were banned from http://theconservativetreehouse.com?

            I call on Sundance and TCT admins to live up to what Sundance himself said in a recent comment:

            You are honest, direct and concerned with the truth – first, continue that. Build your person individual reputation such that you then command a circle of influence….. then, by being kind, direct, and honest in all things – your circle will grow.

            As your circle grows so does your influence. So long as you stay true to your principled heart, you are always helping. Such is the manner of all brave association.

            I CHALLENGE YOU to practice what you preach and be “kind, direct, and honest in all things“.

            • “We are going to confront the liars head on, sunlight in hand, until there is no-where left to hide.”

              Posted on July 18, 2013 by sundance

              OK, Sundance… with sunlight in hand, who edited my post between the time of the last comment (by Shalini on May 9, 2012 at 5:40 am) and the time I emailed Tilda asking why the post had been taken down and my admin privileges revoked (May 9, 2012 at 11:46 AM)?

              The WordPress revision history doesn’t lie.

              But sometimes, people do.

              The person who WordPress says edited the post on May 9, 2012 at 9:26 am (stellap) has claimed that she did not take the post down, and claimed that she thinks I did.

              Sundance, you’ve seen the evidence with your own eyes.

              Are you going to be a man of your word and “confront the liars head on, sunlight in hand, until there is no-where left to hide”?

              Or are you going to try to ignore the truth, try to hide the truth, and attack those who seek and speak the truth?

              • Not gonna happen, Red. Like he said, himself, last year when we were making the same challenge to do the right thing, you’re giving him “too much credit.” He made it clear, he doesn’t care, and neither do the rest. I know that it’s infuriating that he preaches so loudly about truth and liars and sunlight when you know there’s a different set of rules in the back room, but that ain’t gonna change. Put your hope in other things.

              • Good advice, Grunt, but when the original rogue admin offender comes here and spreads her lies, I choose to put the truth up for anyone who cares about the truth to see, and I choose to call out Sundance for his blatant hypocrisy.

                If Stella and Sundance want to tell the truth and apologize, their apology will be gladly accepted.

                If they choose to continue with their lies and cover-up, so be it, but the truth will be told here, with God and the world as my witness.

              • Fair enough. And it’s more than just hypocrisy, as you say. Stella asked me what I meant by ‘fraud.’ This is what I meant by fraud: Proclaiming loudly that you will do one thing publicly while you do the opposite in reality – even admitting privately that you had no intention of really doing what you claim. That’s fraud. Also known as lying. But some people have the weird idea that you don’t need to be truthful to someone who’s pissed you off – that they don’t count, somehow. Strange how that is.

              • barnslayer says:

                Keep in mind this event would not have happened if not for SD’s paranoia. What are the odds that my post would coincide with a chance social visit. I doubt they will change. I will not be shocked at the next indignant intrusion. It’s a shame for the nice ones at CTH who are forced to walk on eggshells.

              • Barn, I agree. It was in fits of rage that SD banned each of us and covered up the truth of what had happened… going so far as to delete our comments, highly edit his own comments, and then falsely claim that he “ain’t got nothing to hide, jackwagon!

                By the way, I personally prefer to keep the acronym CTH for use with Chrissy The Hyphenated, and I abbreviate The Conservative Treehouse as TCT (TheConservativeTreehouse.com is their URL, after all). You can feel free to use CTH, but I wanted to explain my usage of the acronyms to avoid confusion for others.

      • One important note. The “Bumper Sticker of the Day” post

        … was written by Patriot Dreamer,
        as the “Bumper Sticker of the Day” posts usually are.
        I take no issue with Patriot Dreamer.

        I take issue with:
        Stella’s actions and her baseless and false accusations,
        Sundance’s actions and his cover-up of the truth, and
        Yatz’s slander of me on Twitter.

        Most of the other Treehouse admins don’t really know the truth of what happened, unless they happen to find it here.

  8. As I said above, I applaud when people speak the truth, and will call out lies when the clear evidence refutes their false claims.

    I applaud and offer my sincere congratulations to Sundance and everyone here who contributed to getting the truth out about the character and actions of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. The truth needs to get out, and I’m glad that Bill Whittle is helping to shine a spotlight on the truth and your contributions to getting the truth out.

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