Open Thread, Monday 16 September 2013

Good prepper house for sale, cheap. Needs some work.

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20 Responses to Open Thread, Monday 16 September 2013

  1. barnslayer says:

    I like it! Kinda concerned about the exposed plumbing in foreground and I don’t speak Greek.

  2. Shooter at Navy Facility in Washington DC hits 10, with multiple fatalities this morning. Details are not yet available. This is not far from the facility where Zophiel works (but not super close, either, thankfully). Hopefully she is ok and not affected by lock-downs. Please check in when you get a chance, Z!

    • zmalfoy says:

      Fine at the moment. I cannot discuss any hypothetical responses that may or may not have happened here, of course, for OPSEC reasons. But we’re listening to radio and TV reports. I know some other facilities have publically announced lockdown (Naval Research Lab, which is very close to the Navy Yard).

      So, we’re all monitoring. Will update you if I have one, but right now we’re pretty much business as usual.

  3. More on Colorado flooding…

    Photo by Clark Howard.

    I am just realizing that many of our other bloggers are being affected by this flooding. AnnieOakley is up north in the front range, and that is still really bad. Harvey is south of us, and we haven’t heard anything from her. Both of them are definitely in affected areas. Check in if you can and give us the low-down, gals!

  4. I think the Earl is enjoying this almost too much!

  5. By posting all this “Putin schools Obama” stuff, we’re really not trying to paint Putin as any kind of savior. He’s a dictator, and the last one anybody should trust. But we can’t pass up these opportunities to mock the child king here in Amerika.

  6. What A Hoot says:

    Just gotta say, “Living rent-free in someone’s brain can be very entertaining.”

    • zmalfoy says:

      Hard to say. Considering the site. . .who knows. . . I pray we have generals with enough testicular fortitude and honor for this to be true. If so, it also might sway me toward giving a wee bit more credit to some of the other rumors I’ve come across (and only one from a credible source that I know personally). But that’s a lot of maybes and ifs. . .

  7. French reader says:
    Why Russia is coming back on stage

    • Thank you for this essay, FR. I just digested it, and it’s an eye-opener for me, but I’m not terribly surprised to see this viewpoint in Europe. America is losing Europe to the Russians. Or, at the very least, it is being humbled by the reappearance of a “counterbalance.” Only this time, Putin is the strong, silent cowboy, like John Wayne. It does not bode well for us. I hope it is better for Europe. I’m not completely sure of Putin’s ultimate goal, except the obvious one of reasserting a strong Russia.

      If I get some time tomorrow, I will try to translate this article “Thank You, Russia!” by Michel (Michael) Geoffroy, into English and make a post of it. I think all of us would benefit from seeing it.

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