Open Thread, Tuesday 22 October 2013



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28 Responses to Open Thread, Tuesday 22 October 2013

  1. Stick around for the awesome “Computer Glitch” humor at the very end.

    • Wonderful. Probably had to fly these guys in from Mogadishu and leave the Cerval Catsh*t Coffee festival completely unprotected.

    • What A Hoot says:

      Sort of goes with my comment/post further downstream. So, this goes viral and ccw’s are suppose to feel neutered because there are snipers all around in a crowd where ever they go. This goes viral and those saying “no” to going to killing zones (gun free cities and events) will now stay home from other crowds and community events as they are real big on protecting their loved ones. That is convenient. Remove the Patriots.

      Recently our local school district has made some limitations to the involvement of homeschoolers. Used to be homeschool students could take choir and really any class they wanted. This year a policy was put into place that homeschoolers could take choir but could not participate in any of the program shows. Remove the Patriots. They talk to other parents at these events. The are one of the community at these events. People can see they are not terrorists at these events. People get info during conversation to empower themselves at these events. Remove the Patriots; uh, I mean, remove the domestic terrorists.

  2. texan59 says:

    Awkward story of MY day. 63 y.o. shoots 22 year-old in bed with his wife. She was just “helping” the young man out. 🙄

    • Ouch. Sometimes, things are complicated, I guess.

    • What A Hoot says:

      Gives the old fart something to brag about, “My wife is so hot, 22 year olds sleep with her!”

      • Heh! In theory. Don’t think it worked out that way in Canterbury Tales, and I don’t know too many guys who would brag about that nowadays. It could definitely be worse, though. Some friends’ neighbors here in town had the wife’s “girlfriend” move in with them some years ago. The dude bragged about it for a while, but it became clear that the 2 gals were much more fond of each other than either was of him. Then it just became kind of sad.

        • tessa50 says:

          LOL,sad for him maybe but them? lol idk-sorry, my weird sense of humor sometimes-that one struck me funny

          • ROFL! Definitely sad for him. The 2 gals were happy, I guess. All three of them struck me as a little creepy, though. I think there were other things going on that weren’t too funny. Like excessive substance abuse and the dude leaving multiple loaded firearms just laying around everywhere. Great candidate for a foster home, huh? 😀 Now I’m the one with the off-kilter sense of humor…

    • I saw that! Does this count as treason yet?
      “I think what you see is an administration that I’m beginning to think really did want to let bad things happen in the hopes that they would get an assault weapons ban,” said Issa.

  3. What A Hoot says:

    Delete if I commit the cardinal sin here. It is just that with all that is coming down the chute and what is in store for our country I expect to be fighting side-by-side with some of those I have had pissing contests with in the past and realizing this I do peak over the broken fences occasionally. Over on the other side of one of these broken fences was a very interesting observation and question. ( did answer but, understandably, it is moderation to sit in limbo with a few other comments I have made in the past). Anyways, here is the comment and my response. I would have left out the first but their observations go hand-in-hand with mine. Anyone else noticing things? (How was that for a cryptic intro??)

    “taqiyyologist says:
    I don’t like being paranoid… but I am. I live in a small resort town catering primarily to Chicagoans. Rich people. Boaters. sailors, yachters. Third-home owners. Hipsters.
    And yet, this year, and these last few months, and especially these last few weeks, we’ve seen more new young people (read: people who were in high school when Obama was inaugurated) than ever before. The town’s coffee-shops, normally empty this time of year, are PACKED with laptop-using hipsters that nobody recognizes. New families of thugstas and gangstas moving into apartments. Strange occurrences and strangely-acting people taking pictures of our downtown buildings.
    When you live downtown for twelve years, you get “spidey senses”. And something ain’t right. A few years back I wondered whether the folks “in the know” were already out “house hunting” for houses and buildings and businesses that they knew would be “available” and whether these Progs were out and about calling “dibs”.
    What happened to all the Jewish-owned properties in 1934 Germany? Was there an auction? Did folks in Hitlers version of OFA call “dibs” in the preceding few years.
    Che Guevara, in his memoirs, said something to the effect of: “When I killed my travelling companion, I realized something: all his stuff was now mine.”
    All I feel is that something just isn’t right.
    Like Han Solo said, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”
    Anyone else here live in a downtown area and notice things, in the last few weeks, that seem “out of place”? So many new people, all on laptops, all looking sort of curious?”

