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What does your enemy look like? Can you tell if your enemy is actually evil? How can you tell if someone or something is actually evil or not? I have often pondered such questions since I was a little boy. For the most part I seem to have lived my childhood in fear. Fear, that kind, will always hinder one from learning the truth. It keeps you from seeing the fire from having so much smoke in your eyes. It will usually end up burning you. So what can we do?

The first thing we have to do is remove the smoke from our eyes. Things that are confusing must be cleared up and the quickest way to do that is to return to the very basics. God is Good! This may be easily said but applying it to your life is when it counts. Do we always feel that God is good? Do we trust God? To what extent do we trust God in our lives? Do we draw lines on our trust in God and make excuses for them to legitimize the excuse? For more on trust reread my post on “TRUST”. Secondly we must look at are come to acknowledge that Satan is very real in our lives and that his intentions are the very opposite of God’s. He is determined to bring as many people to his abode as he can. His desire “to be like God” or to be a god is carried out through his associations with mankind. Remember the Garden of Eden and the promise he made to Eve? Just knowing that he is determined to bring us all to Hell should keep us vigilant and watchful. So this is the very basics, good and evil and the acknowledgement of both. Everything that comes from God is good! Everything that comes from the devil is evil. Very basic. Man was made likened to God. We, as human beings, are given (unlike animals) a soul and freedom of choice. Everything we do in life we choose to do, both good and evil. Through these choices we allow Grace into our lives or darkness. It helps to start analyzing all of our intentions and actions. Monitor yourself all day. Be watchful and pay strong attention to your conscience. Be very thoughtful of what enters your senses. The eye is a lantern to the soul, if the eye is black, then too the soul cannot see its way and will be black. What we put into our mouths or taste or eat and drink, what we allow ourselves to touch, what we allow ourselves to hear, what we allow ourselves to smell and most important of all what we allow ourselves to see. All of these things will put lasting imprints on our brains and can and will be used by the devil for temptation and corruption of the soul. That does not mean that your senses are evil. It means that by choosing to allow certain things into our senses we will do battle with them to keep from sinning so we must be careful of what we “choose” to let in. This is a good step towards wisdom.

Wisdom is a great gift from God. Some of us have it and some of us never have it. I would have to say I don’t have the “Gift” of Wisdom. I may be wiser than I once was but that is from the years of being hardheaded and going through a lot of fires. Soon enough we get tired of getting burnt from the fire and we seek out a different path or finally realize or get that “ah ha” moment. So if we don’t have the gift of wisdom how do we get wise? Knowledge! Knowledge, for the right reasons, can help us to wise up. What is the best way to wise up? I wish I had that answer for you, but, I don’t. I think everyone’s path in life is going to take them down different paths that will give them different experiences. What we do with those experiences can help us obtain some wisdom.

For many years I fought an endless battle with fear. Fear I was always doing something wrong. Fear of not being a good person. Fear this and fear that. It was something going on inside of me that I did not even realize until one day I had a major break down inside. When I was at the lowest point in my life, I read a book or series of books that changed my life forever. The first set of books help me to understand how Great God’s love is for mankind. I mean let’s face it. God the Father sent His (Love) Son down to earth to DIE, yes DIE for our sins. He didn’t come down to be an earthly king or wield a big stick. Both of which He could have done. He chose to die for the love of His flock so that we might have Life within Him. Period. Pretty strong words that you can spend an eternity trying to comprehend. So now that I understood God’s Love I read another book. This book showed the face evil and how it gains access to us WITH our permission and eventually destroys us. I saw how completely void of Hope evil is and it scared the Hell (in a healthy fear) out of me. I began to understand why, how evil works in our daily lives, his tricks and how to recognize it right off.

Good and evil are as clear as black and white. Men tend to muddle it all and end up in the quagmire of gray with nowhere to go but down. The second you make one excuse there will always be many more to come. Good has its laws to live by that are pretty basic and true. God gave us the Ten Commandments as guidelines to follow what should be in our hearts already. In many ways math is like the laws of good and evil. When you do this plus this you get that. Goodness carries a “Spirit” that you can sense just as evil carries a “spirit” that you should be able to sense as well. God gave us a conscience that is to guide us in our lives. When we listen to that conscience it becomes a stronger part of our lives. A guide to all that is good and keeps us from what can harm us. When we do something that is bad/evil it diminishes our conscience and if we continue in our evil it will eventually be covered over by blackness and we won’t have the clear conscience we once had. Only repentance and forgiveness can cleanse us.

When you start paying attention to evil you will start to see more of it. Remember to pray to your Guardian Angel and Saint Michael for protection from the evil one. Satan does not like to be known and likes to run and hide. When you expose him for what he is he must find shelter elsewhere. Start a new attack from another angle or place. He is never happy to be exposed so prayer is invaluable. equally important is to keep yourself from serious sin. Sin lets evil in and once he is in it isn’t always easy to get him out. Make it a point to start and end each day with prayers. Starting your day with God, acknowledging His goodness and asking Him to Bless your day is a perfect way to begin each day. Mornings are my favorite. It always reminds me of God making all things new again. It is the purist part of any day, before all the hustle and bustle of the day. Ending your day with an examination of conscience followed by repenting of the bad we do each day and asking God to forgive us and help us overcome that which we need to. Without an examination of conscience, it would be like driving through a large city without any reference or guidance. Take a little bit of your time to meditate on how we can do better and what we did wrong. It is amazing what this easy practice can do for you. Don’t forget to ask God for courage. It takes a lot of courage to take an honest look at ourselves. And if we can’t see anything wrong then pray that God allows you to see yourself for what you really are and not what you think you are.


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God Family Country I Believe in 1 God! I beleve in a strong united Family! I believe this Great Country was inspired by God! I believe that it all starts at home with our personal realationship with God! Glorious Prince of the Celestial Host, St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the conflict which we have to sustain against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places (Eph 6:12). Come to the rescue of men whom God has redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the devil. It is thou whom Holy Church venerates as her guardian and her protector; thou whom the Lord has charged to conduct redeemed souls into heaven. Pray therefore, the God of peace, to subdue Satan beneath our feet, that he may no longer retain men captive nor do injury to the Church. Present our prayers to the Most High, that without delay they may draw His mercy down upon us. Seize “the dragon, the ancient serpent, which is the devil and Satan,” bind him and cast him into the bottomless pit…”THAT HE MAY NO LONGER SEDUCE THE NATIONS”
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2 Responses to KNOW YOUR ENEMY?

  1. Truly excellent contemplation, my friend. As necessary and helpful today as ever. Very well-written and compellingly presented.

  2. Thanks Grunt. I like today’s bible verse as well. You mean O’blamer is not god? 😉 What ever are we gonna do? Sigh.

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