Open Thread, Sunday 22 September 2013

Mt Sneffels Range, Colorado.  Click photo to embiggen.


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21 Responses to Open Thread, Sunday 22 September 2013

  1. Awesome song and video by The Voters, from the album Electile Dysfunction. While you watch this video, the debt increases by about $3 million. Got this from GP and Chrissy over on PN.

  2. GFC gave his boys free reign on restoring their fishing boat. I think he should have supervised ’em a little more. Looks good, though.

    Doggie mobile home.

    Show off.

    Didn’t this dog play rhythm for Fine Young Cannibals?

  3. I predict these are going widespread pretty soon. Pressurized tires probably should have gone obsolete a long time ago. Ultimately, there’s no reason why these wouldn’t be a lot cheaper after the startup manufacturing costs come down.

    • Pistol Pete says:

      As hard as I try,I can’t get it through my liberal friends’ head that green energy companies ultimately fail when you take away government subsidies.We will have alternative energy sources when the private sector figures out how to produce it and make a profit at it.Innovations like these never come from the government.

    • barnslayer says:

      Ever throw a broom handle into someone’s bicycle spokes as they road passed? These things look kinda vulnerable. They’d also be a b* to dig out if stuck in frozen mud (or anything else).

  4. Pistol Pete says:

    ‘Top’ DC Republicans Sent Oppo Research to ‘Hammer’ Cruz
    The GOP-e are looking to ruin Cruz just the way they do anybody who doesn’t toe the party line.
    I really believe the republican party will soon cease to exist as conservatives get fed up with their shenanigans.I already am.

    • barnslayer says:

      Flashback to the hatchet jobs being done on Newt and Cain before the GOP primary. Maybe it was the democrats and maybe it wasn’t.

      • HicksterA says:

        p.s. Barnslayer….. just letting you know that I got your message that you placed on WZ, it arrived at my email box, but I can’t get back on WZ. Something weird happening.
        Anyhow….. Thank you. See you around. Either here or there.

      • HicksterA says:

        p.s.s. Does this website assign avatar’s? That Av isn’t mine. Hmmm. What’s happenin?

        • Hey Hickster. Welcome! The website doesn’t assign an avatar, but the hosting service, WordPress, gives you a default one, at random, if you don’t have a global one defined. If you want to define a global avatar, or “gravatar” that will follow you around to different sites, we can show you how to do that.

          • HicksterA says:

            Howdy: Thank you for your helpfulness. Presently I’m in a bit of quandry or consternation. Not sure what is happening in the communications world as I previously knew it or understood it. The last couple days have felt like being tossed around in a laundry dryer. Barnslayer had invited me over & had left a comment for me over on Weasel Zippers…… trouble is; however, I can’t communicate over there.
            You have many lovely photographs on here, I must say. Anyhow, Thanks. Hopefully the befuddlement zone shall cease sooner rather than later.

            • barnslayer says:

              Hey Hickster! I’m not sure what sort of problem you’re experiencing over at WZ. Sometimes I just use my screen name and email address to leave a post (when I forget my Disqus password). Maybe one of us can figure it out for you. Out of curiosity, are you using a PC or smart phone when attempting to use WZ?

  5. I knew about the miracle of Lanciano in the 8th century, but I hadn’t heard about this more recent one in Argentina.

  6. Knight4GFC says:

    “US nearly detonated atomic bomb over North Carolina – secret document”

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