Jane Dough

The last time I was in England, Charles Darwin’s face was on the ten-pound note. The Bank of England’s new design is a great improvement, and guaranteed to warm the hearts of Austen lovers everywhere.

The new improved ten-pound note is scheduled to debut in 2017. And if you’re dying to know whose face will grace the new five-pound note, you can check it out here.

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5 Responses to Jane Dough

  1. Good choice. I keep expecting to see Keith Richards face, or maybe Mick Jagger, but then I remember that neither one is dead yet. They only look that way. 🙂

    Hey Barn, you need to see who’s on the five pound note.

  2. ZurichMike says:

    Jane Austen is worth twice as much as Winston Churchill.

    • Seems a little incongruous, no? Winston lived twice as long as Jane and he wrote about six times as many books as she did, but it takes two of him to be worth as much as one of her. No doubt this will be the cause of many heated arguments in the pubs of Oxford and Cambridge, the history majors squaring off against the literature majors. As a hard-core Anglophile whose degree is in English lit but whose second-favorite subject is history, I have sympathies on both sides.

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