Open Thread, Thursday 29 August 2013

Grizzly Bear Ride


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41 Responses to Open Thread, Thursday 29 August 2013

    • I was watching a show the other day with my kid about how the Coast Guard armed interdiction teams all use Barrett .50 cals like the one on the sign. They use them to disable outboard motors. All I know is that I’d hate to be on a boat while some CG sniper is shooting at my outboard with a .50 from a helicopter. Even if he manages to hit it, and not me, the shrapnel alone would prolly take my head clean off! 😯

    • barnslayer says:

      I guess no unions involved…. yet. Not essential to my life. They will only succeed in either getting fired or putting the company out of business. Screw em.. .eat pizza.

      • texan59 says:

        SEIU is noted in the article. I had someone point out to me that a lot of union contracts have some sort of a tie to minimum wages and that’s why a number of them have been quietly supporting this. I also questioned one of my lib friends as to whether these tards will be eligible for unemployment. No response. If I was the McD franchisee, I’d fire every one of ’em. πŸ‘Ώ

    • Harvey says:

      I’m thinking Chick-fil-A time. They aren’t impacted by this are they?

  1. Pistol Pete says:

    Obama Announces More Executive Actions on Guns
    this makes 25 executive actions he’s sneaked in since Sandy Hook

  2. I thought NorKorea couldn’t get any more creepy and hellish. Stole this from Pete over on PoliNation.

    • I guess he’s one of the reasons why Weld county is at the forefront in the 51st State movement. What an idiot. When even Democrat Denver congresswoman and adorable retard Dianna DeGette isn’t against fracking, you know this guy has lost it. My guess is that his wife made him oppose it, because this guy’s constituents certainly don’t.

  3. Can’t she just donate to a food bank or something?
    “Dunham explained that she doesn’t mind doing nudie scenes because she has very high self-esteem.”

  4. Got this over at Wirecutter’s place. I think it’s from the III%ers. Interesting background on the Petro-Dollar, the Federal Reserve, Libya, Iran, Syria etc.

  5. Orly Taitz in NH: This is really long, but good info about the undocumented criminal in the White House. Hat tip: Arlie at IOTW.

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