The Unaffordable Care Act stumbles on

“It may already be too late to ‘fix’ This thing had to work almost flawlessly on Day One, because it had to rope in the young suckers before they had a chance to think about what Obama was doing to them, and talk about it on social media. Weeks of embarrassing tech glitches are snark fodder for the online generation, which routinely enjoys online services far more complex, and with vastly higher traffic loads, than ObamaCare’s measly 19 million unique visitors in three weeks. But even worse is the danger that they’ll share stories about the sky-high premiums they’re expected to pay for coverage greatly inferior to what they used to enjoy at work or school.

“The administration’s tales of shock at the ‘unexpectedly high demand’ for ObamaCare are ludicrous, not just because even the questionable figures for web traffic they have released aren’t very high, but because they had to be counting on much higher traffic during launch week. Remember, they spent a lot of money marketing this as a big event to young people. They knew the suckers had to make their purchases fast and get trapped in the system before they realized what a bad deal it was, or investigated the relatively low cost of paying the individual mandate tax to escape from it. Three weeks into worst fumble of Big Government’s unhappy history, that ship may have already sailed.” —John Hayward

“Weren’t Americans reasonably clear about not wanting a hostile takeover of our health care system the last time Democrats tried it? Hillarycare was so widely reviled that the majority Democratic Congress never held an up-or-down vote on it. In the very next election, the public punished Democrats for even thinking about nationalizing health care by voting in a Republican Congress for the first time in almost half a century.

“Obamacare wasn’t passed because the nation changed its mind. We got Obamacare because, at a brief moment in time, the Democrats happened to have aberrationally large majorities in the House and Senate, as well as the presidency. It was quickly and unconstitutionally enacted on a strictly party-line vote.

“In the very next election, the American people elected 63 new Republicans to the House of Representatives – the largest sweep of Congress for any party since 1948. Even liberal Massachusetts elected a Republican senator solely because of his vow to vote against Obamacare.” —Ann Coulter

“President Obama is sure to promise Americans that with more time, taxpayer money, and patience the law will perform better. Its failings, however, are not limited to its website or its rollout.

“We already know Obamacare can’t live up to its promises. President Obama promised Americans that their premiums would go down, taxes would stay low, millions of jobs would be created, and if they liked their healthcare plans, they could keep them. Instead, premiums are rising, taxes are higher, the economy is sputtering, and people are losing their plans.

“Obamacare is the nation’s biggest job killer and stands in the way of our country’s economic growth and prosperity. It should be defunded and repealed. President Obama should hear the pleas from the untold number of Americans who are losing their jobs, wages, and healthcare plans, and Congress should act immediately to stop Obamacare from inflicting any more damage on the country on our hard-working citizens.” —Ted Cruz

“While the glitches and sign-up problems of Obamacare may soon ameliorate, the program’s damage and unpopularity won’t go away soon. All the president’s promises will stay broken: health-care premiums will go up, not down. Young people, who can least afford a new burden, will have to be taxed to pay for others and so resist. The deficit will not be helped. Obamacare more likely will make it go up. Premiums will climb. Existing plans will be altered. Doctors will be less, not more accessible. Businesses will not enjoy a new competitiveness. Exemptions for administration pets will continue. Again, the wealthy will find ways to navigate around Obamacare, and the middle class will pick up the tab in higher costs and worse care.

“In short, over 300 million people are going to find their health care analogous to a DMV visit. The logic of Obamacare was always redistributionist; those who had health care were obligated to give up some of it so that others might share the same benefits, regardless of the circumstances, fair or unfair, under which such differences first arose. Washington has decided that, with more money and employees, it can decide who has too fine a health care policy and who too little insurance, and then make the necessary redistributive adjustments.

“The shutdown may have temporarily sidetracked the Republicans, yet Obamacare threatens much worse for the Democrats. By 2014 the former will be ancient history, while the latter will be an ongoing mess.” —Victor Davis Hanson

“The San Francisco Chronicle published an article yesterday about how to take advantage of federal Obamacare subsidies, with the ominous headline ‘Lower 2014 income can net huge health care subsidy.’

“The author, Kathleen Pender, correctly points out that there is now a huge and abrupt ‘cliff’ in health care costs for many Americans: earn $1 more than the prescribed limit for being on the federal health-subsidy dole, and you’ll have to pay many thousands — even tens of thousands — of dollars more next year for health insurance than you would otherwise. So obviously the smart thing to do would be to find ways to ‘lower your income.’

“After recommending a few accounting tricks (but also noting that most standard tricks won’t work), on page 2 of the article Pender gets to the point: ‘You can also consider reducing your 2014 income by working just a bit less.’

“This, right here, is the toxic essence of the welfare state. It’s already been proven over and over that for the lower classes, welfare incentivizes permanent dependence: Since one gets more money receiving a raft of federal entitlements than one would get earning a salary at a low-level job, it’s a rational economic decision to remain unemployed, on purpose. Which millions of Americans do, generation after generation, creating a permanent underclass that only consumes the common treasury without ever contributing anything to it.

“What Obamacare does, as demonstrated by this eye-opening article, is bring the same economic disincentive to the middle class: It is now a rational economic decision for the average American to earn less money. And to earn less you must work less, and when you work less, you contribute less to the common good.

