Open Thread, Sunday 11 August 2013



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27 Responses to Open Thread, Sunday 11 August 2013

  1. Obama taking some serious heat here. I’m surprised he even took this himself. Hat tip: Chrissy. Twitchy includes a warning with this video: “May cause headaches.”

  2. Photos Still NOT Displaying.
    If anyone figures out what the secret is to getting WordPress photos to display after they changed something 2 days ago, please let me know. They all self-delete whenever I try it. Hopefully, they’ll get it fixed, or we’ll figure it out soon.

  3. barnslayer says:

    photo test

    img src=" alt=&” />

    I don’t get it. I even copied the image address from a picture I posted a few days ago to repost it here and now it’s gone from the original (nuke mushroom – made in America)

    img src=”” alt=”” />

    • Barn,
      Here are working versions of your image tests…

    • Barn,
      Do an “edit” on both your comment and mine (but don’t save the edits!)
      It looks like the difference is how the <, >, and " quotes appear in the raw comment… in some cases (like the less than sign) it appears to be getting stripped out, while in others it’s getting converted to the text required to show the character on the screen, rather than have it be interpreted as the HTML tag… for example, ">" is showing up as "&gt;"

      After I did the stuff in the previous comment above, I found that if I then tried to edit the comment, it removed the images when I re-saved the comment… it would only show the pictures if I put the correct stuff in the “Leave a Reply” window at comment creation. It seems to currently be hosed for edits…

  4. solaratov says:

    Having a rough time getting amnesty off the ground, barry?
    Well, never fear, lil buckaroo……..ASYLUM IS HERE!!!


  5. ZurichMike says:

    Oprah is now getting slammed by the European press. First it was reported that “We Europeans need to act better to strangers” to “Who is this woman?” to “Oh, her? Again?” to “If you want to be treated like royalty, you have to dress and act like royalty”. The press calls this event “Purse-gate” (very tongue in cheek). Oprah may have been angered when she found out that she is a nobody in Europe, but now everyone knows her. As an arrogant, narcissistic (rhymes with witch).

  6. Diogenes posted this Cream Reunion video in his No Tuxedos Req’d Symphony today. “I Went Down to the Crossroads.” It’s good!

    • barnslayer says:

      Classic stuff. I’ve got the old album somewheres. This video reminds me how long ago that was.

      • I bought this boxed set of 4 CDs in college. Someone borrowed one of the 4 CDs and never returned it. I don’t think it’s possible to buy just the one missing CD, but if one of you knows how to do that, please let me know….

        • Don’t you hate it when you don’t get stuff back? I’ve still got books I wish I had back that got “borrowed” back in college. Grrrrr. Hey, thanks for the solution to the picture thing, RP! I still don’t know why the WP image button is generating bad html code, but maybe they’ll fix that.

    • What A Hoot says:

      Need to start a “Sequester Bo” campaign. Maybe it is as simple as Person BO is getting paranoid and thinks Doggy Bo has a chip implanted in him that sends all Person BO’s conversations directly back to Drudge or worse……the recordings get sent to the Tea Party!

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