Open Thread, Friday 26 July 2013

Amelia Island, Florida always has a good blues festival in September, and their “blues dog” poster is one of the better ones out there.

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  1. zmalfoy says:

    Some more progress on figuring out what is happening to the honeybees:

    I generally don’t care if the veggies I get from the store are organic or not (this girl does have a budget, and organic veggies make it hurt), but what I grow in my own yard is as “organic” as I can get it (seeing as I’ve no idea what previous owners soaked the ground in), using companion planting methods, double-dug plots, and organic compost, manure, or other more natural fertilizers.

    The Mid-atlantic got hit particularly hard this past winter, and until last week, I’d only seen 3 honeybees all season, when I would normally have seen at least one on any sunny day, happily buzzing around the clover or other weeds. With my spearmint now in bloom, I’m seeing a few more, but it took until now to see more than one honeybee at a time anywhere. This is distressing, not only because I lost my own hive over the winter, and so did all the neighbors– We live so close to the USDA Beltsville Bee Labs, that we should be near overcome with honeybees. But if all those USDA fields surrounding us are also testing areas for all these chemicals, then all our hives are pretty much screwed. [Bees will travel up to 5 miles from their hive when gathering pollen and nectar, and those fields are definitely within range of our neighborhood hives.]

    • But if all those USDA fields surrounding us are also testing areas for all these chemicals, then all our hives are pretty much screwed. [Bees will travel up to 5 miles from their hive when gathering pollen and nectar, and those fields are definitely within range of our neighborhood hives.]

      So the suspicion is that the USDA is testing chemicals to see what kills bees, and you think that your bees were poisoned by the USDA testing? If so, thanks for nothing, USDA!

      • texan59 says:

        Well, they are from the home office and here to he………….. Oh, never mind.

          • texan59 says:

            How ya doin’ Zoph? I know you’re going through it right now, but it’s good to see ya back. I was outa commission for a couple weeks but getting my interwebs fix. Heading back to the country tomorrow for good. No more Houston on a full-time basis. Woohoo!! πŸ™‚

            • Are you retiring, you old coot? πŸ˜€

              • texan59 says:

                Nope! Going to work for myself. Will do most of my work in San Antonio, but office from el Gordito. Had enough of the Medicare/Medicaid crowd. Gonna be interesting and could be real productive. Momma likes productive. Think gators/mules, mid-sized mowing tractors. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

              • Well, good for you! Productive is good! Gators, huh? You gotta lot of Democrats stashed in the basement you gonna feed to ’em? That could be productive…

              • texan59 says:

                Momma likes the 4-wheel variety. I think there are currently 7 democrats in our county. Not too worried about them. Just the buzzards when I’m restin’ on the front porch. Heading back tomorrow for good. In H-town right now wrapping up loose ends. Will have to come back periodically for a meeting here and there, but I’m done with this big-city lifestyle everyday. Listening to sirens, and gangs and going into the hood on a regular basis has taken its toll on me. Houston has done me right for a long time over the last 30+ years off and on, but it’s time. πŸ™‚

            • zmalfoy says:

              Doin’t good tex! Just last week, passed my skills test for a motorcycle license! Don’t have a bike, but learning new skills is always useful and fun. Today is Furlough Friday, so I’m catching up on yardwork and innernet stuff. . . So glad so see you around as well!

      • zmalfoy says:

        I don’t know about that. . . I know the bee labs are nearby (beltsville isn’t that big, so it’s gotta be in walking distance). I know that the USDA has fields all over the place here. I know those fields grow a lot of corn, but also other things. I’m pretty sure a lot of it is testing new breeds of various plants– seeds get sent in from farmers all over the country for registration, and I’m sure they don’t just file everything– they have to try to grow some specimens of some of them, I’d think. . . Bu~ut, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were also running tests on various -‘cides and other chemicals. They gotta test them somewhere.

        If– IF– those USDA fields are testing chemicals and or GMO-type breeds of plants. . . then the confluence of all of that, plus the documented effects of wireless frequencies on hives — and this being a very urban-suburban area (except for the USDA fields, natch). . — all of these things come together to spell major problems for our hives.

        • Well, unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the first time that gov’t or university research facilities caused nearly catastrophic pandemics, if it’s true that the USDA had caused some of the honeybee problems. It’s not widely known, but here in Colorado, we’ve had a horrible epidemic of Chronic Wasting Disease (variant of Mad Cow) in all our wild herds. Hunters have to be really careful how they handle their kills, getting the heads tested and quarantined at great expense, etc. AND there are a lot of cases in humans (called JCD) around here linked to it. The thing they don’t tell you is that the whole thing started in gov’t/university research pens up near Ft. Collins that were running tests on infected cattle (mad cow) and sheep (scabies). The pens were accessible to wild deer and elk, and they didn’t realize that the wild critters came to the pens at night to socialize with the infected critters, exchanging saliva and such. Total disaster. Nobody blamed. Nothing changed.

