Open Thread, Wednesday 14 August 2013

Santorini with electricity
The Greek Island of Santorini, as it looks in the evening, when they have electricity.

Last night the entire island was without power following a power plant fire.  The cause of the fire or the inability to recover was not revealed, but it is possibly due to deferred maintenance or sabotage during recent economic troubles in this country.

The island, also known as Thera in antiquity, is a ring of rock surrounding a water-filled caldera that is the remnant of one of the most violent volcanic explosions ever known to man. Destroyed in the year 1628 B.C., this island is thought by some to be the origin of the Atlantis legend, as its loss contributed to the demise of the thriving Minoan civilization.


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14 Responses to Open Thread, Wednesday 14 August 2013

  1. Heh. We’re ALL Rodeo Clown, now.

  2. Breaking news from the Big Hairy New Service:

    Transgender Epidemic Hits California
    SACRAMENTO (BHN) – In the wake of California becoming the first state to allow students to access restrooms and locker rooms based on their gender identity, tens of thousands of K-12 males in the California public school system have unexpectedly become transgendered.
    School administrators are scrambling to provide restroom and locker room space for actual females, due to severe overcrowding and “inappropriate contact” in the girls’ facilities.
    “We are so thankful we did this, as we had no idea so many of these poor boys and male teachers identify with being female,” said one lawmaker.

    San Diego Schools Pushing “Trayvon Dialogues”
    SAN DIEGO (BHN) – A San Diego, California school district has voted unanimously to initiate “Trayvon Martin dialogues” among middle and high school students so they can “speak honestly about their identification with Trayvon Martin.”
    The vote has prompted a backlash from hundreds of parents angry at what they see as the school’s encouraging their children to identify with the violent, drug-abusing, thieving, hoodie-wearing Martin.
    “Look, it’s bad enough these Godless morons are doing everything in their power to turn my kids gay, now they need to be thugs, too?” asked one angry mother. “Here’s a suggestion, how about they teach them how to write a legible freaking sentence?”
    Authorities are warning the community to soon be on the lookout for “stoned geeky white kids in hoodies” committing crimes.

    • solaratov says:

      They’re a good gun; and a lot of people love them – but they just don’t seem to feel right in my hand. (Of course, neither does the Glock – which is why I haven’t ever owned one of them, either.) For 9mm, my guns of choice are the Browning P-35 HiPower and the CZ-75 SA. And the new Sig P-226 SAO looks interesting, but it has an alloy frame and I’m partial to all-steel guns.
      If a 92 feels right and shoots right for you, I certainly don’t think you’d be “undergunned”, by any means.

      [And it sure beats taking on the zombie hordes with a sharp stick. 😉 ]

      Now, be advised rhat I’ve heard a bunch of negative comments from people who used them in A-stan and Iraq who complained of sand getting into the open top of the slide – but I don’t know a lot of guns that don’t get sand in them when the wind kicks up. The only solution seems to be extra cleaning attention. I don’t think that there are a lot of pistols – if any – that will be glitch-free in a sandy environment.
      As I said, if the guns works for you and you have faith that the gun will work when the chips are down – then it’s good for you.


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