    Hoot responds:
    “Not necessarily a downtown but something strange is happening here where blacks are sparse in the population; pretty diversified except for blacks. It has been noticed two tellers at one bank and one teller at another have recently been added; both black. Almost everyone I know has someone in their family that is qualified and would have jumped at the job. So many local qualified people here, no need to even advertise for employees. The observation is not that they are black but they are “from a distance”, not local. The tellers that have always been there seem to have taken a personality change. Very distant. Nervous. Unsure of their movements. They no longer chit-chat or even recognize they know you. These are people I have seen sometimes twice a day, several times a week and at least once a week for years. It is outright creepy. This is not a stuck up area. It is never a problem to find help at the retailers and fast food joints; lately it is apparent new workers have been brought in from a sort-of nearby urban area. These establishments would have never advertised for workers as every current worker knows at least twenty people ready to start yesterday. It is strange going to all the regular spots around town and not seeing the same faces; the same ones still there are only there in body. Surreal. All sense of community has been stripped in the last couple of months. Something is going on. Something is being planned.”

    • Hoot, you would have to get way more tinfoily than that to get deleted around here.

      Well, it’s an interesting conversation, but I don’t know if I can comment much since I have not noticed the same thing here. All I’ve noticed is that people are under more money/job pressure. They may be acting weird because they’re scared. Plus, with all the job losses, the high turnover is definitely real and noticeable. Have you tried asking the tellers what’s going on? Since you’re in the Chicago area, I could definitely believe there is some kind of government-sponsored social engineering weirdness going on.

      • What A Hoot says:

        Well, actually, I am not in the Chicago area — stay clear of killing zones/gun-free zones. The tellers will not talk or make eye contact with customers; people they have chitschatted with for years. But it is not just there. More people are living here that just showed up. No real job but have housing. No transportation. Who plopped them down here? Who financed them to come here and who is financing while here? Who told them about “here”? This is a conservative stronghold with a Patriot sheriff and very rapidly the landscape has become run by progressives. Like a new government moved into town and is just in charge and nobody realizes yet it is not the same. All anyone can see is an undescribable change in the atmosphere.

        • Weird stuff going on, for sure. Sorry to paint you with the Chicago brush. I knew you weren’t actually in the Chicagoland metro area, but I thought you were somewhere in northern IN, closer to Chicago than toledo, putting you in the “sphere,” so to speak.

  4. In a sad mood tonight because I’ve been long-distance text flirting with Gruntessa. She’s over 1000 miles away for a while on family bidness. Somehow, Gordo here sets the right tone. Nice and bluesy.

    Sting does it right here, too. Mercury falling. Brrrrr.

    • Wow, sorry Grunt! If you was a mile or two thousnad closer we’d be haven a shot together. I’d say it was long overdue anyway! Or take the boat out for a midnite bite :). Or reload some 30/06 for a long overdue hunt at 9,000′ Mauna Loa or dive for lobster off the cliffs of South Point at 1:00 a.m.. Or stroll on the beach of Hapuna at sunrise before anyone else. Or swim off of Green Sand beach or walk into Waimanu Valley and pick mangos, bananas, have a bon fire on the beach (really to keep the boars away) and eat prons from the fresh water river or eat grilled fish from the nets you laid at the mouth of the river where it meets the ocean. Or drink of the menehune springs, swing in a hammock and sing songs of praise to our God, make lahala hats and stage a play after a few more shots of whiskey……….nothing like gathering around your brothers and family in front of a huge fire on the beach at night away from everybody else in the world telling jokes and stories …….now if only you were a mile closer…awe dang

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