Open Thread, Tuesday 30 July 2013

It appears from the weather radar, and Knight’s report, that tropical cyclone Flossie took it easy on the Big Island as she passed. However, as I write this, she is dumping heavy rain on Hana, Maui and is bearing down on Molokai, Lanai and Oahu. By the time this is posted, she will be past Honolulu and headed for Kauai. Enjoy the sun today, Knight!


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27 Responses to Open Thread, Tuesday 30 July 2013

  1. solaratov says:

    But they don’t scan the content, right?
    Back in 2008, from when journalists weren’t afraid of being targeted by this technology and were confident the Obama administration would stop it:

    Barack Obama will be in charge of the biggest domestic and international spying operation in history. Its prime engine is the National Security Agency (NSA)… A brief glimpse of its ever-expanding capacity was provided on October 26 by The Baltimore Sun’s national security correspondent, David Wood: “The NSA’s colossal Cray supercomputer, code-named the ‘Black Widow,’ scans millions of domestic and international phone calls and e-mails every hour. . . . The Black Widow, performing hundreds of trillions of calculations per second, searches through and reassembles key words and patterns, across many languages.”

    So, how does it scan and reassemble key words and patterns without access to the content of the calls and emails?

    * United States
    * Miscellaneous
    * Surveilance

    Read More… 2013-07-27 21:03:53.0 by and last updated 2013-07-27 21:03:53.0.

    • solaratov says:

      So, how does it scan and reassemble key words and patterns without access to the content of the calls and emails?

  2. texan59 says:

    Finally got the wireless set up at el Gordito. Woohoo!!

  3. texan59 says:

    This ought to scare the bejeebers out of anyone who lives in or near a large metro area. Especially if they are run by libs.

  4. Hey Tex, are you behind this rumor that Sheila Jackson Lee will be the next DHS director? I know she’s local, but Jiminy Christmas! 😯

    • texan59 says:

      Why yes. Yes I am. Now, for the record, I am no longer responsible for any actions on her behalf though, as I have retreated to the bright red county in which I have voted for the last 14 years. One in which there are NO d’s in any office, including dogcatcher. She’s on her own now. πŸ˜†

  5. From Ramirez:

    From the Earl:

  6. Bob, you gotta listen to this and tell me if it doesn’t put you in a cat frame o’ mind. I think this Nils guy captures the essence of catness.

  7. And while I’m doing the jazz thing, I just found one of my favorites by Christian jazz-man Tim Bowman.

  8. Interesting. The safest fiat currency to invest in, apparently, is the Norwegian Krone. I just can’t figure out how Norway named its currency after Helen Thomas. I mean, what’s the connection? πŸ˜€

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