Heckuva job, Barry

I’d like to know how many of those poor schlubs who are getting their hours cut voted for Barack Obama. Of course I’m sorry for anyone who’s having trouble making ends meet; but when it comes to the low-information voters who supported Obama and are now having their hours cut thanks to Obamacare, let’s just say my compassion has its limits. You clowns voted for this. Elections have consequences. Maybe next time you should just stay home on election day, since thinking before you vote is obviously too much to expect.

“Remember when all those snot-nosed liberal brats were pumping out whiny screeds about how ObamaCare’s destruction of full-time hours was an illusion – a lie told by greedy business owners who just wanted an excuse to fire people, and incompetent managers who couldn’t run their enterprises as well as a smart liberal community organizer could? Lately their tone has shifted from haughty arrogance to emotional devastation, as they hug their knees and whimper that it just can’t be true, Barack Obama just can’t be single-handedly wiping out the full-time American workforce. It’s tough to argue with the numbers – not when 2013′s weak overall job creation included a horrifying 77 percent part-time jobs. But the liberal quest for a way to keep Obama’s Empty Chair presidential narrative alive continues.

“Meanwhile, city and local governments are joining those inept, greedy fat cat businessmen and saying that ObamaCare is forcing them to convert to a part-time workforce, too.” ―John Hayward, Local Governments Join the ObamaCare Transition to Part-Time America

“Barack Obama continues to insist that under the law, as he said in his pre-vacation press conference, people are going to be able to ‘sign up for affordable quality health insurance at a significantly cheaper rate than what they can get right now on the individual market.’

“This has been his sales pitch for his health-care law from the beginning, and it’s never been true. But admitting that Obamacare will mean higher rates for many people is too painful a concession to make, so the president simply doesn’t make it, despite all the evidence contradicting his rote assurances of lower premiums.

“The news reports of impending rate shock, driven by the law’s new regulations, keep rolling in, especially in states that don’t already have insurance rules like those in Obamacare. ‘Some lightly regulated states,’ CNN reports, ‘including Indiana, Ohio, Florida, and South Carolina, have recently released preliminary rate information highlighting steep price increases.’ Florida estimates an average premium increase of 35 percent, and Ohio projects an average increase of 41 percent.” ―Rich Lowry, What Obama Can’t Admit

“Now the President is rewriting the Affordable Care Act. Delaying the employer mandate is not a mere ‘tweak.’ Because individuals will be required to have insurance as of January 1, 2014 or pay a penalty, some ten million currently uninsured or underinsured workers who would have gotten coverage at work under the employer mandate will now have to pay the penalty or go to the exchanges. That means more people enrolling on the exchanges, more dependence on government and a bigger bill for taxpayers.” ―Betsy McCaughey, King Obama vs. Rule of Law

Obamacare forces cuts to program that helps the elderly and disabled:

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8 Responses to Heckuva job, Barry

    • texan59 says:

      I saw this earlier today. Absolutely spot on. I spent most of the last 30 years in the health insurance industry. There were many things that caused much of the skyrocketing prices, but IMHO, the main factor was that the consumer got to a point where they had no skin in the game and therefore no real value was attached to the “product” which leads to an extreme over-utilization. Think of it like the pharma industry once they were allowed to advertise. We’ve got pills for more conditions that never existed 20 years ago. There has been little responsibility left to the patient/policyholder/employee. There have been studies done that can document most folks do more research in purchasing a vehicle than they do about their healthcare.

      To summarize, insurance companies were not the cause. Maybe the conduit. I think we need to go backwards to go forward. I’m in the exact same spot as the guy in the article since I am now self-employed. We shall see how this works.

    • ZurichMike says:

      I can see a future of cash-based or barter transactions, and doctors who only accept cash-only patients payable in advance.

  1. ZurichMike says:

    one way of looking at this:

    The small business owner down the street used to have 30 employees working 40 hours per week.
    Now he has 40 employees working 30 hours per week.
    And no healthcare insurance crap to deal with.

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