Open Thread, Saturday 21 September 2013



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21 Responses to Open Thread, Saturday 21 September 2013

  1. Harvey says:

    Such a beautiful photo deserves a comment – thank you!

  2. Bat Dad Compilation. Hat tip: The Blaze.

  3. Hey Genius. We SENT them to mess with you. From Earl of Taint.

    Also from the Earl: What’s Obama’s Focus? Take the quiz.

  4. barnslayer says:

    The post on Chivalry reminded me of a tattoo I saw a few days ago…. in the NYC subway of all places. I’m usually not a big fan but considering the subject I had to pay the guy my compliments.

    • barnslayer says:

      I said it before but I’ll repeat anyways. I’m not sold on this. “Shut down America” is what it says on their facebook page. Truckers are over-regulated. Join the club, so are dentists. For example, if you get a bloody nose in the street you can throw your tissue in the nearest garbage. If it happens in my office it goes into regulated/ registered medical waste which I pay to have disposed of by licensed contractors.
      How is this “trucker roar” any different than a Teamsters strike? Or a sanitation workers strike? The truckers will put the screws to America (both small business and consumers) because truckers don’t like gov’t regulations. Excuse me but boo f***en hoo!
      Why did you guys vote for oblamer and big gov’t? Can’t have it both ways!!!
      This trucker thing bears no resemblance to the 2 million bikers ride to DC. It’s all about their pockets and to hell with anyone else.

      • You could be totally right about this, Barn, and there’s no doubt it would be destructive. I don’t have a strong opinion yet – still mulling it over. I just posted this as an opinion to consider, not so much because I agree with him.

        Despite the fact that you’re right about their motivation, what would be wrong if everybody went on strike? Not just truckers. Dentists, too. Airline pilots. Grocery store workers. Everyone. Would that be better? Regardless of the reason or selfishness, would that not send a substantial message to Washington? That, I would not be against. We’d survive. The politicians might not. I’m sick and tired of living with the memory of the Carter years, where everything sucked, and things stood still half the time due to strikes or the threat of them, but here we have a government ten times worse than Carter’s, and nobody’s thrown a monkey wrench yet. I think it might be time for monkey wrenches. Do you just disagree because of the truckers, in particular?

        • barnslayer says:

          I don’t have an axe to grind with truckers. If they want to go to DC and block traffic and honk their air horns that’s fine. Disrupting the economy targets Americans not politicians. Did OWS hurt the big banks or just the shop owners and office workers? This is either a misguided effort or as I suspect… a teamster job action dressed up in the stars and stripes. Either way it’s the average American who stands to suffer.

  5. texan59 says:

    Looks like the new PM down under is kickin’ butts and taking names. Shutting down their Climate Commission posthaste. I’ll bet the next “r” POTUS won’t have the same set of cajones.

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