Open Thread, Thursday 18 July 2013



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  1. G’morning folks. Hamburgers for breakfast here. Yum.

    AND coffee…

  2. As an aerospace engineer, this photo gives me the screaming willies, because rotorcraft have a scary weakness when they hover near the ground. The longer they hover down low in one spot, the more likely it is that the airflow will get in a bad circulation pattern that could cause the craft to plummet suddenly toward the ground. (Think SEAL Team Six, Bin Laden mission.) Pilots try to avoid this by drifting forward or keeping a little altitude while hovering. This clown probably has no idea how close he is to becoming a grease spot on the tarmac. At least his body would protect the very expensive chopper from damage. Cool photo, though.

  3. freedom1781 says:

    Zimm’s verdict was a welcomed distraction. Holder will fan the flames. Meanwhile…watch the Dow, gold and China.

    Stocks Reach New Highs

    • Good points. One thing I don’t get: You keep reading stuff in the financial news that doesn’t make sense. Like this: “Investors said that second-quarter earnings season has highlighted the ability for companies to drive earnings even in the face of lower sales. WTH does that mean? If sales are down, and earnings are still good, doesn’t that really mean that they’re fudging the numbers somehow? Or selling off assets to stay afloat? Or laying off people furiously? Anyway you slice it, that can’t be a good sign, but they talk it up like it is.

  4. Martin supporters increasingly preferring “anal-rape” as punishment for George Zimmerman. Via IOTW.

  5. freedom1781 says:

    This is just the beginning….Hubby got a call yesterday about this “new order” regarding old misdemeanors and military vets. He freaked out over that phone call and the questions he was asked. They are finding any loophole they can find to keep vets from owning personal arms. I’ll let you all figure out who “they” are. We are living in scary times.

    Army Vet Denied Right To Own Gun Due To 42-Year-Old Misdemeanor Drug Charge

  6. freedom1781 says:

    Easy Money, Opiate of the American Economy

    “With growth slowing, the Fed may have to pump even more cash into the economy with diminishing results. Sooner or later the recovery could falter, and much like Europe, a few pockets will prosper but much of the rest of the country, like Spain and Italy, will sink into double digit unemployment.”

  7. Hastings body cremated after autopsy against family’s wishes.
    “You know, at a certain point, sequential coincidences get so incredible as to strain mathematical explanation…and this story blew by that point a week or so ago..” – Mike Dunger

  8. On the Cover of the Rooooolling Stoooooooone…

  9. freedom1781 says:

    Armed Citizen Project sponsors gun buyback to arm more people

    โ€œWeโ€™ve combined Joe Bidenโ€™s love of shotguns with Obamaโ€™s love of redistribution,โ€ Armed Citizen Project Executive Director Kyle Coplen told The Daily Caller.

  10. solaratov says:

    Think about it……

    July 18, 2013
    The Third Degree: NSA Now Admits Surveillance Extends Three Degrees Away from Actual Suspected Terrorists

    Earlier they had said their eavesdropping/or whatever they’re doing is limited to two degrees of separation: Once they suspect someone of being a terrorist, they monitor him, plus the people he communicates, plus the people who the people he communicates with communicate with. Two steps away from the suspect himself.

    Now they confess it’s three steps away.

    This isn’t a minor thing: A study by the University of Milan found that everyone on the internet is connected to everyone else by an average of 4.74 steps. It’s not that Kevin Bacon can be linked to everyone else by 6 degrees of separation; it’s that most everyone can be so linked.

    When you start with your (say) 40 connections, then extend that to 40 connections of each of those 40 connections, and then 40 connections of the 40 connections of the 40 connections, well, that’s 64,000 people being monitored for each actual suspected terrorist. (This assumes, incorrectly, that all of those connections are fresh and not duplicative of each other; but you get the sense of scale. Even assuming 75% of those connections are duplicative, we’re still taking 10,000+ under surveillance for each actual suspected terrorist ).
    Posted by Ace at 02:21 PM


  11. solaratov says:

    I didn’t know that they did this.
    Kudos to the US Navy and the Park Service…………….

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