Grunt’s Weekend Movie Micro-Review – Shooter

Mark Wahlberg stars in this excellent action drama from 2007 about an Afghan war sniper who is sold out by his leadership and withdraws to a cabin in the mountains with his dog to surf the internet in anonymity, pick up the pieces and move on.  Of course, that’s when the real action starts.  Any resemblance to Solaratov is strictly coincidental.  😉

Based on a Stephen Hunter novel, this movie was written originally for a much older war veteran and sought out Clint Eastwood or Harrison Ford, but the rewrite for Wahlberg actually, in my opinion, made the movie far better and more believable.   We really don’t need to see a pudgy, aging Indiana Jones doing any more self-parody in a movie like this.  With Wahlberg, the action and skill portrayed are realistic and thoroughly believable, even if the technical details are not perfect.  They were good enough for me.

ShooterAnother aspect of the film that was very satisfying, and fairly unique, was the realistic portrayal of the internal struggle going on in U.S. government agencies, especially now, and especially in law-enforcement and security agencies.  In one scene, Michael Pena, a young FBI agent is sternly cautioned about what he should put in his report about what he saw and heard during an assassination man-hunt.  He replies: “Maybe I should read the report first and then remember what I saw.”

Another nice feature of the movie is the amazing scenic splendor of British Columbia which appears whenever the story is not unfolding in Philadelphia, Baltimore or Washington, D.C.  This location shooting is also good for some chuckles, as with many movies these days shot in Canada, when the Canadian Rockies are passed off as Wyoming or Virginia.  That part is just silly, but at least it’s good eye candy.  Sorry about the lack of further detail, but it would spoil the movie.  See it on DVD or cable if you can.  I give it 5 grunts.


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8 Responses to Grunt’s Weekend Movie Micro-Review – Shooter

  1. Pistol Pete says:

    Grunt,I’m surprised you weren’t the first in line to lay down your ducats to bask in the greatness of Orca Windbreak and Hanoi Jane in ‘The Butler.’It did $25M the first weekend thanks to the phony racism flap with a Swiss sales clerk Orca trumped up for the second time before a movie opening.I’ll be looking for your review.
    OK,thats it.I can’t take this anymore.sarc/off

  2. ZurichMike says:

    I saw “Now You See Me” last week. Good entertainment, with a Keyser Soze twist at the end. Ooops! Did I give it away?

    I love good magic acts, and I am probably one of the few people in the world who do not want to know how it’s done — I love the thrill and sleight of hand.

    • Well, I’m not familiar with KS, so you didn’t give it away to me. 🙂 Thanks for the tip. Speaking of magic, what did you think of the Prestige film from a few years back? With Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale and Scarlet Johansson and Piper? Not bad stuff. A little dark for me, though.

      • ZurichMike says:

        Did not see that film. I’m kind of sporadic in going to the movies. Next up for me, sometime in December, will be part 2 of The Hobbit.

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