Pin the fail on the donkey

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  1. Another example of “pin the fail on the donkey”:

    Reagan vs. Obama, from start of elected office in D.C.

  2. solaratov says:

    Five minutes…




  3. solaratov says:

    A city boy named Tommy was on vacation in Texas. His hosts, being very hospitable, invited him to the local rodeo especially to see the greatest bucking bronc of all time, Blue Steel.
    Blue Steel was famed and renowned throughout the West for being the toughest meanest horse there ever was. He had bucked off so many would-be riders that the rodeo organizers had promised $10,000 for anyone who could ride him just for 10 seconds.
    That afternoon, all the local cowboys tried their best but Blue Steel lived up to his reputation and threw them all off in the first couple of seconds.
    As a joke the organizers then offered the prize to anyone in the crowd who would dare to tangle with such a beast. Up jumped Tommy and of course everyone laughed at him. But the organizers decided to let the city boy have a try.
    Blue Steel bucked and lunged and twisted and turned, but Tommy not only stayed on the horse for 10 seconds but he stayed on for 20 seconds, then 30, then a minute! A few minutes more and Blue Steel was so exhausted he calmed down and Tommy rode him all around the ring like a birthday party pony.
    Everyone was amazed. “Considering you’ve never even sat on a horse before” said Tommy’s friends “how on earth did you manage that?”
    “Well” said Tommy “my wife’s an epileptic”…


    I know it’s crass.

    Lighten up, Francis. 😉


  4. solaratov says:


  5. Harvey says:

    We were curious about the church in the foreground. I found a picture that identifies it as Nagarekawa Church. This article gives a little history:

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