“With people intentionally contributing less to the common good, there will be less federal money available to finance the subsidies (which are fiscally unaffordable even without this problem), leading to an unavoidable downward economic spiral for the entire nation.

“Giving a poor man a hand to help him back on his feet is a kind act of charity. But creating a permanent welfare culture for the poor in general is corrosive to families and destructive to society. And when that corrosive system is forced on the middle class, it’s a recipe for disaster.” —Zombie

“On October 1, the first day for people to sign up for the new subsidized health insurance plans, I went online to check out Access Health CT, Connecticut’s official health insurance marketplace, to browse what I might be able to choose for a health plan. From the home page, I clicked on the light blue ‘Get Health Coverage’ tab, which took me to a page where one enters basic information, including the county you and other family members live in, your age and that of other family members, and total household income.

“There is one other question on this page listed under ‘Optional Information’: ‘For detailed pricing, please provide the optional information below. Is the applicant pregnant?’ Next to the question mark after ‘pregnant’ is a black background question mark tool tip. Just wondering what this was about, I placed my mouse over the tool tip and lo-and-behold, the following message appeared: ‘Select “Yes” for any female who is expecting a baby. Unborn children are counted as members of her household, so this information helps determine if she is eligible for help with health care costs. Medicaid also has rules to help pregnant women.’

“Read that again. Unborn children—not ‘fetuses,’ ‘uterine contents,’ ‘products of pregnancy,’ ‘clump of cells,’ ‘blob of tissue,’ or any of the other euphemisms frequently used by those who profess to be pro-choice on abortion. …

“Moreover, a woman can claim the extra family member as soon as she has a confirmed pregnancy—no waiting for a trimester or two. So for the purpose of determining family size for the health care exchanges, Obamacare declares unborn children, even at the earliest stages of life, to be full-fledged persons, so that pregnant women and their families can qualify for increased subsidies and cost-sharing on the exchanges.

“Yet in a stunning double standard, these very Obamacare healthcare exchanges can offer coverage for abortion on demand—a procedure that rips these same unborn children apart limb by limb, or in the case of some abortions beyond 20 weeks gestation, expels a live baby who can be left to die gasping for breath.” —Simcha Reuven

“Millions of us look at Washington, D.C. and see one thing and one thing only, namely a ruling class that is completely out of touch with ordinary Americans and their concerns. Fortunately that same ruling class, in their unbridled hubris, has made a critical error. They’ve presented the public with an extraordinary opportunity to give the federal government one of the grander smack downs that any public could give any out-of-control government. And all the American public has to do to give Washington that smack down is… nothing.

“Right now, the Obama administration is in the process of rolling out the so-called Affordable Healthcare Act that requires millions of Americans to buy health insurance, or pay a fine. It is being rolled out, even as Congress and their staffs remain cradled in their own healthcare cocoon, retaining the 75 percent subsidies on their health insurance premiums, even though the law as written required members of Congress and their staffs to purchase their premiums on the government exchanges created by the law. It is being rolled out even as our president, whose administration’s entire agenda can be reduced to the idea that ‘we’re going to do whatever we want, and we dare someone to stop us’ unconstitutionally dispensed with the employer mandate that was also part of the law as written.

“I bring both of these factoids up for two reasons: one, it reveals the utter hypocrisy of Democrats and their media propaganda pushers who, in the midst of the government shutdown, solemnly declared that ObamaCare is the law of the land and must be followed. What they were really saying is that only part of the law must be followed, as in the part that doesn’t screw with the ruling class, and the part that keeps the business community, aka the wellspring of political campaign contributions, relatively assuaged until the 2014 election is over. …

“I think it’s time the American public gave Congress and the Obama administration a taste of their own medicine, so to speak. Thus I am presenting a simple slogan, that embodies the very same kind of large-scale civil disobedience that progressives cherished during the Vietnam War. To wit: Don’t sign, don’t pay the fine. …

“The beauty of this strategy is that it requires nothing more from the American public than sitting back and watching this monstrosity implode. Again in its unbridled hubris, the administration revealed that it needs at least 7 million Americans to sign up for the plan, of which at least 2.7 million must be between the ages of 18 and 35. That would be people between 18 and 35 who are getting a particularly raw deal, because without young, healthy Americans signing up for premiums – that cost far more than they should in order to subsidize older, sicker Americans – ObamaCare enters a death spiral. …

“Combine millions of Americans who already despise this bill, with those who get whacked trying to obey a law that Congress and the business community got exempted from, and I’m betting it’s the shortest of short steps to initiate the only viable people’s revolution that is completely within the public’s power to engender.” —Arnold Ahlert

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    • How he and ValJar get away with this kind of cynical partisanship is a mystery. But I hope they keep it up. It does seem to be making dent in the morale of the MSM who haven’t lost their souls yet.

  1. Bob, check out this praise from another blog:
    “Well, this is one of the best articles I have come across regarding the ACA!! I couldn’t have put together a better outline than this, so I’m just gonna send you over to this site…
    Here is a short preview…”

  2. What A Hoot says:

    Just what is the little silver square thingie on the famous fainter’s dress neckline?

  3. paul meiners says:

    Obamacare’s new name should be the DEMOCRATIC Unaffordable Care Act since they all had a hand in it. We should not let the Dems run for cover. Any 5th grader could have figured out this was going to cost more money and just add more people to Democratic voter rolls.
    Just a guy from Iowa

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