Open Thread, Sunday 13 October 2013


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  1. zmalfoy says:

    Happy Sunday! and
    OMG! Don’t Blink!!!

  2. Hanging out waiting for the Vatican’s live streaming to start. Such a busy day … our 34th wedding anniversary, Fatima sun miracle anniversary, Million Vets March on Memorials, and best of the best, Pope Francis consecrates the WHOLE WORLD to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Dh is down at our local war memorial with posters and hand outs … pics of our mil kids in uni, Sowell’s “Who really caused the shutdown?” and graphics I’ve made this past week or so. He’s got his rosary and is wearing his Army Dad hoodie and Marine Dad hat. We’re a bi-service family! πŸ™‚ Plz pray the rain holds off. It’s COLD, gray and windy.

    Our war memorial park is flanked by two mainline Prot churches (Presb and Metho). We’re hoping God will use dh’s time at the memorial to steer some truth into the good-hearted, but deceived minds of a few Christian liberals.

    • Your DH is a good man. Will be praying for good weather, but you know that back in 1917 it was also raining on this day, right? At least in Fatima. Maybe that part is appropriate… πŸ˜‰

      • chrissythehyphenated says:

        LOL good point! Two guys joined him and they didn’t get rained on. Only one lady came over to talk to them about why they were there, but a number honked and waved, so clearly knew what they were there for. I’m content. I think it was enough to just stand for truth. Even if no humans listen, God and the saints and angels hear. And so do their enemies.

  3. Found a neat video about a rock-climbing priest.

  4. I was so pleased to see this bit of news … though the video is a tad bland and in Italian or some other foreign language I do not recognize. But wow $1.6 Mill. Way to go, KoCers!! (So proud of my sil who was inducted last year.) And check out those floors. !!

    • Me and your son-in-law both contributed to that $1.6M, and I’m proud to be a part of it. Your SIL is Army, right? Or is he a Marine? I keep forgetting which hyphenated daughter he’s married to! πŸ™‚

      • chrissythehyphenated says:


        My Marine dd married non-Catholic-Christian Marine. They worship I don’t know where. They’re very devout, big Bible readers. She recently sent me a link to a wonderful Bible study.

        Oops, gotta go. Anniversary dinner just arrived. πŸ™‚

  5. I think things have started … and that this is Live Streaming.

  6. Big surprise: White House gift shop, run by non-profit since 1940s that helps secret service agents and their families, allowed to go under due to executive decisions.

  7. Pistol Pete says:

    “Million” vets are in DC to demand their monuments be opened
    Sarah Palin,Ted Cruz and Mike Lee joined tousands of patriots at the WWII memorial and the Lincoln memorial this morning.I posted a lot of photos @ PN and you can check Weasel Zippers and Twitchy.

    Veterans Remove Barricades from Memorials and Bring Them to WH

    • Pete has a good post about the Vet March in DC over on PoliNation:
      Lots of photos!

      • What A Hoot says:

        It is not about these guys. And the news will only focus on these guys being there, nothing else. The media WILL report they were there. The media will formulate, with these guys as validation, that this was a tea party event and not a vet event. Stupidist thing they could have done. They should have been there if they wanted — as normal citizens — and refused any microphone and directed microphone to vets. They walked right into a media/alynsky trap because of a false self-importance of their need to be there to give the vets credibility.

    • What A Hoot says:

      Gonna vent. And probably seeing things in a very unpopular view. What the hell were Cruz and Palin and Lee doing giving speeches at the vet march in DC? Think about it. This was a time for the people to lead themselves without any partisan (and like it or not they are partisan in non-republican eyes) leader. All the talk of needing a leader is bs in this case. Sometimes no leader is leader. And this was one of them. What could have been an American, a Veteran moment became a singular republican moment. They should have been just another citizen, not singled out at the the event. They should have been in the background. So many Americans now do not see this moment for what it is β€” riot police β€” on veterans. Today Cruz and Palin and Lee actually advanced the cause against veterans and America. Sometimes the important need to not be important. This should not have been a Cruz or a Sarah moment. At all. I am so sick of politicians and leaders not letting We the People be We the People. Get the f… out of the limelight. (could have said without the f-bomb, I know. But did not) I am so disgusted they interfered. All the speeches should have not been. People were all ready to go; already had the message that is why they were there. I no longer will trust Palin or Cruz AT ALL.

      • What A Hoot says:

        Our veterans so had this one. On their own. They did not need to be led by the politicians.

        • Knight4GFC says:

          I am not there personally and I do not know Sarah’s, Lee’s, or Cruz’s heart’s intentions. I completely understand what you are saying. I too, do not trust ANY politician completely. I want to, but its hard to find a trustworthy politician.

          You say; “Our veterans so had this one. On their own. They did not need to be led by the politicians”. I say that you are absolutely right. However, I don’t think that they were led. They were going to do this regardless of whether or not the politicians were there. Is it possible that they (SP, ML, and TC) stole the show? Yes. But then again, it puts some sort of points up for them in my eyes when I see them come out of their “high positions”, risking their “popularity” to mingle and stand with the “Real Americans”, us!… who are fighting and standing for the same freedoms that our founding fathers fought for. And yes, I know that at first our founding fathers had no leader. But those who became leaders, mingled and stood amongst the people fighting for their rights. Just MHO.

          I hate politics myself. Idk, maybe I’m wrong here… but I do personally want to see a leader of some sort that will stand for the people, with the people, and by the people – not ruled by personal ambitions, power, or popularity, but guided by good, solid, morals and principles to uphold the freedoms as was intended for, and endowed by our Creator, to us, His creation.

    • Harvey says:

      Lots of great pictures there. Has this broken past the media spike?

    • Knight4GFC says:

      Thanks for sharing this Sol!

    • texan59 says:

      I saw a few of those scattered throughout the interwebs today. Great to see the lot of them. While I doubt these scenes will change the minds of the sycophants, I’m betting that slowly but surely more and more folks are understanding just what our gov’t. is capable of. If they will treat our veterans this way, does anyone doubt what they are capable of doing to the general public. πŸ‘Ώ

    • solaratov says:

      It’s been updated with more photos and with videos.

  8. Harvey says:

    Amy Stevens has announced she is running for US Senate in Colorado. She was instrumental in pushing through exchanges for Obamacare in Colorado and is likely to have the establishment GOP in her corner. I attended a townhall she had to promote her exchanges plan and was not impressed with her attitude. She came across as thinking she knew better; she was not there to listen but to tell people how it was.

  9. texan59 says:

    I just caught the very end of Bob Costas’ diatribe about the injustice of the Redskins name. I think this is his 2nd political foray of the year, IIRC. I watch football to watch very large strong men knock the dog-snot out of each other. Not to listen to you whine. You talking politics is about as interesting as listening to Shaq discuss the merits of the war in Syria. STFU Costas. πŸ‘Ώ

  10. Knight4GFC says:

    It’s official: We’re not in Kansas anymore

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