Open Thread, Friday 11 October 2013

Some Truck Porn in honor of the I-495 demonstration today. Operation Beltway Clog.


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66 Responses to Open Thread, Friday 11 October 2013

  1. Nuclear Missile General being fired.
    The Air Force is citing “loss of trust and confidence” in Carey’s leadership, but the exact reason for the firing was not immediately clear. The decision was disclosed to the AP by officials speaking on condition of anonymity because it has not been announced.
    Umm. “Loss of trust,” huh? Does that mean that “we” can’t trust him or that the CInC can’t trust him to do his bidding, because there’s a big difference.

  2. Harvey says:

    The trucker thing was supposed to start at 7AM EST. I don’t see any reporting on it, was it a non-event?

  3. texan59 says:

    Concealed Carry Reciprocity map. While I trust Michael Berry, I would certainly verify this info. πŸ™‚

    • What A Hoot says:

      So, I get conflicting answers to this:
      What are the requirements for transporting a gun, via car travel, through Ohio if own state’s permit not accepted? In trunk, bullets separate? Gun but no bullets allowed? Only desperation should make one willing to travel through a state that mandates you be unarmed, yeah?

      • texan59 says:

        You’ll probably get a different answer from a lawyer in every State on that one. I recently transported some “chocolate” from a midwestern state back to my home. I unwrapped each piece of chocolate as a precaution, while keeping said chocolate in my trunk. Just in case. πŸ˜‰

      • I had the same dilemma last summer when I was traveling with the family while carrying. My Colorado CC permit was good in every state we went through except Ohio and Illinois, I think. So, the hardware and “chocolate” remained locked up (together but unloaded) in the back while in those states. I don’t know what else you can do.

        Had another related issue when we crossed the border into Canada for some touring. I had to go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that both the gov’t ITAR data on my laptop and the firearm were absolutely secured in Michigan before we crossed the border without either one. Doing time in a federal chicken coop is too big a deal to risk a search.

        • What A Hoot says:

          Orange not your color?

        • Coyote says:

          Grunt, is that like Beecher’s Bibles…only…more like Brach’s Blasters or more like Hershey’s H&Ks, Marlin M&Ms or like…lesee…I can do this all night….
          If you want to know how to get them east on i-10 through sw Texas, you might inquire. You DO need to pay attention to the use of backscatter X-Ray at the stations…and the dogs.

          • Dude, we had to go through those backscatter Xray scanners (I think) up on the north border at Sault Ste Marie coming back over from Ontario. They might have had big Geiger counter coils looking for nukes, too. Hard to tell the way they disguise the panels, but they were big as hell. Whatever they were, I kinda felt like I should expect my nads to fall off after driving through.

            • Coyote says:

              it makes me wonder: If hospitals have to post x-ray warnings to those who use pace-makers and suchlike, why doesn’t the DHS and Border Patrol have to as well? Those things kick out a FEW kilowatts of X-Ray every second….think about the power of X-ray required to penetrate and scatter over/through (backscatter is highly inefficient, but the only solution out there on the road side stations, so they are over-powered and throwing all kinds of X-rays everywhere..) the metal skins of vehicles and tractor trailers, including everything they are hauling?….it makes me wonder. The human body can only handle so much X-ray in a given amount of time…it’s called exposure limit for a reason.

            • Harvey says:

              They had backscatter scanners at the border crossing? I came in from Quebec in September. Does that mean I drove through that without knowing or being informed? There was no big structure like the one pictured for San Ysidro. Not going through those is one of the reasons I don’t fly anymore.

    • The only CC that someone really needs is in the WH!

    • solaratov says:

      Here’s a second source…updated 5 October 2013……

  4. Some more stuff on James Woods suicidal but excellent Twitter rants against the regime.

    • Coyote says:

      THIS has my attention. My hackles have been twitching for awhile on that subject…but no one seems to be paying attention as usual.

  5. Do you ever wonder who is controlling the (big) electrical grids these days? Most of it is being down through software programs which are controlled by who? It is scary even to think about it. Companies like  and the likes. Check out the CEO’S and their interesting ethnic history? Well better I not gonthere for now on open thread.

    • texan59 says:

      Send me a note on this. Wanna do some research. Thanks.

    • Coyote says:

      Siemens’ business model here in the USA is suspect. You should read one of their b2b contracts. It would make you say, “Seriously? Really? WTF?!?!?”…and American business owners and CEOs keep signing them. It’s unbelievable.

      • I understand where you are with this, but I was refering to the software companies that actually provide the “service” software or “smartgrid” technology that have the real power (if wanted) to cause immense immediate confussion and kaos to the grid. And as soon as I get a chanc Texan59 I will send you some info via email if you would like. Further study would really be interesting.

  6. Coyote says:

    She is just a tad bit from complete 100% crazy, but I think she’s right on this subject.

    • She may be right, but as usual, she goes for the nine-pound hammer instead of the ball-peen. History rhymes like a dirty limerick, but with each line, the meaning is slightly different. The trick is seeing how it’s different this time. They probably meant to do this, but the plan is not so ham-fisted as Stalin’s was. This one has subtlety. If Ann were as friggin’ smart as she thinks she is, she’d give us some of the subtlety instead of a bunch of shit we already know.

      And another thing.
      “You people had better man up and do something real and concrete to depose these neo-Stalinist psychopaths. Mere talk and hand-wringing leads straight to mass graves.”
      THIS shit is getting a little old, Missy. If we menfolk took all your advice and were living penniless down by the river or in prison for nonpayment of taxes, we wouldn’t be able to DO anything “real and concrete,” now, would we? Get your fu&*ing advice straight. Meanwhile, we will continue preparing to DO something real & concrete, no thanks to you, Ma’am.

