Open Thread, Monday 30 September 2013

St. Michael the Guardian, in honor of Michaelmas yesterday. Image here.


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42 Responses to Open Thread, Monday 30 September 2013

  1. texan59 says:

    Hmmmm. Canada going after some of Bronco Bama’s good friends at ISNA. I’m sure Diane Sawyer will be all over this tonight. /sarc

  2. freedom1781 says:

    Who isn’t elected? College prof. offers worst civics lesson ever near Senate steps

  3. texan59 says:

    Google’s tax rate in UK – 2.6% of revenue. When will the libtards get up in arms about this? 🙄

  4. texan59 says:

    “Jewish problem” at Purdue. I wonder if this has been brought to the attention of Mr. Daniels yet?

    • As one of the commenters said, this kind of two-faced, coddling of real hate-mongers while suppressing the whistleblowers, is common in academia. I hate to see it at a Purdue campus, and I’m kinda shocked. But they’re mostly run by commies just the same as any other University. If somebody can get Mitch’s attention, I suspect they’ll bust some heads over this. I hope, anyway.

  5. Over 100 critical Washington insiders refused to be interviewed in any way for CNN’s documentary about Hillary Clinton. This woman is like a mafia donna or kryptonite; not sure which. And she wants to be President?

  6. I don’t know if Zoph has seen the Navy blimp flying over MD recently, but some are reporting another strange gasbag flying over New Jersey. Have you seen anything like this, Barn? From MaryJaneAnklestraps at iotw.

  7. Conversation about Cruz Eligibility and Republican Strategy in 2016:
    Copied over from Sept28 OT: For origin of the conversation, go here

    Got a point there, Barn. Jeb or Christie on the Republican ticket would give a chance to a true conservative third party ticket IF that person is not a person who does not fit the old standard definition of natural born citizen. Cruz on Republican ticket and eligible (at least to some) on third party is a bust for everyone but the Progs. Rino flavor-of-the-month on Republican and Cruz on third party. Same outcome. But Rino Beauty Queen on Republican and some anti-Republican hated by the Rinos conservative third party. Maybe a win and the Progs can go home (that is the progs in both parties!) If typos, please forgive. Can only see one line at a time.

    I’m still hoping the support for Ted Cruz will be such a ground swell that he wins the republican nomination. He is a great enough departure from the business-as- usual GOP pick that it could diffuse any third party efforts. There may be some who refuse to vote for him but we stand to gain much enthusiasm with all other fed-up voters. Team him up with another young true conservative (no senior advisor/ boat anchor types for a running mate) and you’ve got the makings for a 16 year stretch of real improvement.

    Enthusiasm is critical. And we’re not going to get it with the establishment GOP. They’ve proven that.

    Amen to that! You put together a couple of fire-pissers like Cruz and West (or Palin) and the democrats would not know what hit them. Rand Paul might be okay on paper but like R. Santorum… he doesn’t have the warrior personality.

    That’s true, but Rand’s got the fire for freedom. Might make a damn good VP or sumthin.

    Whoever gets the VP spot should be legitimate president material for the future. Otherwise we gotta start all over again in 8 yrs. Rands words do better in print than in person. Maybe a good Sec’y of State? Remember Steve Forbes? Good ideas but… eh.

    I disagree, but not profoundly. I think Rand Paul does just fine in person and at the podium. It might be tougher for east-coasters to like him because he’s a little slower talkin’ than some and has picked up a little KY drawl in addition to the Texas one. It’s true also that he’s no hawk. But people are tired of foreign wars, and they seem eager for a non-crazy, reason-talking version of Ron Paul. I like him and think he’s got a shot at the top spot, but I understand your criticism, and you might be right. But people around here seem passionate about him. My wife perks up whenever he’s on and says no evil about him, certainly.

    How do you get the sizable percent (at least 30% alone in Republican party to cash in on their principles and exchange in for team-loyalty enthusiasm and pull the lever (wow that phrase dates me) for Cruz?

    Rand not a good speaker? He is already imaged as a great orator by most because of his”Stand with Rand” moment. Hour after hour and no teleprompter.

    Palin is a no go because, once again a high percentage won’t vote on principle. (What is is about so many conservatives living on principles, anyways?) She has what it takes to inspire and be heard but she failed one hell of an important test. In 2008 election she let herself be silenced. She let herself be handled. What would have happened if she spoke out the truth; said the things she wanted to say; things she knew? We lost anyways. Could we have won if she had not listened to the bully handelers? Could we have won if she had not ‘played the game”? Probably not. BUT she knew what a community organizer REALLY was and did NOT tell us! She knew he had no background and listened when her handlers told her it was hands off. She agreed to let her personality be the marketing tool and strategy and did not tell America what they needed to hear (even if America would not have believed her). She did not answer the 3am phone call, so to speak. Her power time came to her and she waffled. I don’t blame her but many, on principle, will not vote for her because they see her as proven not to be presidential material. They see her as someone who can easily, outside of her private citizen inspirational rhetoric, be ‘handled’. Rinos don’t like her and a whole bunch of tea party patriots do not like her for president because they see her what happened as a result of her weakness. Many just won’t cut her slack for not saying anything. It could have made some difference in the vetting reporting of Barack only because it would have caught the media guards off guard. There would not have been enough time to hide or reshape her accusations and just enough time to put doubt in voters minds. And she also endorsed McCain and some others that appeared to many as not loyalty or gratitude but payback of sorts. Put her on the ticket and it is disaster. Put on a third party ticket and her loyals will vote for her and take votes away from the Republican candidate. Granted the numbers for her for president are not, I suspect as high as the no-Cruz faction but could impact. Sarah supporters/followers at speaking engagements does not equal Sarah for President supporters.

