Open Thread, Friday 25 October 2013



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13 Responses to Open Thread, Friday 25 October 2013

  1. Pistol Pete says:

    Census Bureau: Means-Tested Gov’t Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Year-Round Workers
    We’ve tipped the boat over

  2. P-51 Galveston Gal crashed near Chocolate Bay on Texas Coast. Two dead. Hat tip: iotw.

    Story at NewsMax:

    • barnslayer says:

      I guess I’m a sick bastard. My first thought was how irreplaceable that old plane is.

    • Shoot, that might have been their last thought. If I were going down in a rare plane like this, I wouldn’t be so concerned about dying as about being remembered as the idiot who cratered a national treasure. Ok, maybe not entirely. And I am sorry for the deaths of these two. But having a blast before you go can’t be all bad, eh?

  3. Sarah Palin finds creative way to decline interview with Piers Morgan.
    I must be slipping, because I have no idea what he’s talking about in his asswipe tweet responses where he talks about her needing a lesson in Brit history (Does a comment about him leaving England qualify as “Brit History?”) or about “irony.” Does this clown even know what irony means? Because there’s none of it present here. What a goof.

  4. freedom1781 says:

    Food Stamp Fish Took the Bait; Time to Start Reeling Them In

    …Fox News’ Neil Cavuto thinks the Department of Homeland Security’s $80 million outlay on armed guards to protect government buildings is directly connected to food stamp cuts set to take effect on November 1st, a day on which all hell could break loose.

    The DHS announced its intention to hire a raft of new armed guards to prepare for “public demonstrations” and “civil disturbances” in upstate New York, adding that some of the guards would be posted outside IRS facilities…

    …The notion that Homeland Security is preparing for riots is an admitted fact. In June, it emerged that the DHS was purchasing top of the range body armor and helmets for FPS (Federal Protective Service) guards as part of preparations for “riot control situations.”

    The federal agency also ran a controversial drill last year dubbed “Operation Shield,” during which FPS agents armed with semiautomatic guns were posted outside a Social Security office in Florida…

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