Open Thread, Friday 4 October 2013

Mt. Sneffels, Colorado


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Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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31 Responses to Open Thread, Friday 4 October 2013

  1. zmalfoy says:

    Very, very pretty. Though today, I’ll be calling it Mt. Snuffles, because that’s what I’ll be doing all day. . . when I’m not hacking up a lung. . . *glares are her chest* . . .stupid lungs. . .

    • zmalfoy says:

      I visited, the comments to the posts are. . . enlightening . . .

      • freedom1781 says:

        Heh. We warned them. I bet every single one of those posters voted for Obama because they thought they were gonna get “free” healthcare. Suckers.

        • zmalfoy says:

          yep. And every so often, you;; see some comment in support, but the vast majority is people frustrated with the non-functioning of the site, and proclaiming how fishy it is that you can’t even get a quote without applying– unlike most insurance companies. . .

          • And by the time you finally get the quote and realize you can’t afford it, or that the paltry benefits you’ll get aren’t worth the price, they have all your information — name, address, phone number, social security number, health history, etc. — to add to their database of uninsured bitter clingers and anarchists.

  2. freedom1781 says:

    Fake ObamaCare Insurance Exchange Sites Already Spotted

    Duh. Who didn’t see this coming? Oh, yeah, that’s right. Obama voters.

  3. freedom1781 says:

    Hey, Grunt…
    One of the many reasons why I despise the NPS:
    Former Interior Secretary: Parks Service β€˜Has a Long History of Dramatizing Budget Issues’!

    They do some asinine things around here. Ugh. It’s been going on for years!

    • Awesome article, and great interview with Norton. This is the kind of anti-public thing that’s not just unethical, it should rightly get the public outraged. We’re such sheep these days, nobody complains, but it’s the kind of thing that used to get local officials in big trouble, especially in the West. Many of them frequently decided the threat of being hated by the public was not worth the job, but these days, the feds have more success at their little job-extortion racket.

  4. freedom1781 says:

    Obamacare Poster Boy Chad Henderson and His Dad Haven’t Signed Up for Obamacare, Says His Father

    So, I wonder how much money Obama/OFA paid Chad Henderson to say that he had successfully signed up for Obamacare?

  5. freedom1781 says:

    The Shutdown Has Closed This Important Market Regulator – And It Could Prove to Be Serious

  6. Crybaby Christians?
    Is this sacreligious? No, because the hosts are not consecrated. Is it offensive? You bet. Are these guys cowards for mocking people they know they’re completely safe from? Of course. Do they offer Mohammad-themed, 6-year-old Aisha scotch to bait muslims? No, because they’re pussies, and they don’t want to get their restaurant fire-bombed and have to clean up their employees’ burnt bodies.

  7. Assault tackle boxes?

    What is this mental retardation going on about harrassing people at schools and at federal facilities for having fishing gear or small knives in their trunks??? I just personally got a NASA notice about federal NASA workers getting their badges confiscated during random car searches after tackle boxes (OMG!!) and 2-inch knives (DOUBLE-OMG!!!) were found in their trunks. What kind of sick country are we running here??

  8. Pistol Pete says:

    President Obama Spent Shutdown Day Three Sitting for Portrait?
    Didn’t see this posted anywhere…3 days and my pimples are starting to clear up.
    Photographer Tony Powell is, according to the Washington Post, a “renaissance man.” He’s known for his choreography, painting, composition, and graphic design along with his photography. But it’s certainly odd that on October 2, two days in to the government shutdown, Powell announced that he would be holding a Thursday photo shoot with President Obama via Facebook:

  9. Update on woman shot in DC.
    I still think it’s insane that she was gunned down. She’s not the only one with mental issues, knowaddamean?

  10. Solaratov Warning!
    Watch out, guys. I just talked to Sol a few days ago and got an email just now confirming that his idiot internet provider finally got their problems figured out, and he’s back online. So we should probably stop talking about him behind his back. It’s not like he could show up any time soon and kill us, because he’s in such a friggin’ remote place that it doesn’t even have decent internet service for months on end, but it’s still good to be careful. You never know when he might get a check from some soldier of fortune outfit he’s working with and have enough for an airline ticket to get revenge on us. So be careful out there. This is your first and final warning. πŸ˜€

    • barnslayer says:

      That’s good news about Sol! I’ve got nothing to worry about since you were the only one badmouthing him. πŸ˜†

      • Traitor! That ain’t no way to treat a brudda! 😯

        • barnslayer says:

          “I Keed”

            • solaratov says:

              Indeed! The Last Days have begun…I have returned from non-internet hell.

              The problems – of course – were the fault of no actual company contractually obligated to provide internet access for which I had paid. Days and days of people trying to say that MY equipment – which is exactly the same as it has always been – must be contributing to the problem. Finally traced to the phone company equipment and a “mix-up” getting their signals crossed. Of course, the fact that I am currently engaged in a billing dispute with the aforementioned phone company (a public “utility”, regulated by the “public service” commission, btw) had nothing – absolutely nothing!! – to do with those “problems” (‘glitches’ I suppose).

              I have missed you all; and I’m happy to be back on line with you. I’m working on a couple of things to share with you that have me sort of excited and will be up (sort of) soon…allowing, of course, for my usual procrastination and perpetual state of sloth.

              • solaratov says:

                BTW…you DO realize there is no “talking behind someone’s back” on the innerwebz, do you not?

                And that the innerwebz is forever.

                A word to the wise is deficient……….


              • Yeah, well, “deficient” is a good word for me. πŸ˜‰ I’m not the most “rust-free” wrench in the tool box. Hey, when you were blaming the telecom company idiots, you forgot to also blame all those extra dogs you got right now. Since you’re up to your neck in puppies, have you had any trouble with them wizzin’ on your keyboard? Or do they stay away from the electronics? If they were cats, they’d be taking group naps on your KB and be guarding the mouse to make sure it doesn’t move.

              • barnslayer says:

                Sol, Grunt is innocent. I was just busting his chops.
                BTW, welcome back!!!

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