      • Coyote says:

        I agree on both counts. I took it more of a lesson on duplicity of intent on pResident Poopy Pant’s part. Oh, I’ll agree…she’s crazy and even condescending, but she has put some things into perspective at odd times. I am not a regular reader of hers as just I don’t completely trust her anymore.

        • solaratov says:

          I’ve got to admit that I feel the same. And I get really tired of being lectured by some woman and told that if I don’t take up arms immediately to “depose these neo-Stalinist psychopaths”, I am obviously a coward of questionable dedication and breeding and that my very manhood is standing on very shaky ground.
          I’ve seen far too many people standing back and exhorting others to take actions that they won’t. This is one situation where I believe that to be “pro-active” would be disastrous in that it would bring down the full force and might of the American military upon ‘revolutionaries…whereas, being reactive (to outrages and atrocities committed by the regime) would put most of the military on our side.

          Of course, I could be wrong…but I don’t think so. We could always let Ann take up her pretty pink AR and lead the charge up Pennsylvania Avenue and we’ll see what happens.


          • I believe your Avatar speaks more loudly and more clearly and is more effective than all of her blabbering! Yeah she has some good things to say, but so did someone else at another house. If you lose your soul over it then it is for naught. If the ego’s get bigger than what they started out after in the first place, then what is the price? Believe me, pride is always there ready to claim its next victim. If you don’t guard the gates your cause is in vain!

  7. solaratov says:

    Just a thought….

    We’re lookin’ at YOU, Nat’l. Park Service brown shirts.


  8. solaratov says:

    And, just because…

    [Of course, I live alone…almost.]


  9. Senior Pakistan Taliban commander captured in Afghanistan
    Published October 11,

    Oct. 4, 2009 – FILE photo of Pakistani Taliban commander Latif Mehsud in Sararogha in south Waziristan in Pakistan. U.S. troops are holding the senior Pakistani Taliban commander they captured in Afghanistan a week ago, an Afghan provincial official said Friday, (AP)
    The State Department has confirmed that U.S. troops have captured a senior Pakistani Taliban commander in Afghanistan.

    Deputy spokesperson Marie Harf told reporters Friday that U.S. forces nabbed Taliban terrorist leader Latif Mehsud in a recent military operation. Harf said Mehsud served as a senior deputy and trusted confidant of Pakistan Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud.

    Β The Islamic extremist group claimed responsibility for the attempted bombing in New York’s Times Square in 2010 and has vowed to attack the U.S. again, according to Harf. She went on to say the group has also attacked U.S. diplomats and β€œcountless” civilians in Pakistan.

    The capture could be a significant blow to the Pakistani Taliban, which has waged a decade-long insurgency against Islamabad from sanctuaries along the Afghan border. They have also helped the Afghan Taliban in its war against U.S-led NATO troops in Afghanistan.

    Latif Mehsud was arrested by American forces as he was driving along a main highway in eastern Logar province’s district of Mohammad Agha, said the Logar governor, Arsallah Jamal. The road links the province with the Afghan capital, Kabul.

    The Pakistani Taliban confirmed the capture, but claimed Mehsud was seized by the Afghan army at the Ghulam Khan border crossing in the eastern province of Khost on Oct. 5.

    He was returning from a meeting to discuss swapping Afghan prisoners for money, said Pakistani Taliban commanders and intelligence officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.

    The Pakistani intelligence officials said American forces seized Mehsud while he was with the Afghan army, and that they no longer know where he is.

    Mehsud, believed to be around 30 years-old, once served as Hakimullah Mehsud’s driver but eventually worked his way up the ranks to become a trusted deputy. The two are not related and Mehsud is a common name in the region.

    Jamal said Mehsud was in a car with two or three other men when the U.S. military arrested him.

    A spokesman for President Hamid Karzai told the Washington Post that a senior Taliban commander was captured in Logar as he was being driven to a facility operated by the intelligence service for questioning. The spokesman, Aimal Faizi, said the commander, who he did not name, was then taken to an American detention facility in Bagram.

    There was no immediate comment from Karzai’s office on the report.

    The detention apparently angered Karzai and may have contributed to a series of emotional outbursts this week alleging that the U.S. and NATO inflicted suffering on the Afghan people and repeatedly violated its sovereignty.

    There were reports that talks on a bilateral security agreement, which have been ongoing in the past two weeks, were delayed because of the incident. American and Afghan officials have been meeting in recent days to negotiate the final details of the deal.

    Karzai has ruled out signing the U.S-Afghan deal until disagreements over sovereignty issues are resolved. The U.S. wants a deal in October and is reportedly ready to abandon talks and leave Afghanistan at the end of 2014 if one is not quickly reached.

    The U.S.-led international coalition plans to withdraw all its troops by the end of 2014, and America and its allies are considering keeping a small residual force in the country to train and assist Afghan security forces and go after the remnants of Al Qaeda.

    But almost a year of negotiations on the deal has failed to yield an agreement — and it’s possible the two sides will never produce one.

    Without the United States on board, it is unlikely NATO or any of its allies will keep troops in Afghanistan. Germany has already indicated it will not commit the 800 soldiers it has promised.

    Karzai has called a tribal meeting of Afghan elders — known as Loya Jirga — for next month to discuss the state of the U.S.-Afghan agreement and advise him on what to do.


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