    I personally think the country does not want to experiment with another ‘first’ and the Republicans should not put up a woman against Hillary. Just Shrillary as the only women anywhere on the ticket and she loses. America, including the non-prog Dems (yeah still some leftover), want a grownup, dependable stereo typical young grandpa to lead. I think America just wants to feel safe and protected and they don’t want him to be a Bush. America is more old fashion than we think. It is not that she thinks a woman can’t do the job; just want to take a breather from another Firstie. What is old is new..

    Barn: Look how strong Cain was doing early on. I don’t believe Romney won the nomination based on republican voter principles. The pre-season nastiness involving Cain and then Newt could very well have come from the RNC. After all look what just happened with the unnamed 8 GOPs that tried to push the reporter from FOX to launch an attack on Ted Cruz. The behavior of RINOs has left the GOP voters very disappointed with their own party. If enough show up to vote at the primary you’ve got your change… and it won’t be a third party.

    I don’t understand what you mean by “principles” regarding conservative voters. The word going around may have been “I won’t vote for a Mormon” but the reality was Romney was not a warrior. He was not a conservative at all. How do you think he became gov. of MA? Anti- 2nd Amendment and pro- gov’t healthcare. He was too weak and too much like his opponent on some major issues.
    What principles would prevent a conservative from voting for Sarah Palin?
    As for Ted Cruz, I think most of us are so fed up we really don’t give a crap about his birthplace etc.

    Regarding Rand Paul, He says the right words. He is lacks the dynamic personality of Ted Cruz, Allen West, or Sarah Palin. Not a major point in being president but may be a necessity for getting elected. Remember how Romney pulled his punches during the debates?

    The number that will not vote for Cruz based on their old-school teaching of the Constitution and nbc is not minuscule. It would be a mistake for us to underestimat the number and write them off. The number that will not vote for Palin after she revealed this summer that the handlers of the 2008 campaign silenced her from talking about Obama’s background and his ties to Rev. Wright and Ayers, have gone way down. This is evidenced by the reduction in followers of blogs where she is a dominant theme as well as the amount of posts and quotes of hers being placed around the internet. She let herself be handled, and in turn ‘handled’ the republican voter. She was one person who had the stage at a unique time where ears may have still been open to hear, and did not share her knowledge. She let the handlers and the rinos use her for her personality only and not her brains and convictions. She let herself be reduced to merely McCain’s cheerleader. So why push for either Cruz or Palin? To lose? To alienate a big part of the new conservative base, on purpose, is rino behavior and the results will be the same. There is a big difference in the mindsets of libs and conservs. If the conservs scream the lib guy is not eligible, dems will vote just because they want to show the republicans they don’t care as long as they can be in charge and screw the conservative at the same time. Whereas, repubs, at least a big chunck don’t kneejerk respond like that. A high percent of republicans’ votes are ruled by personal conviction (even if means not voting at all) and if they see Cruz as ineligible no amount of libs screaming he is not eligible will not get them to say, “so what, gonna vote for him anyways.”; not if they themselves see him as not a natural born citizen. A huge amount of conservatives, the type that support Cruz’s stand, will never be fed up enough to vote for him if they think it is unconstitutional. Keep in mind, all the stuff Sarah has said and revealed about Obama since 2008, she knew in 2008 and said nothing. Rinos and a part of the new conservative movement have teamed up to silence and put an end to the birther stuff. Just as they were embarrassed by the Paul contingent and do everything to distance the party from them, they distance from the birthers. Problem is if Cruz is put in, the alliance will find out the hard way there are more than they admitted. It is so weird to see people who for five years questioned Obama being eligible because dual citizen now change their mind because it is one of their own. Unfortunately if Cruz nominee, that is a small number as most conservatives don’t operate with that blind following

    Are we sure the rinos are not setting as up to rally around Cruz, simply by their rejecting him?

    Only way for Cruz to win is to start now silencing and alynski-ing the constitutionalists who will continue to insist the guy is not nbc. Just have to borrow the game book from the Regime that was used against the Tea Party and Birthers, and such. Fix bayonets on those who don’t think Cruz is eligible!

    • barnslayer says:

      I guess we just disagree on these:
      – Cruz’s eligibility
      – GOP conspiracy to set up Cruz to fail
      – conservative priorities regarding a candidate (who they won’t vote for and why)
      – Rand Paul’s viability as a dynamic and true conservative.

  8. Pistol Pete says:

    This has probably already been posted here.If so,I sincerely apologize
    America’s Largest Gun Shop Dropped By Visa Subsidiary For Selling Guns

  9. freedom1781 says:

    Most Popular Question at How to Get Exemption From Lack-of-Coverage Penalty Fee?


  10. texan59 says:

    “Shutdown Myths” I say we give it a shot and see what happens.

  11. Anybody see the Breaking Bad finale last night? I missed it, but that’s ok, since I’m still catching up anyhow. If you saw it, what did you think?

  12. texan59 says:

    “Government is like an abusive husband trying to convince his wife that she can’t live without him.” – overheard in my brain. – Soopermexican on FB 😆

  13. texan59 says:

    THIS JUST IN FROM Sooper!!!! 😆 😆


  14. texan59 says:

    From SOFREP – “Human Preformance – Advance by Adversity” Lessons for all. 🙂

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