Open Thread, Sunday 18 August 2013

Name this infamous flat coral island, which was portrayed in the Andy Tennant movie Fools Gold as a mountainous island resort full of rich people, but without any of the public nudity and weirdness you would actually see here.


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8 Responses to Open Thread, Sunday 18 August 2013

  1. solaratov says:

    IOW: Big Nanny will tell you when you are allowed to shut down a business…and when you’ll be allowed/forced to keep it open for the convenience of the regime.
    And don’t be spoutin’ off about your so-called “rights” Rights are loaned to you by the regime…and can be taken away at any time if you step out of line.
    That’s what secret courts (Star Chamber) are all about, subject.

  2. “Name this infamous flat coral island”

    Key West

    • solaratov says:

      Everything is under control, citizen. Trust your regime.

      All of the SAMs will be recovered…ONE AT A TIME, OF COURSE.

      It’s hard to believe rhat the assclowns running the regime are as incompetent as they have so far proven to be.

      Can you see this crowd being in charge in WW2? Hell! We’d be fighting Japanese in Colorado and Germans in Ohio by now…with lil barry trying to negotiate our surrender; and nobody would take his calls. (Of course, he’d just be trying to find a way to get out to a safe haven – with a golf course.)


      A thought: I’m getting the opinion that lil barry doesn’t really like-like playing golf that much. He doesn’t do well at it – and he hasn’t improved since he got into office. I think that he does it so often simply because people – on the right – have said that it is unseemly “in a time of war”…and he just wants to stick his thumb in our collective eye. After all, evil Boosh quit playing for that reason — and barry ain’t Boosh.
      It’s just a big Eff you, America! from lil barry to all of us. 👿

      • I think that’s pretty clear. Everything the RCOTUS does is a middle finger to somebody. Just watch Friday’s address to the nation about Obamacare and the eeeeevil Repubs getting in the way. He’s trying to be quasi-inspiring, ala Clinton, but he can’t help but throw in a FU*K YOU! to somebody.

        • Pistol Pete says:

          The half-breed is obsessed with taking money from people who earned it in the name of “fairness.”He doesn’t even care who gets it as long as he can inflict pain on honest people trying to get by without government interference.

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