          • zmalfoy says:

            *sigh* Yeah, maybe. At least, locally. We were hit real hard these past 12 months, and it may not be entirely coincidental. You can’t control where bees go, and unless they had a 6 mile wide bee-free perimeter, there’s no way they could keep the local non-lab population isolated from whatever they’re testing. It’s not that they shouldn’t be testing these things– God knows, we need more testing, I think, not less. But they’ve got to be thorough with the results, and honest about them. No one trusts anything that comes out of any gov’t agency these days. Fer cryin’ out loud, even NASA has trust issues!

            I don’t want to hop on the anti-GMO bandwagon, either, because I think there can be some great benefits to some of it, especially in poorer regions. However, Monsanto has been such a dick every step of the way that even I am starting to think that the conspiracy theorists are on to some thing . . .

  2. texan59 says:

    I’m not so sure this young lady would be giving me the Blues. But she’ll be there anyway. πŸ™‚

  3. Knight4GFC says:

    Hate crime? Are some people ONLY capable of perpetrating hate crime rather than being on the receiving end?

  4. Knight4GFC says:

    Obama Celebrates Ramadan By Hosting Iftar Meal At White House – Update: β€œIslam Has Contributed To The Character Of Our Country”…

    • Pistol Pete says:

      Notice Hussein has never missed a Muslim celebration,but cancels the national day of prayer?If he’s a born-again Christian,I’m the ghost of lePetomaine

    • zmalfoy says:

      To be fair, Islam has contributed to my character. . . It’s why I’ve sewn beausants and used to know the Templar Rule by heart. . .Jes sayin, yanno. . . I wasn’t giften Crusader’s Cross Shuriken for my last birthday for nothin’ . . .

  5. texan59 says:

    Since we’re set on Hawaiian time, I find this appropriate. πŸ˜‰

  6. texan59 says:

    George Mitchell, Texas oilman, bon vivant’, and raconteur, passes away at 94. He almost personally, rebuilt Galveston, TX 20+ years ago. He’s more or less the father of shale-oil drilling as well. I had the pleasure of meeting him several years ago and what a neat man. Will be sadly missed in TX.

  7. Pistol Pete says:

    I was a former garage band hero back in the 60’s,but if my granny did this I’d freak the heck out.

  8. Pistol Pete says:

    Super.The natives are way past restless.More riots,vandalism,murders and thuggery in the name of Saint Trayvon.Another distraction from talking about the felonies the Obama Crime family are committing that continue to be ignored by the media whores.

  9. Pistol Pete says:

    FYI:in honor of my new buddies here,my Friday Funhouse @ PN includes muscle cars,shotguns,bras and WD40.Imagine the possibilities.

  10. texan59 says:

    There may still be hope out there. A teacher who gets it. Maybe not the way I would do it. If it works…….

    • That’s funny. Our local gunshop down the hill always has at least 4 or 5 guys (working or customers) carrying loaded handguns. It’s the worst place in the world to try to rob, even if you had a bunch of guys with you. At least they’re all trained well enough to not kill you if they don’t have to. So you got that going for you.

      • texan59 says:

        A place I’ve frequented here in Houston is staffed by a couple older fella’s and a bunch of young, strapping, former military types. A couple of ’em look like they might eat ammo for breakfast. I think the odds of coming out of there alive would be better if they shot you too. A tumble with most any of ’em would not end well. πŸ™‚

  11. Do you support 4th trimester abortion? How about aborting stupid liberal college students?

  12. Pistol Pete says:

    If true,this is an impeachable offense.
    KUHNER: The betrayal of the Navy’s SEAL Team 6

    How they were β€˜outed’ to assist Obama’s re-election campaign

    Did the Obama administration put a target on the backs of members of Navy SEAL Team 6? This is the question that parents of slain SEALs are now asking β€” and rightly so. Forget Benghazi, the IRS, Eric H. Holder Jr. and the National Security Agency spying on U.S. citizens. Important as these scandals are, what happened to SEAL Team 6 could very well dwarf them. Our government betrayed America’s finest warriors.

    • No, you got this all wrong, Pete. Obama just told us that all these scandals are fabricated. Who you gonna believe? Saint Barry or your own lyin’ eyes? And the families of heroes? πŸ‘Ώ

  13. β€œNow we do have a fighter pilot shortage. We’re currently about 200 fighter pilots short,” said Maj.Gen James Jones, US Air Force, Operations Plans and Requirements. The reasons for the shortage? Fighter pilot fatigue after 12 years of war. Sequestration, which has one-third of the air force fighter squadrons grounded. Plus commercial airlines offer higher salaries on average .

  14. Knight4GFC says:

    Elite hacker Barnaby Jack dies ahead of Black Hat event

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