Open Thread, Sunday 8 September 2013



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29 Responses to Open Thread, Sunday 8 September 2013

  1. freedom1781 says:


    I Came, I Saw, I Skedaddled
    Decisive moments in Barack Obama history.

  2. Pistol Pete says:


    • Wow. “Theyโ€™re at the Andrews Air Force Base course, where itโ€™s 79 degrees and sunny. Itโ€™s Obamaโ€™s 32nd time playing this year and the 143rd time of his presidency.” Must be nice.

      And usually wearing dorky saddle shoes on some golf green somewhere.

  3. Happy Sunday everybody! Especially the newly-free Australians!

    Maaaaan, Gruntessa really messed up the coffee cake this morning. All the menfolk thought it was ok, I guess. The fresh Colorado peaches and the custard topping was tasty and all. But it would have been perfect with some bacon pieces baked right in there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. zmalfoy says:

    So, the service at the Basilica yesterday was down in the crypt church, which is underneath the main shrine. It’s much smaller, pews for about 200 people. I guess they didn’t think many people would come. Well, the pews were full. When someone found the folder chairs and filled in the sides, they were filled, and there was still people having to stand along the walls and out in the main crypt space. Families, kids, old people. I was early enough to get a pew seat– a university student (reading xerox copies from a book of the writings of Aristotle) on my right, a couple of novices from an order of sisters I couldn’t quite identify (Grey pleated skirts, white blouses, silver crosses . . .?). Lots of incense, though it was nice that they went light on the myrrh in the mix.

    When I first got there, there was some media, but as the place filled, I think they got squeezed out. Can’t find any reports online (if they went intending to show how few people showed up. . .*shrugs*).

    Anyway, lots of people, and I life my walled hidden and locked in my car so I wouldn’t get book-happy at the bookstore after. . .

    • Glad to hear it filled up, Zoph. Was the homily good?

      • zmalfoy says:

        . . . yeah . . . Wasn’t exactly fire & brimstone, but that’s not Wuerl’s style. It was. . . . carefully, but deliberately worded. He called to mind the last time the people had “gathered like this . . . nearly 12 years ago to the day. . .” on Sept 11th. Didn’t directly address the relationship between the events of that day, and the situation now, but distinctly called it to mind. . .

  5. In honor of the badass Aussies, who make mistakes like us, but have the good sense to undo some of them.

    Some stupid left-wing handwringing on Twitter about the elections: Hat tip: Chrissythehyphenated.

  6. This is getting worse, folks,
    This team knew the guy was 107 years old. They knew all he’d done was “point a gun at some people,” which by the way, is just an accusation without any evidence or actual harm. Yet, they made the decision that he was SO DANGEROUS that they had to storm his bedroom and kill him right away. Not post a couple of guys for a few days until he gets hungry and apologizes. They had to take him down. Citizens are no longer people in this country. Everyone’s a perp. Doesn’t make any difference your color or creed (unless you’re a muslim; then you’re untouchable). Doesn’t matter what you’ve done. You will be dealt with for not returning that library book on time.

    Oh, and this just in:
    Watch out for this new push to arrest anyone in WDC with spent brass in their vehicle from going to the range. Zoph? Did you know about this?

  7. Not trying to be extra weird by showing too much food porn here. But I have to show you how strange my kids are. Maybe they got it from me; I don’t know. This is tonight’s meal at the Grunt household made by Son #2. He’s a fan of the Canadian dish called “poutine,” which is a lot like what you get at an American sports bar as an appetizer. It’s made by piling up a heap of french fries (Canadian fries?), covering them with cheese curds, some kind of meat and brown gravy, then maybe melting some grated cheese over the whole thing. Tonight’s poutine was a Canadian/Mexican Frankenstein monster made with guacamole, bacon and 2 different kinds of pulled pork. Was it good? Just look at the dog lurking under the table at the bottom of the photo. He knows what’s good. Even if it IS a weird, illegal international combination.

    • barnslayer says:

      I’m grateful her faith intervened. But this story doesn’t fill me with good tidings. She was still abused and the rapist is still a rapist. He didn’t turn himself in, did he? In this case a bullet would have prevented the rapes, protected the mental and physical health of the victims and the Bible would have remained undamaged.

      • Good points, Barn. I also had a queasy feeling that some women would think this was a “magic bullet” approach that would always protect them from attackers. It won’t. You never know when the Holy Spirit will intervene, and in what way. I, personally, think this is always the right approach. Praying and speaking from God’s view of the situation can benefit both the attacker and the victim, but it may not save a life. If lives need saving, that’s what the bullets are for.

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